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Global Sea Ice Hits Lowest Levels 'Probably in Millenia'


Global Sea Ice Hits Lowest Levels 'Probably in Millenia'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Global sea ice levels are at their lowest in recorded history, according to new statistics from the U.S. National Snow & Ice Data Center.

In the Arctic, the loss is due to climate change and extreme weather events that are likely influenced by global warming, while the changes in the Antarctic may be attributed to natural variability, the center said.


Thanks for the continued coverage on this most important topic Nadia and CD.

Not even sure what to say anymore about how dire the situation is in the Arctic and now Antarctic. What words are there that could adequately describe this human induced catastrophe?

And more news yesterday from brilliant Dr. Jennifer Francis:


One of the most obvious changes, for anyone who has pattern recognition after watching "the weather" on the news for decades, is the last 3 or 4 years, the very obvious changes relative to the jet streams.

The jet streams are slowing, and meandering, with "blocking systems" of High and Low pressure staying stationary for days, if not weeks, throwing off balance in just a few years what has had thousands of years of stability.

In geological time scale, of course a few years is a relative instant.

THAT should be terrifying to those paying attention. Over the last few years, there have been many instances where upstate Alaska has been warmer than many parts of the US. There have been many instances in fact in the last few winters, where Anchorage has been warmer than Atlanta GA, or even places in Florida.

Only a few weeks ago, it was warmer at the completely 24/7 dark North Pole, than many places in the US.

Another completely obvious change, are these bizarre storm systems, where in one system, there will be way below average temperatures, blizzard conditions on the north end, freezing rain, sleet in the center of the storm, and on the southern and eastern side of that same storm system, there will be temperatures way over average with torrential rain, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes.

This has only been happening the last few Winters, and I believe this whole naming of these winter storms business, has to do with the corporate dominance of MSM normalizing these epic, and bizarre storms.

Things are going to get much more crazy in this regard, and fast.

Think how much the climate, and localized weather has changed just in the last few years, and extrapolate that out a decade.


Thanks for the video.
But I am sure DJT will never watch it, and even if he did he would probably tweet: just another hoax, this lady does not have a clue what she is talking about!

Nero fiddled while Rome burnt, and now it appears that DJT will fiddle while the earth burns.

I have witnessed the devastation in the arctic first hand and let me tell all, it is truly devastating. It would make this post too long to give details, but for starters, and is never reported, there are millions of acres of trees being destroyed by beetle infestations which many attribute to climate change in the arctic. You have to see it,to believe it!


Your post is unfortunately, 100% correct.


Here we go beyond 1C.


Record low ice, and it's the middle of winter and it's dark up there? What's it going to be like this summer when the sun comes out?

Meanwhile, back at the Antarctic, the Larson C ice shelf is cracking up.

Bangledesh is starving since the ocean keeps flooding the whole country, the farmland is salty, and now a bunch of islands have disappeared there. They claim double the 8mm/yr that the government reports is the new rate of sea level rise there.

Not good. Much of the State of South Carolina is still suffering from the unusual "super tides" of recent years. Last night, a Philippine city just got flooded:

A few inches of sea level rise can translate into a number of additional feet of storm surge when low pressure combines with astronomical high tide.


No one can know how fast all of this will come unglued, but it appears that we will have a front row seat on what most likely will be extreme negative changes in climate with the huge question being can this or other species survive. Of course, this is not as important as whether or not the Russians influenced the election, but it is serious.


For anyone really paying attention it's pretty obvious we are now experiencing what's called EXPONENTIAL change in the Climate system planetwide. More and more feedback loops are appearing and they are amplifying the change. It's only going to get worse from here on and nobody knows when and how we will reach a new equilibrium state, or if we ever will.


Good points about the jet streams. Here's a picture of the present meandering vs. the old normal jet:

I found that pic reading this interesting site "Arctic Deeply." After it loads, keep trying to scroll down for more interesting stories:


That's one thing I do not hear enough of... when sea level rise is discussed.... good point.


We're at 1.3 .... already


Yeah, I wonder how long it will be before more people will finally understand what is happening... what we are facing... what is wrong... how many people will finally face the reality of our own slack jawed stupidity... over the decades .... as we committed suicide...


Yes! As long as the earth continues to warm there will be no equilibrium state.
Most people have no clue as to what an exponential function even is.


I'm not quite sure how you prepare for the collapse of industrial civilization which will come long before the seas rise enough to become an issue in all but the lowest of countries.


We actually hit 1.5C last February but think the graph averaging in all years is at 1C. In any case the temperature is too high and this looks like just the beginning.


It's good to see that there are still folk out there who are %100 certain about anything, regardless of what countless philosophers have warned us about. I myself had been %100 certain that I would never be certain of anything in this life for some time, but your post has renewed my spirits. I may know conviction once more in this life...


How may feet above the densely populated rice-bowl of China runs the Yellow River in its levees? What would rise in sea-level of 1m do?

Vietnam, 99 million people and growing rapidly. A 1m rise in sea-level would destroy 67% of the Mekong Dellta area and 47% of the Red River Delta area, which are host to probably around half of Vietnam's population and much of Vietnam's rice production. I suppose the Vietnamese could migrate across the border into Laos and Cambodia, which would annoy the Thais quite considerably............

As for Miami; who gives a stuff!


Thanks for your reply. I have owned a resort in Alaska since 1999 and have witnessed personally, devastating climate effects in the last 18 years.

I am not certain about the causes of climate change, but I am certainly certain of the effects that I have witnessed in the arctic.


Sorry to be pedantic on this point, but I think, no, our Twit-in-Chief will tweet while the earth burns...