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Global Warming Deepening Drought — And Without Climate Action, It'll Get Worse


Global Warming Deepening Drought — And Without Climate Action, It'll Get Worse

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer


People have a hard time imagining what the land would look like after the drought has caused desertification. They drive through forests and say how beautiful they are but a scientist will look at the same woodland and say that the forest is dying. He doesn’t say it will happen overnight. He expects decades. People can’t imagine decades. That is what is happening now. The soil becomes hard pan, the organic humus becomes encapsulated in a virtual concrete that resists the penetration of water from light showers that barely moisten the topsoil. Brush replaces saplings, scrub replaces brush, weeds and grasses replace scrub, steppe vegetation replace grasses, desert plants replace steppe grasses. By that time even republicans would start to say, maybe there is something to this global warming thing.

For the last few years the whole planet looked out the window and said > looks pretty much the same as always. In many places the drought has caused people to say something is happening but hopefully it’ll get better someday. That is what they have a hard time imagining.

That it won’t be getting better. Droughts lift. This isn’t really a drought. It is climate change. You don’t describe deserts as being in a drought.

As yet… people can’t see the desert for the trees!


The trees don’t fund election campaigns. Nor do the rivers or the oceans.

There will be no action taken by the ones who are chasing money, and ‘glory’.


Sadly, Brown is no better then the rest of them.


Don’t worry. Route 66 leads to Oklahoma. Californians can always pack up their jalopies and head east, to wherever Oklahoma might lie. There may be work there, picking cotton…


My how the Jerry Brown worm of yesteryear has turned. No more environmental activism (his father must be roiling and boiling in his grave) and all his former “progressive” attributes have been shed in favor of a Technicolor coat of corporate shields. His penchant for quid pro quo with energy industries is repulsive.


The movie, “Soylent Green” depicts our present and future…made in 1973 from a book written by Harry Maxwell Harrison, a science fiction author “best known as the author of the 1966 novel Make Room! Make Room!, which was made into the 1973 film Soylent Green.” I was horrified as I watched this film years back and the scenes have never left my psyche. In Washington State and its neighbor, Idaho, there are myriad wildfires. Smoke and soot from these fires fill the air from the Cascade mountain range east covering the east side of the state…the air looks EXACTLY like that depicted throughout the movie “Soylent Green.” Perhaps all those climate deniers in the Repugnicant Klown Kar of Kandidates should be made to join the brigades of firefighters battling these blazes so they could get a taste of reality.


The root problems with trying to change things is that there needs to be a comprehensive comprehensible plan to reformat the operating systems of industrialism, a plan that has qualified skilled explainers to ally the public’s quite reasonable fears that major changes will lead to anarchic chaos and billions of people being cast aside to starve, dodge bombs and bullets, and despite Tom Petty’s assurance that we didn’t have to, start living like a refugee.

Of course people will cling to a lousy life if no one knows and came lead them through the turmoil.


July 2015: Warmest Month on Record Globally
By: Jeff Masters and Bob Henson , 9:56 PM GMT on August 20, 2015

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The Atlantic and Pacific tropics were buzzing with activity on Thursday (see bottom of this post for a very brief update), but Thursday brought other big news as well: July 2015 was the warmest single month in 1627 months of global records that go back to January 1880, said NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI). The globally averaged temperature above both land and ocean surfaces was 1.46°F (0.81°C) ahead of the 20th-century average. This trumps the record for any month that was set in July 1998, surpassing that value by 0.08°F (0.14°C).

On average, July is the warmest month of the year globally, tpyically driven by midsummer conditions across the Northern Hemisphere’s extensive land areas. However, according to NOAA, record warmth across much of the Pacific and Indian oceans played a major role in July’s new global record. NASA also rated July 2015 as the warmest July on record. July 2015’s warmth makes the year-to-date period (January - July) the warmest such period on record, according to both NOAA and NASA.

A potent El Niño event in the Eastern Pacific that crossed the threshold into the “strong” category in early July continues to intensify, and strong El Niño events release a large amount of heat to the atmosphere, typically boosting global temperatures by at least 0.1°C. This extra bump in temperature, when combined with the long-term warming of the planet due to human-caused emissions of heat-trapping gases like carbon dioxide, makes it extremely likely that 2015 will be Earth’s second consecutive warmest year on record.


100 up votes to you, Johnny, for your excellent post!
Thank you, from a fellow Californian.


Conservatives new global warming talking point:

“If you take the CO2 out of the atmosphere, the plants will die.”


The scene where Edward G. Robinson calls it quits and is being soothed by scenes of nature and cool streams and flowers and tells C. Heston to “Look! Look! See how it was. See how beautiful it all was.” That scene of him looking at the nature videos keeps coming to mind as the years have gone by. We are watching it happen like that now. In many places you can look at films of coral reefs from the fifties and sixties which are amazing but if you visit that same place now the corals are bleached and many varities are gone and the ocean seems empty of fish by comparison to how it used to be. I took my family sight seeing and drove up the scenic overlook to view the Stanilaus National Forest. There was a bronze plaque showing the various mountain peaks off in the distance. The whole basin was like a desert! It had been clear cut as far as the eye could see in any direction. Every single tree was gone for miles and miles and miles. It was a disgrace! As people drove up I was surprised to see the reactions of different people. Many women actually wept. Men cursed and grew angry. It was so bizarre. The scenic overlook was a bitter irony and a testament to corruption and greed. It brought to mind that scene of Edward G. Robinson’ seeing films of the paradise which was now lost.

BTW…Most people forget one thing about that movie. It is so f’n hot there! Remember? It was sweltering and brutally hot. A great movie. They make remakes of such crap but Soylent Green would make a stunning remake if it were done right.


Hard to believe that Jerry Brown is Governor!
And Dem majorities in both houses!
I was a delegate from my state when he ran for the presidency.
“We the people” –
A lot of turn coats these days –

Both parties are completely poisoned, corrupted.
The Democratic Party is now “the lesser evil.”
IMO, from what we can see of the betrayals and overall corruption,
any vote for either party will move the government and our elected
official further to the right.

Understand why Bernie is probably running as a Democrat –
otherwise he would be completely side-lined with no opportunity
to get information out to the public which he has always been
wonderful at doing.

This is a liberal nation under control of the organized wealthy – oligarchy.
Nothing will satisfy this suicidal outlook until we are all merely slaves and
all Nature destroyed.
And I do recall when CA was one of our most liberal states.
Unfortunately, our natural resources were privatized and we never regained
control of them by “nationalizing” them which should have happened at least
by FDR’s presidency.

One unfortunate aspect of the wealthy’s love of war is that it has made OIL
part of the “National Security State” – NO OIL/NO WAR.
Well, at least 'til they have bombers that fly on solar power.

Everything our corrupted government touches is valueless unless it can be
used for violence – made into a weapon.

Shame on Jerry Brown – !!

Has there been any mention of cloud seeding?

But also while I’m here re Global Warming – want to relate that there is a
50 year delay in the effects of Global Warming that we actually feel – in
other words, we are only right now feeling the effects of the harm we have
done up to … 1965!!

The public was made aware of Global Warming in 1957 – at that time we
had Pres. JFK, Khrushchev in Russia, and Pope John XXIII at the Vatican…
All open to reform - peace. Rachel Carson - “Silent Spring.”
And very quickly they were all gone.

Further, our scientists knew the destructive power of the Industrial Revolution
very quickly – 1880’s. They could see the immediate effects. Could they have
proved it would have caused the melting of the glaciers and due to those effects
on the tectonic plates, not only trigger very harmful and severe weather changes,
but actually earthquakes?

The OIL industry began a 50+ year campaign costing tens of billions of dollars
in order to lie to the American public. The NY Times was one of their main allies
in permitting them to run Ad-Editorials on their Op-Ed pages which were largely
anti-Global Warming propaganda. No replies or challenges to these “ads” were

The questions I think we are left with – and I disagree that we have “decades”
ahead of us – is whether we will have a polar shift, a new ice age, or whether
the planet will be unable to keep turning and hold its place in the skies.

Before then, of course, our eyeballs will be cooking and we will be contemplating
a morning when we arise and there is no water. Imagine a day without water!
We are probably the most fragile beings on the planet and we can see what is
already happening to animal-life.

I would refer everyone to the 1992 Scientists Warning to Humanity which was
promptly ignored in a dead silence by our press at that time.
In between 1957 and 1992, despite the need for a total change, “Earth Day”
came and rather quickly went, General Motors produced and then crushed
thousands of electric cars which they didn’t want to poison our minds.
And more often, the CIA/corporations seem to be controlling the
workings of government and its agencies, our press – the White House.
And anything else that they can corrupt.

In other words, I’m not optimistic for Nature, Animal-Life, or Humanity.



What is your point here? Seriously? Are you telling people to give up? That there is no hope? How about joining the fight rather than complaining that the fight hasn’t won yet. Fight the things you don’t like and not just complain about them. That’s the thing that so many in the technological west seem to feel… that they shouldn’t have to do anything to make things better. That they should not have to bother about making things better themselves.

See the problem is that greed is passionate. Greed is hungry and predatory. Greed is self empowering, self motivating and obsessive. Greed will hunt - actively hunt for success.

Helping others is a voluntary thing. A logical thing. A decent honorable thing. Greed is motivated by feeding itself with rewards. ‘Screw others I’m getting mine’ motivates people.

So there it is. The greedy have the energy to be greedy. But if you do nothing then they will roll over you, they’ll poison your well water with fracking, they poison your food with neonics, they make you eat GMOs with no way to tell whether you are and so on… see greed is motivated. Greed chokes our world with carbon and createss global warming. Greed simply doesn’t care about the end result. Greed is its own motivation.

Survival is purely voluntary though.


Wereflea –

Wait a minute –
are your arguing with the details I gave? Then do that.

Global Warming is a “complaint”?

This is a liberal nation being ruled by oligarchy.
That’s not just my report – Jimmy Carter just confirmed that for you.
And it could have been confirmed by just about anyone even before that.

Who is speaking against “helping others”?

Why do you think I’m here telling some truths you may not be aware of?
Something I’ve been doing for decades now.

There are other things you have to understand about the right wing – elites.
They are not only greedy – they wake up every morning thinking about how
they can gain control over others for their own benefit.
In the end it won’t be the dollar bill – it will be power and control.

And the only way they can rise – or ever have been able to rise – is by violence.
And that’s how we came to be where we are right now – violence.

The UN is pushing to have the death of Dag Hammarskjold reopened.
That was at the very beginning of the United Nations.
We all recall how we came to be the owners of this land – by stealing it.
We all recall how our schizophrenic Constitution in supporting slavery
laid the landmine for the Civil War.

Most of us know the lies about the many US wars of aggression – from
Hawaii to Vietnam.

As I said, I’m not optimistic about Global Warming. Had we been able to respond
at that time with immense social change it would have worked – and I think with the world leadership at that time it would certainly have succeeded.

Capitalism is an evil which cannot be regulated –
Capitalism is suicidal –
Manifest Destiny and Man’s Dominion Over Nature – suicidal
Patriarchy is suicidal – “the bird with one wing.”
Organized Patriarchal religion which underpins patriarchy is suicidal.

Whatever the outcome, we agree that at least we have both fought all of this in our own way.

Meanwhile, the reality still exists that what we are feeling of Global Warming at this
time is actually ONLY based on the harm that has been done to Nature since … 1965!

I think in many ways we probably agree – if you want to discuss any of this further,
please respond.



By the way, for anyone interested –

Here’s a link to the 1992 Scientists Warning to Humanity –

In response to this warning, our press was silent.


I shouldn’t have commented on your post. Mine was more rhetorical questioning rather than specific. Just a point of clarification about Silent Spring though… it was not about global warming. It was about the persistence of DDT in the environment and proved its deleterious effects on wildlife, in particular the thinning of bird’s eggs.

A polar shift? A new ice age? The planet will be unable to keep turning and hold its place in the skies? No to all three (4). Delete those files from your brain okay?

Earth day introduced the word environment to Americans and it helped quite significantly in getting CFCs banned from spray cans and accomplished the closing of the ozone hole. Earth Day did the organizing for that and helped start recycling.


Wereflea –

OK – but I think maybe you should stick around for a conversation.

Yes, I know what Rachel Carson’s book was about – it was about pollution.
Which is an underlying factor in Global Warming.
Those chemicals waged a war on nature and someone profited; not by
improving anyone’s health, but by selling a product which killed animal-life
and polluted the planet. The reckless spraying of DDT in general, but most
particularly over farmland and even over COWS is thought to be a major cause
of the polio epidemic. Often it occurred in the summer time, with children eating
ice cream from these cows.

What I was trying to suggest to you is that you think about issues from the
highest perspective you can reach.
Many of the things I listed from the highest perspective are worthy of your thoughts.

You’re unaware of thinking that we could enter a new ice age?
Or that there could be a polar shift?
No one knows how all of these catastrophes could compound.
Scientists have been shocked, startled at the speed of Global Warming/
The melting of the glaciers create changes in pressures on the tectonic plates
which means we will have more earthquakes – more frequent and more severe.
Same with all the other weather conditions – and keep in mind Global Warming
has the power to change weather systems. El Nino/La Nina frequency now is
a result of Global Warming.

In discussing California, their winds systems have shifted which is a very
significant concern there.

SLOW down your reading and concentrate – YES, Earth Day did appear and
did help significantly for a time … but what I was pointing out to you was that it
was soon undermined. When was the last time you saw any really significant
coverage of Earth Day – and you do realize it used to be first page
When did you last see that most of our major cities were turning people out
for Earth Day? With tremendous record-breaking crowds?
And banner headlines on front pages of our newspaper?

The Pope has just aided the cause of Global Warming and the environment
more than our last Earth Day did.

And you believe that the Ozone hole has closed?

Stick around.


Silent Spring was about DDT.

Earth Day is still celebrated every year without fail in NYC where it started. Many large institutions participate like museums, zoos, educational organizations and so forth. There are co-sponsor educational tie ins with schools especially. I don’t know what you expected from Earth Day actually? It accomplished what it set out to do BTW which was to ban chlorofluorocarbons in spray cans and to make recycling familiar to the public. It is now a traditional ‘day’ for NYC which is pretty good considering it communicates its pro environment message to this day!

Yes I am unaware that we could enter a new ice age because we cannot! Have you not noticed that the temperatures have steadily increased and that even if we all stopped adding carbon through fossil fuels tomorrow that rise in temps would continue heating up for the next 100 to 300 years even if we all disappeared? We aren’t disappearing and since we are still coming out of the last Ice Age some 12,000 years ago we aren’t due for another for at least a 100,000 years (give or take two weeks)! No ice age no way.

A polar shift? Exactly what does that mean? Do you mean a variability in the location of true and magnetic north? That happens all the time (every few years). If you mean that the Earth will sudden flip over and the north Pole is in Africa and the south pole is in Hawaii… not a f’n chance. Think of a spinning top and …

The Earth stop spinning? What could cause such a thing? Maybe a massive strike from a meteor which would smash the planet into pieces but what could overcome the immense physical inertia of a solid mass 25,000 miles in circumference? Tectonic plates are as thin as tissue paper btw by comparison.

I don’t agree about 1965 since the presence of many greenhouse gases will persist in the atmosphere for centuries so that carbon from before the use of the internal combustion engine is still up there. Pollution from way before 1965 is still with us.

I think you will find CD a useful source and a valuable aid to learning about issues of concern to us both but while your neighbors may not know much about such issues, people from all over participate in this comment community. I find the converstaion interesting and I hope you will too but I suggest a quick fact check either using Wikipedia or just googling some fact is a good idea. I’m always getting on a few cases when they forget to double check some fact. Accuracy counts when in print…lol.


Wereflea –

Whenever I come upon information I’m not familiar with, I immediately do a
search to find out something about the subject. It’s a good idea; try it.

I’ll leave a few links for you and best wishes –