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Global Leaders Condemn Trump's 'Scorn for International Law' As Haley Threatens More Possible Air Strikes


Do these asswipes actually believe that no one other than the U.S. has military capabilities. How long do they think they can go about bombing people in places that pose them NO THREAT WHATSOEVER without consequence? What happens when Russia vaporizes a U.S. warship? Are she and the ‘Great Orange Turd’ going to stand and take credit for that?


More old out of touch career politicians republicans AND democrats spending America’s tax dollars in the Middle East. LETS SEND OUR SONS, DAUGHTERS, FATHERS, BROTHERS, SISTERS, MOMS and UNCLES to Die in the Middle East for the benefit of the military contractors. OVER TURN CITIZENS UNITED NOW!!!
For the People that STILL believe there is a difference between the republican and democratic parties I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN THEY ARE GOING TO DIE.


John Wayne was way too Yang because of all the tobacco he smoked. He also believed in NEVER saying you’re sorry. What a loser.


What does the ex governor of South Carolina know about international diplomacy?! Another fucking embarrassment to my country. Shame!


If Trump were a normal president perhaps he could be given a little slack but everything has to put into the context of fascism. Two characteristics of fascism is the truth doesn’t matter and the law doesn’t matter. Trump has been aiming working on these two implementing these two characteristics ever since he came into office. We can’t give an inch on the truth or on the law. He is not a normal president, what is happening now is not normal, and the worst thing one do is go along hoping normality will return. It won’t under the present circumstances. The free press must be defended, the court system must be defended, and the law must be defended. While in my view I believe Assad was responsible for chemical weapons attack a UN investigation should have been undertaken before any action was decided. But Trump is a fascist. Rather than waiting for solid evidence he claims what happened and acts without following US law by going to Congress. This was the Trump who gave a nomination acceptance speech that sounded that he was copying Mussolini and ran campaign rallies as if Mussolini was the candidate. Trump should be condemned by both global leaders and US leaders.


Why blame Niki she’s just a loudspeaker for the Zionist pro Israel bankster cabal. I am wondering what will be Putin’s next move, he looks weak right now with all the hoopla about the S400 capabilities and their new cruise missiles, fighter jets etc,Are we going to punch the bully in the face or not let him attack Iran next?


This viewpoint seemed pertinent enough to consider on this forum. https://www.counterpunch.org/2018/04/13/big-noise-apocalyptic-tweets-limited-strikes/


OK, we are debating the rationale for bombing the Syrian dictatorship’s chemical plants and you post that you want to boycott Israel. Stay on topic, you sound incoherent.


Ahhh the raw bigotry of an anti Semite. One thing I can say for the people who harbor this irrational hatred for the Israeli democracy, they almost always to a person like the Iranian dictatorship, like Putin, like Hamas, and hate the USA. Critical thinking is something you will not find in these people.


Crazy women? Like Sarah Palin? Like Sanders Huckabee? Like Gold digger trophy wife Melania? Like Ann Coulter? Like Ivanka? Once one sells one’s soul to the devil, there’s hell to pay!


While I get what the point that the article is trying to make I think the real apocalyptic concerns is that even if these strikes themselves are quite limited the geopolitical repercussions and tensions between countries could go out of control. There is a very real fog of war and it is very difficult to tell if the other side is just going to do small limited strikes or unleash their entire arsenal. It is this increasing risk of misinterpretation I believe is the true apocalyptic danger.


If these “Global Leaders” really condemn the USA’s scorn for international law (which has been going on long before Trump) then the time is ripe for a BDS movement against the USA. Otherwise their words ring hollow.


israeli democracy? Only for Zionist and ashkeNAZI jews. Israel is a theocracy, a festering kitty litter box cult base on a book of fiction that infected American religious fundamentalist and our spineless government. I am not anti-Semitic only anti-israel, anti-war and pro-peace.


Nikki Haley disgraces herself once again. Previously, she said that the U.S. would be “taking names” after a U.N. vote that went strongly against this country. Now, she further demonstrates her “loyalty” (the only trait that Trumpo the Klown really cares about) by spewing this pro-war crap. The Mango Mussolini shows us and the world more and more that he really thinks of himself as a kind of mob boss who is not required to observe laws of any kind when they get in the way of his quest for power and money. Nikki Haley was an incompetent, abominable choice to be our U.N. Ambassador just as John Bolton, who used to have that position, is now the National Security Adviser. I actually don’t feel “secure” at all with these PNAC, reich-wing nutjobs in power. Trump continues to appall and disgust so many Americans. I will not breathe easier until he is removed from office and they put a leash on his appalling VP as well. These people are a disaster.
Let’s hear if for “MAGA” - Make America Grotesque Again.


BULLSHIT! Where do you get the nerve to make such an outlandish claim? I am absolutely no fan of the religious fundies of Iran or Saudi Arabia. That said, I am disgusted by Israel’s hard right turn under Bibi Netanyahu. He and the Knesset are a disgrace. Say, how do you feel about that Israeli sniper who shot an unarmed Palestinian at 200 yards and then cheered about it? Seems pretty typical of the treatment enforced on the people who were there first! So, go ahead and use that tired old tactic of calling me or some other critic an “anti-Semitic” person. Ironically, “critical thinking” went out the window when you wrote this screed.
I used to admire Israel but that was many years ago. Now I think of them as a bunch of smug imperialists who more and more resemble a rogue nation.


I’m guessing they hope about where those missiles landed yesterday?


John Wayne died with only one lung because the other one was removed in the 60s after he contracted cancer from his 4 pack a day habit.


The State of Israel is interested in democratic principles? Huh?

Apparently the brutality of the State of Israel to Palestinians has become so indefensible, that defenders of that brutality toward Palestinians have to feign interest in democratic principles in order to label the critics of such brutality as hypocrites.

Furthermore, you label critics of brutal US Empire foreign policy as those who “hate the USA”.

So much for critical thinking.


Unimpressed? Not unimpressed to me; Nikki is a locked and loaded war monger! Whom to me, has sold out to Trump. I am totally ashamed how Nikki represents the war machine…


It’s a secret! It’s so secret, Trump can’t even share the info with Congress. Sorry…