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Global Left Celebrates Sanders 2020 Bid as Chance to Build 'Worldwide Progressive Movement'

Global Left Celebrates Sanders 2020 Bid as Chance to Build 'Worldwide Progressive Movement'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Bernie Sanders has called for an "international progressive front" to combat surging xenophobia and right-wing authoritarianism in the United States, Europe, and Latin America—a rallying cry that has left-wing politicians across the world enthusiastic for the Vermont senator's 2020 presidential bid.


I am heartened to see the words from Evo Morales, President of Bolivia. I have spent some time doing development there over the past decade and will attest to the fact that Progress is being made under his leadership. True Progressives know a good thing when we see one. Yes, Bernie occasionally has had to cast a vote that can be construed as contrary to progressivism, but that is inherent in the sausage-making process of legislating, no more. Bernie 2020!


I support Sen. Sanders policy positions and … after reading the link below, I understand and like his personality. However, we do need t keep focus on policy. A focus on policy does a fair job protecting him from the hit-pieces published in the media of, by and for the Rich who own DNC/RNC.


All people have rights.

In our real world somebody grew my coffee. Their parents grew my parents coffee. Somebody else stitched my pants. These people have rights, and so these people shall be under the same government.

These people have the right to vote.

If these people live under the thumb of a rotten dictator or cult leader with an army, these people have a right to indirect representation. We must poll the refugees, the escapees from the cult, and we must use the results of that poll to elect their leaders.

If you live under a fake-face or corrupt government, it doesn’t matter. Know that a real government exists.

You’re expecting me to comment about that beltway government, aren’t you! Mm mm mm mm mm.


He is “The” man of the hour. Others follow in his shadow.


When Bernie speaks everyone listens. When he holds a rally thousands attend. When he makes a promise, he tries his best to get it done, The rest of the candidates deliver nothing. Warren has been stealing his lines and Harris sucks up to big money donors. Biden never announced he would run, so the Media’s BS numbers on percentages don’t apply. Keep building your Army Bernie!


Okay, show of hands: who else thinks it would be useful to stop talking in terms of left v. right—since any ten people will define those terms eleven different ways—and start talking about the real, tangible and obvious political dividing line, top v. bottom?


Bernie Sanders is the Genuine Article.

He will be a great Egalitarian Leader and restore Dignity and Integrity to both our Foreign and Domestic Policies.

                                                  BERNIE  2020

keep in mind that the ‘bottom" on the right don’t look at it like that. They don’ think in those terms. They are more motivated by racism, fear, greed. That won’t change any time soon.

From the Musical 1776:

[HANCOCK, spoken]
Traitors, Mr. Dickinson? To what? The British crown? Or the British half-crown? Fortunately, there are not enough men of property in America to dictate policy

[DICKINSON, spoken]
Well, perhaps not. But don’t forget that most men with nothing would rather protect the possibility of becoming rich than face the reality of being poor. And that is why they will follow us!

[DICKINSON & CONGRESS] (note: ‘Congress’ because the liberals are not in the room)
To the right, ever to the right
Never to the left, forever to the right

The other thing Sanders has that the others dont (Tappers team didn’t acknowledge) is that Bernie has a 40+ track record of WALKING THE WALK on my side of the street. Only Biden has as much experience… On the OTHER SIDE of the street.

Great clips. Thanks


How will the global left feel after Bernie loses the nomination (again) because of neoliberal Democrats (again), and then calls on us all to vote for Joe Biden, like he called on us to vote for Hillary? I’m not saying it’s certain to happen, but the unfolding script sures seems familiar.

Geez! I didn’t think there was anyone on here more cynical than me until I read your post. We BOTH have to start being more hope-full again, EdsNote.

Its refreshing to hear someone include logic in the estimation of demographics without leading an argument with “the polls show”… the longest running infotainment “show” in industry history masquerading as a science rather than the marketing lever it is.

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I hear ya. But I don’t think even the duopoly is stupid enough to try it. What I worry about are “false flag” ops. Trump is doing nothing but scrambling all eggs in one basket, which is common practice when the PTB are scrambling because folks are waking up. Level heads and well centered local coherence must prevail.

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Not cynical to me but realistic! If Bernie says he will support the Democratic nominee for POTUS. If I was betting I would place my bet on Joe.

That’s why I suggest changing the conversation—but I take your point.

“Socialism never took root in the US, because its workers see themselves, not as an exploited proletariat, but rather as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”
–Ronald Wright (or John Steinbeck, depending on whom you ask)

Lots o Socialist workers and Socialism in this country. Granted most probably don’t realize it.

Police, Fire, sewer systems, water systems, …


Yep. The entire US military, the Postal Service, public education and libraries…


In 2010 the top 1% of the US population owned 42.1% of financial (non‐home) wealth; the next 4% owned 30% of financial wealth; the next 15% owned 23.5% of financial wealth (totaling 95.6% for the top 20% combined); the bottom 80% of the population owned 4.7% of financial wealth.*

In 2016 the richest 8 people controlled more wealth than 3.6 billion people. (It was 388 people in 2010 and 80 people in 2014.)
**What this country should be leaning towards is not Socialism, but a Social Democracy:
Which is a political, social and economic doctrine that supports economic and social ideologies promoting social justice within a framework of a sensible liberal democratic policy,
but supported by a capitalistic economy,
which is extremely better than what we have now:
Which is…A plutocracy: A society that is ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income