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Global Leaders Condemn Trump's 'Scorn for International Law' As Haley Threatens More Possible Air Strikes


The world’s nations could easily stop the US from violating international law by simply boycotting and sanctioning our ass. The rest of the world can do just fine without the U.S. We are not “indispensable” in any way, shape, or form. China could simply cash in all of its US bonds and stop buying anymore, and that act alone would probably cause the U.S. economy to tank and stay tanked for a long, long time. But unfortunately, the rest of the worlds’ nations are cowards, and they simply do not have the balls to finally stand up to the US hegemon once and for all. We are ONE nation, totaling 350 million people, out of 300 nations totaling billions. We don’t produce anything, we don’t manufacture anything, we don’t contribute anything, that cannot be acquired from elsewhere by other nations in the world. On the contrary, it is the US that needs the rest of the world, far more than it needs us.

And our little missile attack didn’t do squat. It was planned in advance, Trump let the target know days earlier that we were attacking, and where, and when, so that almost all of the targets were evacuated well in advance. We accomplished precisely NOTHING, other than to break international and domestic law, and change the news cycle from the Mueller investigation of Trump for awhile. If Russia/China/EU/Etc. all decided to stand up against the US militarily, we would get our indispensable asses handed to us. A few missile strikes from a hundred miles away is nothing all that special. Imagine what a combined Russian-Sino army of 2 million ground troops, air power, naval power, and all their other high-tech weaponry would do to the US military. It would make the losses we suffered in Viet Nam look like a picnic.

We’re sooo used to doing whatever we want without any consequences, and without any opposition. I urge the rest of the worlds’ nations to grow a pair of balls and stand up to the US War Crime Machine. A good ass-kicking is just what this arrogant bully nation needs.


amerikkka! neo nazi imperialistic capitalist gangsters! Over four hundred years of rape and murder! Watch the disney special.


The US&co has more in store
Sanctioning Russia for the unproven chemical attack

And already blaming Russia for a future cyber attack.


Yeah however the modern “Jew’s” seem to be the most anti semitic Zionists


Right but but the USA being armed to the teeth and with basis all around the planet they can order the assasination aka {droning} or JFK their leaders?


Well said bro


No chemicals used they fired shells into top floor of a building and yelled chemical attack to cause panic so people doused each other with water as the white helmet thugs filmed the staged show.


Probably so. If she should succeed in that, I will be running also…for the Exit!


Thanks. I also read that shelling caused some people to suffer from smoke inhalation, which is what the two doctors in the building reported.


You’re joking…right?


Zionism is the belief that the Jewish people have the right to live in Israel so yes, you are right, I am a Zionist.


Apologies – of course, that should say US has long controlled the United Nations – not the US.