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Global Journalism Watchdog Honors Trump for 'Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom'


Global Journalism Watchdog Honors Trump for 'Overall Achievement in Undermining Global Press Freedom'

Julia Conley, staff writer

In first annual "Press Oppressor" awards, the Committee to Protect Journalists recognizes Trump's anti-press rhetoric and the impact it's had around the world, as well as other anti-media leaders


If The Trumpster was the mensch he claims to be he would quietly work to prove them wrong rather then bluster about their veracity. Every time he uses derogatory tweets about the truthfulness of his opponents or reports on his utterances and actions he proves nothing but his lack of the ability to factually counter the assertion. The man is weak in the stuff one needs to run a business let alone a nation.


Of course, His Travesty doesn’t give a good goddamn about “real news”

But can you imagine the shit the US corpress would be in if they weren’t “dishonest and corrupt”?


The biggest enemy of fascism is a free press. Questioning the competency of writers, ceiling publications bad stories, and fake news is something quite remonstrant of Nazi Germany. The best way to deal with a bad story is to write a good story, not chastise the press. All our president knows how to do is sling S**t. He is to stupid to handle things in an intellectual way.


Putin understands us better than we do. He has managed to separate the Brits with Brexit, I’m beginning to wonder about Macron and he has managed to get a dunce elected in the U.S A. We now have a group of TIKI torch-bearing fascist controlling the country. Fascist don’t understand synergy, logic or reason. You beat the opposition to a pulp and if they don’t acquiesce you literally kill them. Get a bigger share of the pie. On the other side we have the: “Let’s all get along” Mushy thinking synergy crowd too lazy to bother trying to explain that this isn’t a tug of war. Too lazy to get off the couch and stop watching the Disney channel. We are on the verge of all being incinerated by two fruits.


Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act 2009


Enacted by the 111th United States Congress
Effective May 17th, 2010
Public law 111-166