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Global Trade: What's A Good Progressive To Do?


Global Trade: What's A Good Progressive To Do?

Ruth Conniff

It must have given the earnest wonks at the Economic Policy Institute a bit of a start when Donald Trump touted their research in a speech courting white, working-class voters by criticizing NAFTA and U.S. trade policy with China.


"What's a good progressive to do"? Support/vote Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein - Never Hillary OR Trump!

While this piece links Trump with opposition to TPP, it never mentions the Clinton team. It was Bill Clinton in collusion with Hillary who pushed NAFTA on America, as their ally Obama is now pushing the TPP scam Hillary pushed and supported - any "reversal" on her part political BS!!

It's curious there is no mention of Hillary's support for the TPP (before she was "against" it) OR Bernie Sanders unequivocal "NO" on TPP. No mention either of Clinton's involvement in secret negotiations or drafting the TPP, along with corporate lobbyists, corrupt politicians and the exclusion of public/environmental advocates!
Only 5 of the TPP's 29 chapters are even about trade - also no mention of Hillary as SOS supporting TPP.

Clinton, like her husband before her pushing the disaster NAFTA, will shift again to support the even worse disaster TPP global corporate domination/fascism Trojan Horse at the drop of a hat!

"Whats a good progressive to do"? Easy answer! Support/vote Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein - Never Hillary OR Trump!


"Bernie Sanders unequivocal "NO" on TPP. "

The above taken from your post: anyone opposed to TPP? Write in SANDERS November 2016! Or another worthy choice​:heart:

Meaning, we have power and hope here. The illusion is the opposite. From reading your post, your take is empowering for positive change. I think that's good.

We have a choice.


Also you have research. Thank you the references.


The TPP must be defeated, but writing-in Bernie Sanders or any other name will likely not be counted - there are requirements for such.
Instead, by some miracle HRC is not the nominee and Bernie gets the nod well and good - but its probable HRC will.
The alternative is a third party Sanders run with Green candidate Jill Stein, a person of integrity and solid opponent of the TPP in her own right, who says "TPP is like NAFTA on steroids."
Since it looks like Sanders will not be the nominee and will also not take the third party option, many people who will not vote lesser-evil will vote Jill Stein.......a better option than others.......



Great. More complications. Ok thanks for the info though. Holding out for a miracle still!


She seems cool. No Bernie- not even close.