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Global Investors to Big Food: Cut Meat to Avoid 'Protein Bubble'


Global Investors to Big Food: Cut Meat to Avoid 'Protein Bubble'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Citing the environmental and public health risks of factory farming, a $1.25 trillion coalition of multinational investors has called on 16 global food corporations—including Kraft Heinz, Nestle, Unilever, Tesco, and Walmart—to cut their reliance on meat and diversify into plant-based sources of protein.


Here are some people identifying with the victims. We could use more of this.


Agribusiness moguls in Brazil must be licking their chops. With coup installing Temer, one of the major industrial sectors that was part of this is, you guessed it, agribusiness.

So the PR machine is shifting its marketing to monoculture not of livestock but major mono-cropping. One staggering example of the scale in Brazil of this power is the MaToPiBa Plan, from the four states and already existing communities of Maranhão, Tocantins, Piaui and Bahia. The acronym is what it is attempting to steal - quite literally in many cases, with TIAA_CREF involved in investing in it.

Land, water and access for lives of dignity are being usurped by the major EXPORT conglomerates of grains (fuel, rail, water shipping, ports and everything else involved). Indigenous peoples at this point are in national mobilization to keep Temer and his coup partners from making a change to the Constitution that would place what is now scientific identification of traditional indigenous lands, into their own hands - making indigenous peoples' rights to their lands strictly a political matter. Who wants the lands?? Agribusiness - for export - and the sphere of industries that blithely form the constellations CREATING THE PROBLEMS..


Perhaps Brazil will outdo Monsanto in the mono-cropping arena ?


Holy shit


At the risk of incurring much wrath I have to say that some people can't be vegan. I don't digest beans (soy, lentils, garbanzos, etc.) no matter what I take to counteract their effects or how they are cooked. I also can't eat dairy or gluten. So my main food source is animal protein and fruits and vegetables. I tried to at least stop eating red meat but I became severely anemic even though I was eating other foods that had iron in them. If there is a plant-based protein that is not made from beans I would love to know about it.


One can be opposed to factory farming and the use of antibiotics in production agriculture and still think that humans should eat meat.

Our ancestors were hunters and gatherers and would never have evolved into us if they had been vegans because you cannot survive on a diet that comes soley from collected wild plants. Go back 200 years and tell the natives living on the Great Plains and tell them to stop hunting and eating bison. They would tell you that you are crazy.

The only gases that cause global warming that are produced in agriculture are from the use of fossil fuels. Machines that burn fossil fuels are used in both antimal and plant agriculture. Any greenhouse gases animals produce do not affect global warming. Humans have been producing carbon dioxide (by breathing) ever since we evolved, but climate change only became a problem after the Industrial Revolution when humans started digging up fossil fuels and burning them as a source of energy. The reason the carbon dioxide you exhale does not contribute to global warming is that the carbon in a carbon dioxide molecule came from the food you ate. If you eat plant protein, a living plant removed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in photosynthesis. The plant tissue you ate is metabolized in your cells and the carbon dioxide you exhale simply replaces the carbon dioxide the living plant removed from the atmosphere before it was harvested and used to make the food you eat. If you eat meat, the animal you eat ate plants that also removed carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. It is called the natural carbon cycle. Atmospheric carbon dioxide does not change because there is a steady state.

The carbon in fossil fuels is sequestered deep in the earth and are not cycling. So, any carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels disrupts the natural carbon cycle.

People can certainly choose not to eat meat, but claiming they are preventing global warming is nonsense. Meat contains all of the essential amino acids and is a good source of iron (a component of hemoglobin that only animals have). If you are a vegan, it is tougher to eat a balanced diet.


A few tips here and I would add a good plant based digestive enzyme to boot.........



A bit late in the game here on good ole planet earth to be acting like our ancestors in the food department.

Check this out regarding the sustainability of eating meat and how that has been working out for other species and the planet itself.................



You are not the only person in the world who needs animal protein. There are places - like mountain tops where crops will not grow, but animals survive and possibly thrive.

And meat is a much more concentrated food than processed grain. You need a lot of bread or porridge to match a chunk of meat or a couple of eggs.

The problem comes with the way the animals are raised. Farming has been turned into an industry and it is extremely damaging to the environment.


Blood type is a genetic marker for what kinds of food work best for a given individual. For example, if you are Type O, you thrive on red meat, but grains and dairy products are the most common cause of weight gain, due to the inflammation that these foods cause.

Conversely, if you are Type A or B, red meat is the most common cause of weight gain.

Any dietary advice that does not control for blood type is suspect.

The China Study was done among the Chinese population, where the predominant blood type is not the same as European.


Considering the glacially slow pace of evolution, it's actually very early in the game, and we should still eat like our ancestors.


Thank you for the info, Goofar.

There's an elephant in the room, and its name is "overpopulation."

Isaac Asimov illustrated this with his Freedom of the Bathroom analogy. If you have two bathrooms in your house and two people live there, you have complete Freedom of the Bathroom. But if twenty people live in that house, you can believe in Freedom of the Bathroom, and you can legislate Freedom of the Bathroom -- but it is physically impossible to have Freedom of the Bathroom.

If there are too many people on the earth to feed us the way nature designed us to eat -- with grass fed animal protein -- then we have too many people on the earth. The solution is NOT to malnourish all of us equally, by depriving ourselves of grass fed animal protein. The solution is to limit world population.

Asimov said that global women's liberation would save the world. Once educated, girls tend to no longer be satisfied to be baby factories and domestics.

If we don't find a way to limit world population voluntarily, then we will be forced into it by circumstance -- famine, thirst, epidemics, wars over resources, etc.


If it's evolution you're after, raising other beings in filth and fear and slaughtering them in the same is definitely not what we should be doing.