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Global Warming ‘Costing Taxpayers Billions.’ Here’s How to Fix It


Global Warming ‘Costing Taxpayers Billions.’ Here’s How to Fix It.

Ronnie Cummins

The soil solution.

The federal government has no problem subsidizing, to the tune of $20 billion/year  —GMO monoculture crops that degrade the soil and play a significant role in making global warming worse.


“Regenerative Agriculture.”

Now that’s something I could get excited about.

From a small child, I grew up around many farms, and each year my father grew and maintained a large garden. Growing food to sustain our family became a part of our lives.

Anyone here notice that little green seedling in the soil at the beginning of this article?

It resembles a very young Cannabliss plant, doesn’t it?


Excellent article. I agree cannabis is playing a role in regenerative agriculture. I get some of my garden and plant supplies at one of those stores that carry supplies for growers. You won’t find 10 different types of bat guano any place else. I think many of the people that shop there wouldn’t know much about soil if not for this interest. People don’t want to use contaminated stuff and they are learning a lot.

Cheers for Organic Consumers Union an Ronnie Cummins!!!


Hemp can help hang the corrupt contributors high–even if not smoked.


Growing your own vegetables, having backyard chickens and bees and eating biodynamic produce and pastured meat and dairy and eggs is a very good way to reverse global warming. Carbon is returned to the soil and you are healthier and so is your family and the planet.


Keep on the lookout for “clean or cultured meat” in a few short years. It is organic meat that’s produced through cell replication, no slaughter of cattle or other current animals used for food, no drug-infested meat, no bacteria, a much healthier environment.



When soil temperature rises, it loses its ability to trap carbon. Large-scale reforestation is needed. The arctic is about to have record low ice volume for this time of year. Only organized collective global action can slow the approach of the coming Holocaust. Even then, WWII will seem like a mosquito bite in retrospect. R.I.P. earth.


Here is a discussion about “clean meat”: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaelpellmanrowland/2017/06/12/clean-meat-a-bold-prediction/#50bf48d06659