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Global Rescue Plan to Stop Mass Extinction "Hopelessly Weak and Inadequate"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/24/global-rescue-plan-stop-mass-extinction-hopelessly-weak-and-inadequate


The oil and gas industry substantially rewards US legislators with campaign donations when they oppose environmental protections, according to a new analysis of congressional votes and political contributions.


Several important extinction related events due to fossil fuel exploitation and the global shadow death oil government - and the trump regime. Welcom to the Sixth Mass Extinction!

The prognhorn antelope, one of the North American animals to survive the last great extinction; the Mega Fauna extinction event of about 10,000 years ago, now the pronghorns are under threat from the most ignorant POS on the planet, with the power to single-handed cause such a catastrophe, donald “shite for brains” trump and his regime of like scum!
" ‘They won’t survive’: Trump’s (3500) gas wells would block pronghorn migration route"


The next (among many others) is the exploitation of Mozambique’s offshore gas reserves leading to mass wildlife threats/extinctions and the abuse and displacement of the poorest villagers to serve the global fossil-fuel conglomerate and increase the Climate Change crises.

“despite the billions in investments these contracts have brought, the people of Cabo Delgado are yet to see any benefit from them. In fact, some have already suffered immensely from the arrival of the gas industry.”
"over 550 families would be physically relocated and 952 lose access to their cultivated land - over 3,000 individuals would lose access to their fishing grounds "

The global death squads do not value life, only short-term profits regardless the human or costs to the Natural World or indeed entire planet!


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The persistent assault on those of us who are environmentally aware and responsible has so penetrated the American conservative mindset that many believe that even the simple act of recycling is worthy of ridicule. Everything will be provided according to their needs so says their dogma. The concept of limits to people who strive to bring as many into this world as possible needs no further discussion. For the most part I’ve enjoyed my ride on this planet and striven to leave her a little better off where I could, but I am still a consumer and I know that I was born and raised into that existence. I chose not to have children, but don’t find fault with those who do–so long as they are brought up with an environmental ethos. It was always my hope that education would be the way forward, but the greedy bastards rely too heavily on keeping the masses ignorant and distracted. Let’s hope the youth thirst for Enlightenment, for that is their best bet and the best bet for the Planet and all that she nestles.


Fetid fiddling amidst the flames

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And if anyone thinks Bloom will be taking any bold steps for the climate and the ecological crisis
consider Bloom’s investments in fracking



What plan?

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Well they are planning a “stock take” in 2030, so maybe it’s related to “the plan”. LOL

amazing that people who purport to care about nature and opposing extinction refuse to face the underlying cause of rapid human population growth, fed by religious and ethnic zealots that keep women from controlling the size of their families. We are over 7.6 billion, on track to add another billion in about 12 years, then another billion…

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What has your post actually got to do with mass extinction? It appears you are advocating the de-population of the world, which is another kind of extinction isn’t it? Who is the zealot here? If you are not simply trolling, perhaps you are a friend of Bill?