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Global Witness Reveals 2019 Was 'Deadliest Year on Record' for Eco-Defenders, With 212 Murdered Worldwide

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/29/global-witness-reveals-2019-was-deadliest-year-record-eco-defenders-212-murdered


Defenders of Gaia and Her creatures including First Peoples are always in the cross-hairs, murdered by greed and the depraved agents of greed with impunity!
Ancient forests, water and air, critically endangered species, the entire marine environment, food supply and the poisons sold as “food” and all pesticides, are all part of the commodity life has become, and our corrupted governments now serve death and exploitation instead of environmental global protections and life!

The protections of law and “enforcement” personnel, are given to wealth and self-interest, to banker thieves and insurance parasites, to the fossil-fuel conglomerate and chemical poison purveyors, like Monsatan and Bayer, who are killing Mother earth and all her creatures, especially our critically endangered insect pollinators to make a goddamn buck!

Justice is stood on its head and stewardship a quaint thing of the distant past - that must be radically changed if we all are to survive, and the people who rape and pollute and exploit and kill our Mother become the hunted, prosecuted and imprisoned!!.


Words are not enough for this outrage. This is what happens when we allow psychopaths and sociopaths to run the world. In ‘God We Trust’ will be the end of us all.

“He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.” - Socrates


“Many of the world’s worst environmental and human rights abuses are driven by the exploitation of natural resources and corruption in the global political and economic system,”

Corruption in the global political and economic system.

That is why i feel these defenders’ lives have been in vain. The responsible governments did nothing to protect them or help them.


Great quote; new one on me.

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I understand your sorrow and your anger, but the gains are cumulative. There is a familiar quote to this effect, attributed to Gandhi but erroneously according to Snopes:

"A speech by union leader Nicholas Klein in 1914 provides a closer version of the misattributed quote:

“And, my friends, in this story you have a history of this entire movement. First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you. And that, is what is going to happen to the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America.”

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Hi economagic:

Wow, thank you for that history note----from 1914 to now in 2020…is there stiII an AmaIgamated Workers of America—anywhere in America?
And in Mexico, terrorists are kiIIing the protectors of the Monarch butterfIy, as the worId is at the same time kiIIing the wiIkweed, the very food that is the butterfly’s survival. Every Life form in the worId is connected with every other form of Life.
sigh----and what we do to THEM wiII aIso be done to us.

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Yes, we are indeed in deep doo-doo! But that’s the reason I checked the quote that has been attributed to Gandhi for much longer than Snopes says before posting it. Movement work is cumulative, meaning that it ain’t over until it’s over (NY Yankees long-time catcher Yogi Berra?).

We may not have enough time left to secure a real win, at least in the first round. But there is probably enough time (just barely) to get down close to just 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels. What better use of our remaining time than to fight for the best we can get?


And based on our rate of consumption vs our population, we are a nation of over-consumption and gross materialism. Our Colonialism ranks us as the greatest Eco-devastaters on the planet


It’s especially true of those who already have plenty, & who are behind most of the trouble in the world.

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I had a string of good ideas to write, on the slow, hot, long bike ride home after work today. I could barely keep my eyes open long enough to copy parts of this well written rating of one of my favorite books

Savages, by Joe Kane

" …1991, a strange letter arrived at the Rainforest Action Network in San Francisco, where Joe Kane was working… from members of the Huaorani tribe of Ecuador, wild folks who have lived in the Amazon rainforest for thousands of years…  fantastic biodiversity, including many species that live nowhere else on Earth… DuPont-Conoco was planning to destroy their ecosystem and culture… perfectly happy with their traditional way of life, and they had no interest in being destroyed…  Help! Kane quit his job and moved to South America. Several years later, he published Savages, which described his exciting, chaotic, and painful adventure.

Unlike our society, Huaorani men and women really have equal status. It is never OK to give orders, or to raise a hand against a child or woman. Family harmony is important… joyful in a way that is complete and without self-consciousness…The Huaorani strive to be in tune with the abundance of the forest, so they will always have enough to eat. Sharing is essential. “There is no higher manifestation of this ideal state than unqualified generosity, and no act more generous than to give away food.” In the days prior to contact with outsiders, most natives never encountered more than seventy or eighty people during their entire lives, most of whom they knew by name. Imagine that — a world without strangers or loneliness…Until the 1950s, the Huaorani had almost no contact with the outer world. Then, the missionaries arrived, to save the souls of the demon worshippers… Maidenform brassieres were distributed to the jungle camps, so women could conceal their shameful boobs…The missionaries were walking disease bombs, and they knew that.

 In 1967, oil was discovered in Huaorani country, an estimated 216 million barrels, enough to fuel American gas-guzzlers for about thirteen days… Toxic crud was dumped anywhere, and pipelines often leaked. Rivers turned black, fish died, birds died, caimans died, bananas died, and natives got very sick. For natives, middle age was 25."

P.S. It’s very funny and intimate with people of a culture that knew of nothing but how to live in a real world, not man made.
Sweet dreams!


Unquestionably so, and not even the worst of our transgressions as a nation. My mother, born in central Alabama in 1910, had two years of “teachers’ college,” but she was fairly well read and intuitively wise. One of her favorite sayings was, “You can only live in the time and situation into which you were born.” Also unquestionable, and by that rule I was born 50-75 years too late.

But unless one is deprived of even a rudimentary education one can learn to tread as lightly as is possible within that constraint in all of our wanderings, both physically and figuratively. There were certainly times when I could have done better, but I have done fairly well given the constraint. I have made or remade lots of useful stuff out of trash. In San Francisco eons ago I kept my VW bus in tires pulled from dumpsters for three years!

It’s summertime in Carolina, hot and muggy. I have a 12k BTU window air conditioner in my 500 SF living space, but I have 18 inches of insulation above my head and a 2,000 CFM fan on a thermostat in the space above that. From working outdoors for years I learned that I can adapt to any temperature from about 40 to 85 degrees. I seldom turn the A/C on unless the ambient temperature is well into the 90s, and then only to pull the indoor air down to the mid-80s, which are cool by comparison.

“If I can do it anybody can do it” is ALWAYS a lie. But most of us could reduce our energy budget, including me. Might as well start now, as in the best case scenario 20 years from now we will all be using less energy (and probably feeling much better in every sense).

But the biggest energy sink in the world is the US military, with a budget bigger than the next TEN nations together, and 2-3 times as large as the second largest (China) depending on whose figures are used. If we cut it by HALF it would still be bigger than China’s, and we and the world as a whole would be far better off including in terms of military security and even more in terms of security in the broadest sense.



“We’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.” --Joni Mitchell, 1969

The USA has long been the greatest rogue nation in the world. When we started on that venture it was because our misleaders thought that the Russians wanted to dominate the entire world. When that ended, like the State of Israel we found we had become what we feared most.