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Global Meat Giants Fuel Major Future Risk of Creating Next Pandemic, Investor Group Warns 

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/03/global-meat-giants-fuel-major-future-risk-creating-next-pandemic-investor-group


“Factory farming is both vulnerable to pandemics and guilty of creating them.”
And it is guilty of the cruelty inflicted on other living creatures. As such, what are we to expect? When we lack reverence for Life, this Life will turn on us.


Resveratrol can be used to prevent a good portion of the diseases antibiotics do. It can be used in the meat industry. It also likely would protect against COVID-19. (Shhhh!) But we dont know. Nor are we likely to.

Because its unpatentable so there wouldnt be the huge killer profits.

Nobody can make a killing off of it.

that just kills me.


Note that increasing use of plant-based foods will require publishing more about the nutritional analysis of those foods. I’m interested primarily in foods that are high in proteins but low in carbohydrates. Currently, meats are the foods for which is is easiest the a suitable nutritional analysis.

This article is from September 2019:


As of June 3 the covid-19 pandemic is accelerating in the United States. Business is being opened up in many states in the face of the pandemic acceleration.

I have numbers. I update my stats daily at *ttp://quakerworks .net/statecoronavirusstatistics.htm

As with a nuclear reactor, the pandemic will most likely continue to accelerate until some other force stops the acceleraton. With a nuclear reactor, the top of the reactor popping off and vaporized radiation spreading over a huge area of the sky can be that other force. With a pandemic, enough nursing home deaths in your state might eventually put the fear of God into your state’s elderly governor. First the guv basically offs himself by his own policies, and then he has to immediately explain all of his greed to God who knows everything.

#2 in the nation is rural Nebraska, mainly on the strength of their crowded meatpacking plants and on their general government stupidity.

Two-thousands years of Judeo-Christian preaching that “human life is sacred” embodies the corollary that nonhuman life ISN’T sacred.

That shop-worn cliché ‘THE SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE’ sums it up in a phrase. This concept is probably the most damaging, and well-rooted sophistry ever propagated, because examination of its implicit corollary clearly means "the de-sanctification of ALL LIFE OTHER THAN HUMAN .” – JOHN ASPINALL , “The Best of Friends” (1976)

Are you carbo-phobic?

That’s the best way to control type 2 diabetes, so I am. Not enough reason to insist that everyone else must be, though.