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Global Mining Corporations Have a Friend in the New Guatemalan Government

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/02/14/global-mining-corporations-have-friend-new-guatemalan-government

Well yeah this is how they do business. If the Government in Guatemala not friendly to foreign Mining Corporations they would be deemed a tyranny. The press would be full of reports of how despotic the regime is giving us agonizing accounts of people being killed by the State. A Coup would be supported and guys like Justin Trudeau here in Canada would pretend that said coup was an exercise in Democracy and rush to recognize the new government.

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Trump has done the same thing here, appointing earth-rapers to be in charge of our beautiful, soon to be formerly-beautiful, public lands and parks.
The mining, logging, fishing, fossil fuels, and chemical industries are brutally criminal, responsible for deliberate and indirect harm to people and the entire biosphere.
In Latin America and elsewhere, the earth-rape companies partner with the government to kill environmentalists.
That’s one reason Trump loves Bolsonaro.

This is fascism defined: the merger of corporations and the national government (protected and enforced by the military and police of course.