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Global Green New Deal Supporters Urge World Leaders to Learn From Coronavirus to Tackle Climate Crisis

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/18/global-green-new-deal-supporters-urge-world-leaders-learn-coronavirus-tackle-climate


Oh they’re learning from it all right, by implementing socialism for the shale industry.



They see it as an opportunity to consolidate the current system. The bailed out airlines from the last decade spent $39B on stock buybacks. The banks paid themselves huge bonuses with the TARP money. This too will be a classic Naomi Klein scenario.

You may have noticed that we must all still file our tax forms by 4/15. The payments only can be delayed, but if you can’t get it together by 4/15, you have to file an extension.

I bet Apple doesn’t.

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How many republicons see the light. They are anti science, anti scientists, anti health experts, anti environmentalists, but they are handy at getting the billionaire class more riches.

Some of us elders will be out on April 22-24 to strike in solidarity for Mother Earth and will be applying
social distance for safety as we line up along a major route with signs to make the connection of healthy planet=healthy people. I plan a sign or banner: Green New Deal and Medicare For All-Single-payer.

Some tips:




I’m not a big believer in the whole Mother Earth “Gaia” thing, but this Virus coming along at this time in history, when the earth just couldn’t take any more CO2 and any more heat, makes me wonder. The only thing that could save us and the planet would be an economic downturn of biblical proportions that caused consumption and production to slow to a crawl. Oh, and cull the human herd with not just the virus, but the social upheaval that will follow.
Good work Gaia. Looks like that Flying Spaghetti Monster was a fraud, eh?


Impugn the FSM at your own hazard!

I’ve been wading through this thing with, it seems, rather more awareness of how much incredibly worse it’s about to get than is generally shared. For instance: I was immediately horrified to see a packed rally of 25,000 for Bernie Sanders on the 2nd of this month, in Santa Clara County. You’ve seen the you-tube Italians trying to warn us to take this little bug seriously? Medical workers are hacking protective gowns out of garbage bags in Italy right now.

That’s the context in which I find any lessons drawn from this plague to be almost hubristically premature – treating it as a little matter we’ll need to be reminded of, or something. It seems off-kilter somehow. It’s like trying to draw a lesson from the oak tree while you’re still looking at the acorn.

It’s well-planted. Now we helplessly watch it explode. Nothing will be the same after that horrible ordeal.

“Forget fist-bumps and elbow-taps. Let’s do the Hokey-Pokey. That’s what it’s all about.”
–SF Chronicle letter


May his noodly appendages anoint you!


I just had ziti noodles for dinner instead of spaghetti.
I may be in trouble here.


I urge you to avoid all unnecessary risks.

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The analogy is apt. Time is exponentially of the essence.

At first, China kept dead quiet about the disaster. The microscopic epidemic exploded. Then China tried to solve the problem with an authoritarian pronouncement. Millions of people left Wuhan to get away from the coronavirus for the Chinese New Year, and not a few took the coronavirus with them all over China. Then China got quite serious about quarantines, about testing everybody, about social isolation. Now China is thinking about slowly opening Wuhan, although there are still going to be stubborn pockets of coronavirus transmission in nursing homes and prisons.

We could do likewise.

Climate change grows exponentially on its own. The Arctic is starting to melt down. If it melts down, we have 1.5 trilion additional tons of greenhouse gases released from the Arctic. Think 1000 ppm as opposed to 350. This leads to agricultural failures worldwide.

The world’s large industrial nations signed protocols that reversed the hole in the ozone layer. We could, in theory, do this a second time.

If Elizabeth Warren gets her Green Apollo R&D program going, I’m personally ready to get 100 specific high-probability projects started. I just sent her my entire list. I’m not sure if I could squeeze it into this format here.

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From The Intercept:



Western Europe and the U.S. are struggling under the weight of the crisis, with cases rising exponentially every day and higher death rates in Italy than anywhere else. China’s private and public sectors are filling in gaps in equipment where other states are failing, although the spread of the disease is such that demand for those materials might quickly outpace China’s supply.


Read this and wonder anew:


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Thanks for the link, a good read.
This is the world we’ve made for ourselves. And now things will get worse before they get better, if they ever get better again.

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Read “Tip of the Iceberg” in the Guardian to see how climate change and other increasing human activities are helping many new viruses to emerge.

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Yes, but we have trump. How is that going to work?
I don’t see any improvement from him on a Green New Deal.
No new jobs. More CO2 and methane.
Going in the wrong direction friends.

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You spelled “democrats” wrong. Through your ignorance, you claim republicans are “anti science”, yet it’s leftist/liberal democrats who claimed there is no crisis, you’re racist if you don’t eat at Chinese restaurants, math is racist, & other lunacy. Left-wing democrats can’t even agree on when life begins or how many genders there. LMFAO! Ya’ll are a bunch of ignorant backwards wankers.

(can’t include links so Google “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sees ‘straight up racism’ in coronavirus”)
AOC says there’s no health crisis and you’re racist if you don’t eat at Chinese restaurants. LMAO!