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'Global Precedent' Set as UN Rules Climate Refugees Cannot Be Sent Back to Life-Threatening Conditions

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/20/global-precedent-set-un-rules-climate-refugees-cannot-be-sent-back-life-threatening

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A line that will someday be in the millions standing in the blistering sun and heat. Let us hope that someone like Trump doesn’t try to just let them die.


O.K. … NOW can we start controlling births and overpopulation to keep this mass migration things from getting even bigger?!


Unfortunately, the USA has A LOT of people “like Trump,” so in all probability… that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Those southern Pacific Islanders just look “too Mexican” for many Americans…

It’s too bad the UN is essentially toothless, if it wasn’t, maybe it could actually enforce this ruling. As it stands, i think they basically just say “shame on you” to racist/nihilist leaders like Trump.


Now maybe the UN can state that refugees from war can not be sent back to life threatening conditions (maybe they already have. Someone please enlighten me. Thanks) Not that it matters as long as right wing regimes control so many countries and see any of these people as the enemy.


Sure. That would be a great step. But many other steps are needed, and if those other steps are not taken then addressing the population problem will have scant effect.

Wealth redistribution, reparations for colonialism and slavery, and massive investments in social infrastructure and ecological restoration are needed. To be effective in the long run, birth control programs must be introduced in concert with wealth redistribution and a wide range of public health and education programs.

Without social and economic justice — without universal rights to clean and healthy food, water, and natural resources, without universal rights to health care, education, and meaningful employment — we could cull the human herd till the cows come home (and I’m afraid that’s exactly what’s going to happen, except the cows won’t be coming home… they’ll all be dead, as will all the humans), but Planet Earth would still be hurtling toward anthropogenic apocalypse.


Let’s name a few climate refugee zones: Sub-Saharan Africa, Syria, Guatemala, Bolivia, Australia, the Indian Subcontinent, the desert is approaching Beijing, Alaska, the Dust Bowl, the West is on fire, Grand Bahama and Abaco Islands, Luzon Island in the Phillippines…

It’s easier to list some relatively secure zones. The U.S. East Coast is expected to break even in terms of total rainfall, just stay away from the coastline during a hurricane, and Western Europe also looks relatively arable as the temperature zooms up.

Where are we going to put ten billion people?


Not a chance.

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What about Spain? How are things lookin’ in Spain, in the near future?

And what about Patagonia? What about southern Chile and southern Argentina? Will áreas there be habitable?


My concern with that is that all of a sudden Mary turns to Jack and says, “Wow! Now that we are doing much better financially, we can afford another child…or ten.”


Climate refugees are the REAL REASON Trump and his ilk want a southern border wall.

They won’t admit it, but they know climate change is here and getting worse, making the flow of refugees from the south increasing by orders of magnitude.

They want to keep the profits flowing from fossil fuels, yet live in their isolationist bubbles.

They want to stop the flood of refugees, but won’t survive the real floods and hurricanes which don’t obey border walls and national boundaries.


The anti-immigration eco-fascists (you know who you are) won’t like hearing this.

Western civilization has tools that can control overpopulation. The prerequisite is a relatively egalitarian society where hard work is consistently rewarded with a nice retirement. Japan, an enormously hard working and stable country, has a negative birth rate. The wealthier countries in Western Europe also have low birth rates.

Some Scandinavian countries have been alarmed by too-low birth rates. They have been giving men paternity leaves, and they’ve discovered that by and large men actually enjoy taking care of little kids.

If, on the other hand, you want to drive birth rates way up, have a grossly unequal society where money is untrusted because of massive national debts and the threat of hyperinflation and where Social Security is untrusted because of the same reasons. Children are your only sure security when you’re old.

Next, keep kids so that they don’t want to be caught dead with birth control in their desk drawers. Go heavy on national liquor consumption and advertising. Trust that the junior high kids will, as the months go by, figure out that kissing is fun and then they can always hide in the woods and keep experimenting farther and farther. Almost half of all babies in the U.S. are unplanned. Does that make sense?

I don’t want to hear “We ought to do this” if I don’t then hear how we can do it. I don’t want to hear “We must do this” if I don’t immediately hear how we can do it.


David, I got my share of that over the years here, believe me. When I used to mention, and link to Paul Ehrlich, you’d think I was linking to Satan! Maybe it just means that fewer people give a shit about what I have to say than you. DON’T GIVE UP on bringing to the forefront that #1 world problem topic!!!


Five years ago, Oxfam conclusively put the relationship of emissions to population in perspective. Their report Extreme Carbon Inequality found the richest 10% responsible for half of global carbon emissions. The poorest half, for 10% of emissions. What kind of convoluted logic can look away from this well established inequality and continue ascribing the Climate Catastrophe to too many (colored) people?

That parenthesis tips off my answer: Counter-factually emphasizing population as a driver of carbon emissions, when the much more powerful driver is wealth (specifically the wealth of established white privelege) is inherently racist in its inescapable implications. It leads to closed borders, defying the spirit of this UN ruling.


That’s why we need community-wide solutions. If Jack and Mary cannot see the fairness in their one-child family — if their sacrifice is not part of a much larger social scheme of sacrifices, including especially those of the rich — then your vaunted birth control mandates won’t take hold.

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I believe they are trying for Mars aren’t they??

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Spain is slated to be two thirds desert within 40 to 50 years. The drought situation is pretty dire. My local lake is severely depleted. Temps are bizarre.


Not sure how instituting population controls is a great step. Any such program would be highly authoritarian. Besides, it’s been proven the best way to slow population growth is to educate girls, no forced sterilizations and abortions required.