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Global Internet Activists Give Thumbs Down to Facebook’s Internet.org


Global Internet Activists Give Thumbs Down to Facebook’s Internet.org

Tim Karr

Mark Zuckerberg’s plan for world domination is in trouble.

The billionaire Facebook founder recently took to his social network in a bid to save Internet.org, his plan to give billions of the planet’s poorest people a limited taste of the World Wide Web.

“We have a historic opportunity ahead of us to improve the lives of billions of people,” he said in an impassioned video plea. “It’s just the right thing to do.”


The people who work relentlessly to provide free product for the web don’t have the resources to promote their creativity. The team of people that were hired to create the product that this douche bag could publicize to the world as his creation will never be on a front page. The buzz created by those who wanted to profit from this application on its debut relied solely on the people’s inner narcissist.

And the monetizing of popularity of energy hogging, murder creating monstrosity is beyond logic.

Hopefully the f book dies soon, and takes these PE Head sucking megalomaniacs to the abyss with it.


Facebook is trying to do what AOL tried in the very early 1990s.

Back then AOL was a limited network, one that didn’t do anything other than AOL approved network activities.

Facebook, the AOL of 2011.

Yes, I understand that Fbook pages can act as focused websites, on the cheap. But there are other ways of doing that, and the idea that those pages are the filter through which one will view the internet is preposterous. In the mid 1990s, Yahoo tried to sell itself a web portal, as if the portal is the web. Didn’t make any sense then.

Time for Mr Zuckerberg to either do something useful with his invented billions; he should probably retire from working in the computer industry.


Yes, I remember it well – AOL deceived its users into believing they were really on the Internet until they could come up with their own browser!


When puny-conscience little american entrepreneureal jerks begin advancing ideas “for the betterment of the poor”, caveat emptor!!!
The world is tired of these morons. We are moving to the Philippines for good this summer and whenever I see any of these selfie-absorbed, spoiled ‘tourista’ gringos I am going to do everything in my power to have them either arrested or deported or sent back to Bieberland.
Americans arouse contempt for human nature and everyone knows it.


When I read about Zuckerberg and Facebook mostly I become reflective and think: This is what it’s come to. I actually enjoy Facebook some, initially I despised it. It seems to hold together with other media stuff over the last few decades, starting with upscale (Oprah Winfrey) and bottom (Springer). A culture of endless mirrors and identities, nothing that makes a statement like say the Beatles.
Zuckerberg looks very immature, like much of his generation. It’s as if there’s some compartment in the hologram missing. I do not see anything notable. I see him doing exactly what his parents probably set him up to do. I am 56 and likely his parents age. He makes a lot of money. If you were a child, God forbid, during the 1980’s you would have had to be protected from popular American culture I fear.
There is a good place for Facebook. It’s just sad that we set ourselves up for this.


Huh? The poor have little access to the Internet. In the US, people can use computers at libraries, but both the devices and Internet services are well beyond the means of the poor.


I had to read this twice make sure i got it right. Internet access (albeit limited) was gonna be provided for free to people who cannot afford it. A group of self righteous activists decided top deny these people this privilege. Did anybody ask the people that were gonna benefit from this what they think? Or was it the typical, “Shut up, we know better what’s good for you”?

A better title for this article would have been “When free ain’t not good enough anymore”.


You are right. It is not the poor who are asking for this (as having shoes and bread and salt may be more urgent to them)…it is rather Zuckerberg who seems to have elected himself as their representatives. And given the business model of Facebook…it is hard to swallow that he has genuine intentions in this proposal.


My experience with Face Book is mainly with the mess the comments section of Huff Po became when face book took it over. Before it was an easily accessed and usable forum. Now it is not.


I see Facebook has figured out another way of tracking what you read, limiting internet content to Facebook approved articles, from the real world, and paying the original publishers of those articles like the NYTimes.


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