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Global Parents Unite to Protect Children from Climate Catastrophe


Global Parents Unite to Protect Children from Climate Catastrophe

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

In the lead-up to the United Nations talks in Paris next month, parents and grandparents from around the world announced Tuesday that they are launching a global coalition to demand climate solutions for the people they love most: their children.

"When I became a parent for first time, catastrophic climate change became a lot more real to me," Frida Berry Eklund with the Swedish organization Parents Roar told reporters on a call Tuesday. "To build parent power around the world we need to reach out to others around the world."


People may not have the energy and drive to protect themselves from the products of Global Corporate Fascism, but perhaps they (we) will fight to protect their (our) children and grandchildren!
* This movement, should it continue to grow, may tip the balance. Even legislators and lawyers and generals have children and grandchildren.


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I am so sick of hearing that "poor countries are more vulnerable to climate change" ....and though that may be true on some levels, it gives those here in the USA the impression that they do not have to worry... and for some, it will mean that people in other countries, just do not know how to take care of themselves... so, in the long run, many people here will shrug climate change off as something "those other people have to worry about, not me, look outside, it's beautiful!"....
....and look at South Carolina... wonder what they are thinking about now....


Makes you wonder if the Global Corporate Psychopath Fascists know they have children and grandchildren and are exposing them to global destruction just like the poorest of the planet Earth, the only one we have. There's no Plan B with final Climate Catastrophe. If the super and brainless rich think that having a suprimely well organized underground bunker will save them, they have it all wrong, just like their ever more money grabbing schemes. No bunker will maintain you alive for years to come when the whole planet will have no more breathable air for decades, if not centuries or millenia...


Let's admit the ongoing geoengineering programs, and then we can talk...


A few years ago, some "self-made" millionaire was being interviewed. He described how he had acquired his wealth, buying companies and raiding their pension funds, selling the equipment off, etc., then using that to buy yet another. He bragged of exploiting loopholes to mine and drill in protected areas, to bulldoze forest and field to build cheap developments and on and on.
* Finally, the interviewer asked him, "But what about your children? You are leaving them little to build their own lives with."
* He looked right into the camera and said, "Fuck 'em. Let 'em get it the same way I did." End of interview.
* So, for many, you may well be correct, but I hope that all of the humanity has not been bred out of every one of the Oligarchy.


Amen to that.