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Global Temps Continue to Soar Upward as NOAA Confirms July 2019 Was Hottest Month Since Records Began in 1880

I fear that reality is already baked in from no action whatsoever in the last 50+ years. What happens now, in actual concrete policy to limit GHG’s will determine how bad the future is. As of now it looks bleak. Peace, All

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“Soar Upward”? Must be the opposite of “Plunge Downward”. Who writes these headlines?

The sun is getting hotter.

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And continuing to allow this with no effective action are the US Congress, all 17 “intelligence” agencies, all federal judges, all 50 state governments and their police forces, every leader and enlisted member in US military service, every GOP member, and every evangelical Christian…


I wonder if it also applies to turtles, . . . er, turdles?   Not that ‘Moscow’ McConnell would notice . . .

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Hell awaits Moscow Mitchell.

See, he even has the word hell in his name.

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"Oh, we’ll all go together when we go, fused in an incandescent glow . . . "   — Tom Lehrer, IIRC

Trump wants to buy an ice-free Greenland.

From the conservatives playbook, “in chaos there is opportunity”.

They want to cause as much chaos as they can.

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I thought he was “fiddling”.

Perhaps Oklahoma wind speeds are maintaining force, but in NW Iowa, wind speeds are declining.

Iowa Lakes REC notes 15% decline since 2014, and Iowa state Climatologist Justin Glisan says “the prevailing theory behind the phenomenon is a combination of land use and the slowdown of the polar jet stream from the Arctic over North America.”

“Increasing global temperatures have decreased Noth American windspeeds an average of 10% over the last 30 years…”

Northwest Iowa has hundreds of wind turbines.

This is from the Storm Lake Times, in Iowa, July 24, 2019, “Wind Is Dying Down.”

I passed three more farms on my way to my overnight boondock destination of Dodge City, KS. All, unsurprisingly are on ridges. The winds are no doubt driven primarily by differential heating of the land masses due to geology and land use. I know west Texas has quite a few wind farms also. I do my best to try to educate those who will listen that wind is really solar energy in disguise. Then I move on to explain that part of wave energy (the non-tidal component) is also solar energy. Once they are on the hook I explain how coal, oil, and gas are fossil forms of solar energy. It is really just my polite way of explaining that they burned the steak and that I prefer that they not invite me back for dinner.


Ha!! Yeah…you ha e a point.

Good to see one who is clear and honest about the science …thank you…

Disturbing that, at the recent American Solar Energy Conference in Minneapolis, so many seemed to embrace the paradigm that capitalism is the solution to anthropogenic climate change.

Yes, and the greedy, fossil fuel industries like Exxon-Mobile are culpable for lying about it for at least the last 50 years!

"Wham Bam, Thank You Mam!"
~Lord Knows~

He only wanted to buy Greenland, so he could change the name, to "Trumpland."

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This is not just a North American effect. Wind speeds are also dropping in Asia and Europe. See:

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Hi depart:
I wonder if the lowering wind speeds could be affecting all the airplane problems too. ( not Boeing but there planes) There seem to be a lot of plane’s having problems lately. I also wish that all warring people would stop war for 1 month. I wonder how quickly that the death of war could save the planet? I month of no bombs or super burning fuel planes--------- And if the cleaner effects of no wars could be seen immediately in the air quality-----------would America stop warring all over the planet?

I just put a post on my blog, entitled The Moss Died. There has been a lovely little patch of soft moss growing under my Azalea bush, and I discovered a couple of weeks ago that The Moss is dying. It looks so pathetic. I’ve always wanted to grow Moss. The kicker of this story is that I live on the 40th Parallel North in the Midwest. We no longer have Fall, my favorite season of the year. We used to have a beautiful Fall and good snows in the Winter. Not any more. I am beginning to feel like I live in Twilight Zone. The Moss died!