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Global Response to People Fleeing Ravages of War: 'Callous Indifference,' Humanitarian Failure


Global Response to People Fleeing Ravages of War: 'Callous Indifference,' Humanitarian Failure

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

It's a crisis of record proportions that is being met with global "callous indifference" and failed, dehumanizing responses, human rights experts say.

The crisis, described as Europe's worst refugee crisis since World War Two, involves hundreds of thousands of people fleeing conflict, many from Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan, trying to reach safety in Europe.


It's capitalism and will not be fixed until doing so becomes profitable.


It is really two different influxes. The first, through Turkey to Greece, is mainly Syrians fleeing their country because of war and religious persecution, with some Iraqi's, Afghans, Pakistani's, and Bengali's in the mix. The second, out of Libya, are mainly sub-saharan Africans with some north Africans in the mix. While Quadaffi was in power the britsh and others paid Libya to keep Libya from being the point of embarkation. With Quadaffi overthrown and killed, the coast is wide open for smugglers of these poor souls.


From the article:

"Building fences, using tear gas and other forms of violence against migrants and asylum seekers, detention, withholding access to basics such as shelter, food or water and using threatening language or hateful speech will not stop migrants from coming or trying to come to Europe," he said in a statement."

Does this not reflect the thought process of Donald Trump and the angry Conservatives he appeals to?

War planners and their elite partners in crimes against humanity have studied enough history to know that when the financial pie gets cut tightly and there are only crumbs allotted to workers, the resulting anger can turn into the kind of raw fuel used to light sparks between ethnic groups.

It was true on the part of Germany during the 1930s and it's true again.

People are angry. Many are not getting by. Some understand the puppet-masters who have created policies that produce these financially strained outcomes. Others find it easier to blame illegal aliens, uppity women, Blacks, or gays.

Spain's youth have no jobs. Greece is in a chokehold set by the Central-European bankers. Italy is just holding on and Ireland is also feeling financial implosion.

Just as NAFTA broke down farming throughout Mexico and Central America causing the hungry out-of-work farmers north of the border, wars caused BY U.S. and European elites have resulted in worse refugee problems.

I understand why working people may fear a further infusion of outsiders. Their needs have been compromised in recent years which breeds insecurity rather than generosity.

A good remedy would be The Pottery Barn rule: Let those corporations, powerbrokers, CIA shadow forces, and weapons producers and suppliers who MAKE the wars and profit from them... pay for the damage. Perhaps if a world court were equipped with the Judicial power to enforce such a ruling, there would be less wars and the tragic state faced by so many decent human beings would see a remedy through the return of peace to their home lands.

War is NOT a normal condition and yet in so many nations, war is being normalized.


Please pass this on. Because more then ever we need Peace.


Conservative's shit has hit the fan. Its every man for himself over there while military industrial stocks rise in the New World Order.


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Watch what you ask for because what comes around goes around.


Really? All of them? 'Cause, didn't they invent hummus? Surely you like hummus?

And algebra? And 0? (That's zero.)

Wouldn't have the Internet without zeros...


And send the inspectors to Israel as well.....!!


That is a despicable, low-rent thing to say. In addition to not being true.


How much money do these fleeing people have to pay to ruthless human traffickers to be
transported to some spot where they can attempt entry into the EU? I don't think that they're
getting their money's worth. The pictures show primarily young, decently dressed, healthy
looking males. Can they not do better?


Are they "Moslems", or rather Muslims? I fear that you
identified yourself, and you just joined a few hours ago.


You express good common sense. Thus likely to be ignored.


Thanks for your reply calling attention NATO as the was a complete lack of any mention of in the article. As if these people were fleeing localized conflicts between their own squabbling parties. 'Why can't they all just get along?' seems to be the refrain while Europe wrings its unclean hands. Not to mention the article's letting those across the pond from Europe completely off the hook.


LOL! You got that right; more likely on an hourly basis.


"UNHCR appeals to all governments involved to provide comprehensive responses and act with humanity and in accordance with their international obligations."

"We are talking about men, women, children and even babies, who have faced traumatic experiences," Crépeau's statement added. "Democratic borders are porous by nature."

" ...Something must be done, and soon, to make all migration legal and safe."

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Nationalism has to go. People must be allowed to migrate freely about the Earth. We are all one people, with one planet, and we are definitely all in the same boat. Time to step up and start acting like it.


Nationalism, borders and religion, the big three fictional forces that control our lives. Yes, and money too.


The aerial bombing of cities was so prevalent during WW2 that civilian deaths became nothing more than collateral damage. It culminated in the atomic bombing of two Japanese cities with well over 100,000 dead or wounded. Napalm bombs in Vietnam continued to inflict suffering on the general populace. All this carnage has made us numb and indifferent to the suffering of civilians caught up in the ravages of war. We casually look upon it now as the normal result of armed conflict and fail to realize they are innocent human beings like you and I who deserve life and liberty just as much as we do.


This is the kind of BS that keeps people separate and fighting. And it has no place on CD. The only long term solution to our world's immediate problems is to start listening to one another, to treat each other equitably and with respect, and to work together on the issues that will ultimately affect us all.