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Global Surveillance Industry Database Helps Track Big Brother Worldwide


Global Surveillance Industry Database Helps Track Big Brother Worldwide

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Offering a groundbreaking glimpse of the global surveillance industry—the tools it employs, the extent of its reach, and the accountability it largely evades—human rights watchdog organization Privacy International on Tuesday released a searchable database and accompanying report that track Big Brother worldwide.


That human life as part of what remains in the realm of miracles - not understood by a reductionist construct of power - is subjected to a system that knows only reduction, does not portend much else than pretense.

Its stunning to think that this system has been globalized under the guise of - what else but - a reductionist ersatz claim of "democracy". More and more of less and less while it trashes all aspects of the miracle that made it possible to imagine anything in the first place.

The system so empowered by dehumanization, poisoned by its own mythology and blind to the consequences. Never has hugging trees, talking with plants and simply loving looked so good.


Of course, it's not just in (at least nominally) "non-democratic and authoritarian" nations that this Orwellianismo poses a primal threat to democracy, is it?


Surveilling the surveillors.

Consider - were the NSA actually concerned with National Security, would the hacks of the various govt databases (or the DNC's various servers) have been possible?

.. too busy spying on everyone else ..


Philip K.Dick's, " Minority Report ", appears to be here already. Whats next? " Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?"


The surveillance industry is not big brother. Did you not read George Orwell's 1984?

The government is big brother. So the title reads like the surveillance industry is spying on the government.

Personally, I think that is what should happen. The people who work for the government actually work for the people. Since they work for us, it is our responsibility to hold them accountable 24/7/365 for their actions.

So the surveillance industry should tap into every government employee's phones, email, browsing habits, and wear cop cams that are impossible to turn off.

It is the people who should be spying on the government, not the government spying on the people. After all, they are our public servants and we need to make sure they serve us properly.


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