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Global Poll Reveals Surging Fear of Climate Crisis and US Power Under Trump


And each addition individual has a carbon footprint . And Earth has a smaller and smaller capacity to neutralize that individual footprint no matter how small. There is a human carrying capacity. We are at double the wisest non fossil fuel using footprint. Collapse followed by extinction when the hundreds of nuclear plants meltdown because we cannot maintain them


And the MIC and Israel lobby


I think your timeline is correct… except… it all may happen sooner than that. Who knows when the next catastrophe will occur? Look at the Mega Disaters that happened last year. This year hasn’t started very well either. We’re now living on borrowed time.


Thanks, that’s very kind of you to ask.


Yes, I remember the first Earth Day, when we all got the wake-up call. Only a few paid attention. It’s nice to know there are others out there with my same experience.


Thank you, kind sir!


Please, just Ditton or Gilbert…you are most welcome.


Well, except…

Trump objects to ending arms sales to Saudi Arabia and while Congress is working on legislation regarding the use of the AUMF to cover our support for Saudi Arabia in its slaughter of Yemen (Congress does not believe the AUMF covers this, as it clearly does not), Trump has signaled he would veto any such legislation. Trump has also suggested that he would like to give technology to Saudi Arabia to help them build nukes. In Afghanistan, Trump has been talking to Erik Prince (Blackwater) about privatizing the war there. US forces just killed 12 civilians there a day or so ago. I don’t think we are done screwing up Afghanistan yet. In Iraq, Trump says that our largest base there will remain open and held by the US even if Iraq insists we leave for good - so that the US can use the base to “watch Iran”. We will never leave Iraq alone, and Trump has no intention of doing so. In Somalia, we are using clandestine forces all over the place. In Syria, we just moved more troops in, not out. The peace talks in North Korea are all to the credit of Moon Jae-In, the president of South Korea, not the US. We just demanded that South Korea pay more for our troop presence there, and South Korea felt it had to comply, so we aren’t removing troops any time soon; a continuous threat to peace on that peninsula. Trump agreed to four points with Kim Jong-Un, but has since allowed Pompeo to repeatedly demand that the steps be in reverse order to what Trump told Kim. Thus, the peace talks have stalled out, although Moon Jae-In seems to be getting somewhere when the US is not involved with his talks with the north.

Trump just sent troops to Gabon (Africa), for the purpose of invading Congo, “just in case” we need to do that, he said. He has instructed the Pentagon to not report to the public where our troops are or what we are doing in any given location and to not give counts of incidental civilian deaths, and has increased the number of drone-bombings and clandestine forces across the planet way above and beyond what Obama did. And Obama was vicious in that regard.

Trump re-imposed sanctions on Cuba. Not sure why, except that Bolton/Pompeo/Trump seem to think that any country that tries to mingle a little socialism in with their capitalism ought to be put to death.

Then we get to this open coup attempt in Venezuela, which we are getting ready to destroy to steal their oil for US companies (with the requisite diatribes about socialism, although Norway and Sweden are actually more socialistic than Venezuela), and the daily verbal ranting against Iran, which does not threaten the US in any way.

Oh, and the Space Force, let’s not forget that. Specifically designed to put weapons in space, including nuclear weapons. Breaks an international treaty the US and almost every other country on the planet - including China and Russia - signed decades ago, but we are exceptional as hell.

I would have liked to believe that Trump wanted to end all these wars, but then I recall that his campaign talk about doing so was all based on the idea that the wars were dumb because we didn’t steal the oil and mineral wealth from these countries, not because he had a problem with war per se. And when I see the amount of money he wants for the Pentagon, the way he lets them just do what they want and tells them to do it in secret, when I see the sorts of neocons and war-mongers he choses to surround himself with and let off the leash against the world, I don’t have any more illusions about Trump at all.

No man who decides to listen to the likes of Pompeo, Bolton, Abrams, and Shanahan, the new acting secretary of defense is interested in peace.

[Here is Shanahan, who took Mattis’ place and is now the acting sec. of def. and who used to be an executive at Boeing, a company which depends on continuous war footing to make a profit: “Too often we focus on process, or budget, or level of effort,” Shanahan told Defense News. “The Pentagon should focus on outcomes and outputs — our performance. This focus on performance should drive us to field unmatched lethality, execute on our modernization plans and achieve this affordably.”]


Looks that way. I just wondering why people bring more kids into the scenario.


You’re correct. However, the only way to face a problem is to do so with eyes open.