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Global Health Experts Caution Against 'Vaccine Nationalism' as Scientists Search for Solution to Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/global-health-experts-caution-against-vaccine-nationalism-scientists-search-solution

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Strange how the same concerns arise about climate change but we get little traction from the warnings. I wonder if that is all about which way the money flows, and how much.
We have more than one world wide problem.


it’s less about nationalism and more the fact that this political economy rewards competition and not cooperation. Patents and monopolies, as always. If 10 million have to die for the Big Payday, so be it. A small price to pay to win at the game of capitalism, baby!

Let’s face it: most corporations don’t see themselves as citizens of any nationality. They’re islands of their own wealth and power. And they’re all going to the brass ring of a covid cure that they can gouge the world with.


The King Midas syndrome.

“…most corporations don’t see themselves as citizens of any nationality.”

So true except when they want to bribe government officials, or demand a financial bailout.