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Global Leaders Condemn Trump's 'Scorn for International Law' As Haley Threatens More Possible Air Strikes


I couldn’t muster the masochistic resolve this morning to watch any of the Sunday morning political farce shows. Just saw enough to tell me that, like in the run-up to the Iraq invasion, any mention of the incongruity of the “official” story would be blasphemy, and will not be heard this Sunday morning in America.


Lrx: I agree with your comments, with one caveat:
he is the latest extension of the US Presidency, on steroids, agreed
but he is doing what e.v.e.r.y s.i.n.g.l.e U.S. president has done from day one!
He is just the lastest example of the madness.
You don’t think W. Bush was “normal” by your comments, do you?
I have read your postings before, and I know you don’t…
I don’t know why we can’t change to a parliamentary government and
he has to resign because of no popular support…
Japan went thought multiple prime ministers in less than one year, I believe,
and they are still standing…


I am not anti Palestinian, modern day “jews” are 99% east Europeans. Palestinians are the semites you are referring to?


Nikki Haley is the Spawn of Satan.


priceless - thank you


Nikki’s retreating to her Happy Place.


The British and French also launched missiles what about them?


Can you say another false flag attack. Sure I knew you could.


The only country in the Middle East with an independent judiciary, free and fair elections for their leadership, protection of gay rights, protection of women’s rights, a free press, the richest Muslim population, a growing Christian population, and a capitalistic, technologically advanced economy. But you equate them to Nazis. When a person enters the hate club, they lose all ability to think.


Israel has turned rightward and for good reason. After 20 years of hopeless Oslo negotiations which led nowhere and after making over a dozen offers of a two state solution, all that happened was they lost thousands of their citizens to Arab terror. They also read the paper and watch Television and saw the support for ongoing violence and hatred of their country and they know that Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah mean it when they state they will obliterate the zionist entity. If you hold Israel to a standard that you do not hold other countries to, then yes, it is anti Semitism


“Locked and loaded”. WTF?? You took the words right out of my mouth. It’s shades of Tonto and the Lone Ranger. With a Lassie thrown in for good measure.


Its great to see Nikki Haley standing up to the UN totalitarian racists—keep it up Nikki, you make me proud. A strong woman who reminds me of Jeanne Kirkpatrick.


Push back will only come when enough nations form the Allies and pool their military resources with the intent of stopping the American Axis. Single handedly the US military is too much but together the Axis could bring war to the American homeland which is sorely needed. Americans need to once again feel the wrath of war and know what they are doing to the rest of the world.


The United States has never known “the wrath of war” on its home ground. And if that “wrath of war” comes wrapped in a nuclear warhead, there may be no one left to learn anything from that lesson.


Nikki is running for us president


Zionist troll


And did you see this?
How did Russia know that another faux chemical attack was coming? There was a video of some home basements which exploded. The people were taken to the hospital, then folks came in and doused everyone with water. Voila, proof of chemical attack.


Thanks. Nice to read something from Eva Bartlett. I’ve been waiting for someone to tell us what was actually in the building the allies bombed, claiming it was a chemical weapons facility. That really sucks that they would bomb a cancer pharmaceutical facility.

I read someplace today that the Swiss lab, which supposedly found BZ Toxin in the Skripal case, is now not talking about it any more; and, will not release its report. This makes me wonder if someone threatened to pull the lab’s funding; and, whether we can really trust the OPCW to be truthful. Sure…these organizations may be independent of the U.N.; but, they must rely on funding; and, I wouldn’t doubt that they are somehow being coerced into toeing the U.S. line. - Guess we’ll soon see.


When does someone — eh… maybe like the UN – begin imposing sanctions on the US for its aggressive actions against Syrian civilians?

The US and its fascist cronies have also long controlled the US –
likely back to the very day Dag Hammarskjold was brought down in a suspicious planet crash.

The message from the UN today is: “Long life fascism.”


My take also. Any “evidence” will be suspect!