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Global Image of US Plummets as 70% of People Worldwide Have 'No Confidence' in Trump Leadership

Global Image of US Plummets as 70% of People Worldwide Have 'No Confidence' in Trump Leadership

Julia Conley, staff writer

As President Donald Trump maintains low approval ratings in the U.S.—with Gallup never reporting poll numbers above 45 percent for the president since he took office in 2017—the international community is in agreement with the majority of Americans, and the world's strong disapproval of Trump has had a corrosive effect on the country's standing around the globe.


Cult 45 undoubtedly welcomes the stats in this article. For them “make America great again” includes fighting against the rest of the world as a way of projecting Murkin exceptionalism.


The Peace Corp under Kennedy.


Even though it was unsuccessful, the best thing I can come up with is when JFK vowed to break Murder Inc. the CIA into a thousand pieces.

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The US is still a Republic. Empire, however short lived it may be, comes next.


The things mentioned were great efforts, and somewhat bi-partisan. But our disgraces far outweigh any good we have done. A few very bad ones of course are never ending war, adopting monopoly money in place of a gold standard, and moving on oil procurement usually by hook or crook.


You wouldn’t listen anyway

Yea, but he’s really got great approval ratings in…Alabama. And you know they don’t give a damn about what the rest of the world thinks.

Imagine That!

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If we emptied all the prisons of non-violent offenders, do you think we could fit the Cult 45 crowd?

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Thank you, I must be a bit grayer with more wrinkles than you :-)))


The USA had a better global image under Ehud Barack Obama than under George Warmonger Bush. Obama’s foreign policy was very much like Bush’s. People protested the Iraq War & Gitmo when W was POTUS . Few people if any protested Obama’s war in Libya, his decision to keep Gitmo open or his wars in Syria & Iraq or his decision to stay in Afghanistan. A good thing he did was establishing diplomatic ties with Cuba but it was too little too late. He did it when his 2nd term was almost over. He should have done it when his 1st term just started.

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Next you’ll be telling me half the world is copacetic with bladder cancer.

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M.A.G.A. — Make Amerika Gauche Again

Correction:  "The US is still [BARELY] a Republic . . . . however short lived it may be . . . "

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They are also the countries who have had some of the most contact with him. To know him is to loathe him.

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If not we just make them live in a camp like the kids their idol stole from their parents.


America’s empire will never be any greater than it was when Ray gun took office or maybe it was Johnson that was duped into accelerating the chaos in South East Asia who screwed the pooch. China is already buying up African land with the money they get sellin us stuff we used to build at home. When most of your exports are raw materials or agricultural products in the raw then you are doomed to be a second class nation.


We only plummeted 10% since Obama left?

Given the official notice of how Trump crime family beat the US government
out of more than $400 million in taxes over the last decades . . .

And of course, Trump bankruptcies –

And as Elite wealth is increasing at the expense of the Commonwealth and
individuals, I don’t think we have much time left –

From what I’m seeing in my state of NJ, the lowering of taxes on the wealthy and
corporations over decades has become very serious at state/county/city/town levels.

At first, taxpayers began to pay for the differences in public school funding by
increased taxes on their homes – but after decades of this it’s no longer working
out very well for homeowners. And, more and more funding continues to be taken
from our public schools to be passed along to charter schools which taxpayers have
no control over.

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in the many difficulties being caused by
Elites/corporations using more and more loopholes and off-shore banks to hide $$
and often to use their $$ now to lower their taxes even further using criminal Reps.
and Senators and our criminal president.
Our infrastructure continues to fail, though I continue to see new infrastructure being
put in place to make large new homes for Elites possible on what I’d call “virgin” land.
And I’d also call it overdevelopment considering the increasing pressures of flooding
in all of our states.
See: Dark Money – PBS - 10/1/18 or pbs.org.

Imo – finally so much money will have been taken out of the economy that that
problem alone – that the money isn’t returned to the economy to support anything
as citizens would do in circulating it, that the cookie jar continues to get emptied
until there is nothing left.

We have seen the struggles of Puerto Rico pretty much having lost its sovereignty,
essentially, as they are ruled by creditors/financial institutions dictating austerity and
their budgets. Same for Flint, Michigan as all sources of income for the city disappeared.

Maybe I’m wrong – but why won’t more and more states begin to fail in this way?

And – call me a pessimist – but from what I see the level of theft/crime/corruption at the
FEDERAL level is so high that I would easily expect that Donald Trump could either bring
it to bankruptcy, or leave it in bankruptcy.

I’m going to post on this thread what I could make of the PBS documentary last night called
“DARK MONEY.” The story is seated in Montana where, unlike pretty much all of our states
it had more than 100 years ago had a citizen uprising against corporate destruction of Nature
and took steps to ban corporations from funding candidates. And that law stood for 100 years
– until Citizens United.

Please look for the post, though I trust PBS will run the program again and hope more people
will see it.

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Last night, PBS/POV ran a program on DARK MONEY – 10/1/18

MONTANA FREE PRESS – John S. Adams – Independent Journalism@MTFFreePress

Also, you’ll probably find the program at pbs.org – and believe there are discussions on the program.

The program was focused on Montana because unlike all of our other states, Montana had
actually protected itself against Elite/corporate money buying its government.

Destruction of Nature by corporations caused citizens to rise up more than 100 years ago
to ban corporate money in elections. And it had worked very well for them and the law had
stood for 100 years. Until CITIZENS UNTIED in 2010.

This is what Citizens United is doing since 2010 – and they are fighting now any disclosures
of contributions and want to remain anonymous – Anonymous speech.

Story is focused on Montana which had for 100 years laws which prevented corporate contributions …
their laws were overturned by Citizens United – but they continue to fight back –

Talk about “Ludicrous Conspiracy” Actually many conspiracies here …

The Elite have always been united – they are organized now to such a degree to back candidates
who will work for them that they do pretty much everything for them at no cost to the candidate,
but also at no provable “benefit” to the candidate.

Beyond getting rid of liberals and moderates in both parties over the decades, they seem to be
finding that they have to get rid of many of the right wingers as they still show some conscience,
in their “squishy-ness” as they call it. In other words the officials they own too often are balking
at doing the deeds they want them to do.

Now… only the ULTRA RIGHT are asked to "sign up here."

Town Halls where citizens cannot speak – and lots of free services –

Foreign money?

What has helped to be able to prove what is actually going on –

A Colorado Witness - who is “pro-life” wanted honesty vs corruption in the pro-life movement.
Came forward with info which shows ORGANIZED corporate control over “Right to work”
and same for “Pro-Life.”

Of course, if corporations don’t have cheap labor they have lower profits.

Too few people competing for jobs make wages go up.

They feel they own/control the Supreme Court now –
Major targets are the Appellate Judges as they need to control those Appellate Courts -
need to control all of them, state by state

Now… when you buy a Judge, is he bought just for the pleasure of staying in his job and
earning his salary?

Nixon got his Congressional salary plus $50,000 a year from GOP/Prescott Bush.
How was it hidden?

The citizens of Montana have PROOF of all of this – and it really needs to be explained better …
but they got all of the files because a car carrying them had an accident. The files/records
ended up in two or three other hands over time, but finally reached the right destination.
If I recall the story accurately, they then got a retired Attorney General to come and look at the
records and he worked pro bono for them and then finally brought court cases against at least
one of the corrupt officials. But the fight is overall against Citizens Untied and corporate $$$
and control of government and it goes on –

Sarah McClendon/White House reporter/free lance news service advised C-span viewers
that at some point, retired FBI agents who could connect Swiss Bank accounts to members
of Congress, were walking onto the floor of the Senate/House with documents that proved
the corruption and hand the manila envelope to the guy. Evidently they quickly resigned.

Swiss Bank accounts are a threat to all democracies.

My PS on this is the thought that on the darkest side of this more efforts are being made at
spreading perversions – sex trafficking, pornography, organ trafficking. Kavanaugh/Thomas.
Because that’s the way the right wing rises - on violence and perversion.


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