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Global Millionaires—0.9 of Population—Now Own Nearly Half of World's $361 Trillion in Wealth, Study Shows

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/22/global-millionaires-09-population-now-own-nearly-half-worlds-361-trillion-wealth

But, but these are the job creators for other billionaires! What are these ‘poor’ victims to do to keep from paying taxes?


In general, a sadly vulgar and clueless group of humans.


It’s how they get their wealth, not the fact that they own most of the world that gets me. Have been watching Netflix “Rotten,” a series about how industries rape and pillage the world. The episode about bottled water was most telling: companies like Nestle take what is essentially a free resource in many cases, bottle and sell it to the poorest people in the world, those in Nigeria. Meanwhile, natural sources of water have been contaminated by the oil industry et al. The solution should have been to consider clean water a right, and that the government should provide for the needs of the people. Instead, water bottlers have made it a means of extracting wealth from the poor.


Photo caption: “Where’s a drone when you really need one?” A bagpipe drone I’m talking about, you fool!

Those people look entirely too uptight & staid, having reached inert-hood like noble gas-bags. Is that swollen Pompous-belly eclipsing half the table at left rear?

I rather see them in fright whigs & flying skirts, maniacally boogalooing in the moonlight to wild strains on the Uilleann pipes! Ha


some wonderful heads there for the collection.

let’s go, peasants. get those pitchforks.


"What the world needs now, is a massive transfer of wealth, towards the bottom of the scale, just so everyone is more equal now."

And, love, sweet love.


What we don’t remember enough is that vertical dominator apex predator hierarchies have characterized human societies forever, with a few egalitarian exceptions.
The feudal model has never gone away.
There has always been a power elite running things via their lackeys, and the rest of the humans living in varying degrees of peasantry.
The sad thing is, now the power elite include not just vile humans, but also vile corporations. Together, these dominators control everything we need: food, water, energy, medical supplies, media, transportation.
Only a worldwide revolution, similar to the French Revolution, and then a deliberate program of creating a non-dominator world, will fix the power differential.


Acquisitiveness and the will to dominate, rather than being seen as “leadership qualities,” must be recognized for the deeply destructive pathologies they are. “How much is enough?” For some few, there is no answer to that question, and that’s where an intervention is called for.


Damn, PB, I had the pleasure of this song washing past my ears as I rolled through Cajun country. I hadn’t heard it in years. And now, a twofer. Thanks. Betcha I come back for more.

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I truly enjoy you picks for songs. Well done.

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What is top-heavy falls over…basic science. t___p and his phony emoluments and being too rich for the Constitution to apply to him is a clear sign we have fallen.

It all started with the concept of Private property and the concept that “this is MINE and not ours”


"What’s mine is mine," sayeth the greedy money grubbing twerp.


Remember when we were young and we taught to share our toy’s? What happened between then and now? I have given away fortunes because I refuse to be owned by a material thing(s). I am always hopeful I am setting an example, ha jokes on me.


Excess wealth has been shown in many studies to rot the human mind. Even if the wealth was inherited, it causes the individual to believe that they are superior in all ways, not just financial. It drains humans of empathy and triggers economic greed.

Look to Jeffrey Epstein as a prime example. Even worse: look to our Senate and House! Even the Democrats vote themselves and their friends tax cuts. The biggest welfare queens today are the wealthy. https://www.kansascity.com/news/politics-government/article213687999.html


I always liken the current system to a family eating at a dinner table where 5 kids watch 1 eat all the food even as they go hungry because the one is deemed “more deserved”. No family I know of would run things that way and those that do are deemed monsters.

I contrast this with the First Nations traditions of Communal freezers . When a Hunter made a kill or the people catching Fish Got fish , they took enough for their family and put the excess into the community locker where any member of the tribe could go to so as to get food. There was no “shame” imposed on the persons that did so. This seems a lot more “civilized”.


Yes you wouldn’t want your own family to go hungry .

So what we must do is have a new definition of family …the family of humans .

From the understanding of Oneness comes a New model of well everything ,it will all be overhauled to benefit the highest good of all.
But this new guiding principle must be created in our culture and be part of our New Story .

The civilisation of civilisation ,we will all want it this way .


The .9 already own most of the governments around the world and their ultimate goal is neofeudalism wherein they own 100% of everything and the 99.1% are serfs.

The GOP (with the Dims riding shotgun) are getting them closer to that goal with each passing day.


Trump can stop the investigation by releasing official copies of his income tax returns –

something he should NEVER have been allowed to campaign for the presidency without doing.

And this is the second go around without his tax returns.

We still haven’t seen the official copy of the transcript of his likely 30 minute phone call with
Zelensky – and how many other documents is he refusing to be released – how many
witnesses has he attempted to GAG?