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Global Temps Continue to Soar Upward as NOAA Confirms July 2019 Was Hottest Month Since Records Began in 1880

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/global-temps-continue-soar-upward-noaa-confirms-july-2019-was-hottest-month-records

I don’t think this info will change our governments policies. Will it change anyone’s behavior? Voting pattern?


A friend of mine is the Captain of a NOAA vessel and would also confirm this article. If we do not declare an out war on the climate devastation and the coming climate apocalypse before it is too late…the future will be a total nightmare for vast populations of our planet!


"It kinda reminds you of that story about a frog in a pot of cold water on the stove, doesn’t it?"

People, let’s be the ones to turn up the heat.


I wish press releases would stop comparing temperature anomalies to the 1950-1981 year average. We should compare it to the Pre-Inustrial year 1750 baseline. We are going to blow through the Paris Accord 2C limit very soon, if we haven’t done so already. Buckle up!


hasn’t so far. and it doesn’t help that we won’t get candidates serious about doing anything about to choose from in the first place. neither party is willing to slow down the ginormous death wheels of capitalism long enough to, you know, not fry the planet.


An eyedropper of good news here. I just passed a wind farm about 100 miles west-northwest of Cushing, OK. There were over 100 turbines in action. Cushing, by the way, is known as the pipeline intersection “capital” of the country and plays an integral role in the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Of course, Senator Snowball hails from OK, so reality still must be acknowledged… (Funny, I didn’t smell the rotting corpses of the bigly numbers of bald eagles about which hair president warned us. Could he have been wrong?)


Watch what’s happening in the ARTIC where they’ve had at least one 90 degree
day – and LIGHTNING strikes which require heat and humidity.


Greece, gran canaria, portugal, the arctic, california, the uk; burning up.


“It looks like the worst case scenario put forward by the IPCC could be an underestimate because we are seeing ice melting now that we expected 30 to 40 years from now.”

It is called abrupt climate change not slow gradual centuries to manifest climate change. Translated that means serious focused joint immediate effort if there is to be even a hope for short to mid-term survival. So, why is this still being ignored and even shunned by the DNC? Isn’t the election an opportunity for discussion of the serious issues facing us? Is there anything more serious than climate disintegration?


Murder suicide.


I would say we have done so already.


If we started 20 years ago we might have been able to turn things around. But now it’s too late. Forget it. The self-reinforcing feedback loops are becoming stronger and stronger. It’s really a shame. Greed is the cause of all of it. Damn.


Not to mention that carbon emissions continue to go up.

I’ve never been so thrilled to be old. Shit’s about to get real, yo.


I don’t think ol Sly had global warming in mind :slight_smile:


I shouted that very thing at my niece and nephew at a picnic last weekend, although when I said “shits about to get real, yo!” They just looked at my wife and began laughing, saying “somethings wrong with uncle Brian! I thinks he’s senile!”
Oh to be senile in the next thirty years.


No, but, boy could he make some music.

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Here’s to you Brian, having another 30 years.

There’s no way on Earth that I will be there to see you celebrate, so, here’s looking at you.

Like Tank, I’m thrilled with being old.


The bigger news, in a way, is that the climate science community is increasing what they view as the most likely Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity. (As you know, ECS is their answer to the question “How much warming do we get from doubling atmospheric CO2?” [from preindustrial 280 to an impending 560 ppm]). The worst case ECS of 4.0C turns out to be not bad enough, as usual.

Personally, I don’t worry about where they draw the goddam baselines. People are going to be perpetually confused no matter what. I’ve been looking into this for years, and I still don’t entirely know what they mean by ECS. The concept counter-factually presupposes that the temperature increase from 560 ppm will be nice and tidy, with no nasty complications like a vanishing icecap. Often the framing is meant to confuse, but that’s not the case with various baselines… that’s just how it goes.

An interesting thing about the NASA GISS record (from the baseline you deplore): the anomaly for July 2019 is far from the warmest. There are no triple-digit (100ths of a degree C) anomalies for May, June, July, or September. The largest anomalies are concentrated on the winter end – February 2016: 135. Too bad for Arctic icecap refreezing.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to twittle his tweeter.