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Global Poll Reveals Surging Fear of Climate Crisis and US Power Under Trump


Global Poll Reveals Surging Fear of Climate Crisis and US Power Under Trump

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

While a rapidly rising number of people across the globe are worried about the global climate crisis—prompting warnings from scientists, demands for robust action, and sweeping legislative proposals such as the Green New Deal—there are also mounting concerns about the United States in the era of President Donald Trump, according to new polling from the Pew Research Center.


Quite typical…what would be interesting… is a survey done…after the collapse. Of the biosphere. …HA!!.. Just to see where those UNCONCERNED CITIZENS stand at that point (sarcasm alert.)…


And yet the population of the planet increases at three additional kids per second. So they can’t be all that afraid.


Relax folks, Gawd’s just having some fun with the thermostat again. With the right prayer and supplication, “he” will stop. Then he can resume playing with his thingy as he watches us kill each other in his name. Nothing to see here, move along…


Oh thank God. Praise!


More people in the world worry about U.S. aggression because of Trump. Good. They should be worried. U.S. policy has been more bellicose, hegemonic, and recklessly criminal with every president since Dulles and company murdered JFK.

If Trump’s presence in the White House – and the dreadful continuity that represents – helps the rest of the world resist U.S. aggression, more power to them.

But this article absolutely should have mentioned that this polling result is part of a longtime trend: the world’s terror of the U.S. has grown from one president to the next, in recent decades. Pew asked the international community in 2013 which country poses the greatest threat to world peace – and the U.S., with Barack Obama in his second term, was the hands-down winner. No other country came close: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/01/02/greatest-threat-world-peace-country_n_4531824.html

So Pew stopped asking that question.


News goes to a new disaster meanwhile the people that these disasters happened to have not recovered. This is just the U.S.-- worldwide alot more


Back in 2005 I asked my daughter if we could have family get-togther to discuss climate change. She scoffed, laughed and said nah, it’s just Dad being paranoid. We haven’t spoken since 2006, her choice, not mine but all this makes me wonder what she thinks now. She isn’t alone, I have been trying for over a decade to discuss this with anyone that will listen. Ha, that’s why I have a web-site/blog. My readership is on the rise from all over the globe. Our own military has been issuing reports of the threat since I started reading of this with my first computer in 1999. The thin veil of civilization is being ripped apart as I type. Dr, Guy McPherson asks that we live the life of excellence, Ellen reminds us to Be Kind. I ask that we not throw stones or mock, there is no rhyme or reason to be ugly and it will get ugly very soon. Earth is fighting back against a bully. Who do think is going to win? Again, Dr. McPherson, only love remains.


The 2020’s will be the decade of global panic, the 2030’s the decade of ensuing environmental and societal collapse, and the 2040’s the completion of human extinction. God, I hope I’m wrong.


Unfortunately if you are wrong it is likely that what you are saying will be happening much sooner.


Actually both Gallup and Pew ask that question in their international polling on a regular basis (certainly nothing like that stopped because of the results they got during the Obama Administration).


the crisis is way beyond ‘Birth Control’ you would need a time machine for that to help, the here and now is that we are in the fight for our lives, and probably will lose.


Thank you for this correction. I don’t recall where I read that Pew stopped asking the question (“What country poses the greatest threat to world peace?”). I’ll definitely have to stop repeating that.


You are definitely right about the results of such questions - the U.S. is perennially seen as the biggest threat world wide (and that has increased under Trump).


Please let me know your website/blog. You’ll have a new patron! :slight_smile:


ISIS? People are worried about ISIS? You gotta be kidding me. That must be thanks to MSM.


I truly believe you are correct. There’s just that part of me that can’t quite accept the Exponential function. But yes, I fear it will come much sooner than later.


Unfortunately, I believe you are correct.


I’ve been concerned about climate change (then called global warming) since the mid 1980s. As an environmental activist, I did what I could to educate. Back then, when my sons were in high school, my middle son thought I was going off the deep end. A couple of my friends did too. That’s when scientists thought where we are now wouldn’t happen for another 100 years or so. Except for the scientists I was reading. They were ahead of their time. At least in my case, my middle son and my friends who rolled their eyes at me admitted I was right. It took about 10 years. I wish they had been right instead.


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