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Globalization and the American Dream


Globalization and the American Dream

Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick

"… America is a new kind of society that produces a new kind of human being. That human being – confident, self-reliant, tolerant, generous, future-oriented – is a vast improvement over the wretched, servile, fatalistic and intolerant human being that traditional societies have always produced." —Dinesh D’Souza, What’s So Great About America


Excellent article. The home with one parent at home with the children was a superior model. This does not mean we need to turn back to a time where the only role of women was to be pregnant and barefoot in the kitchen but it should be recognized that the two parents working model was one that was desired by the Corporatists. This doubled the workforce in one fell swoop and allowed for a further depression of wages in their "supply and demand" model.

They then manipulate numbers around "household incomes" to try and create the illusion the working class better off today than they were 50 years ago leaving out that 50 years ago most households had one person working. There has even been people suggesting that child labor laws be relaxed to allow more children into the workplace . This means a greater workforce, lower wages along with "higher household incomes" in a time where households have record levels of debt.

It a failed and a disastrous model that by design only serves the 1 percent which is exactly the intent of Globalization.


Correct; Earth cannot sustain an, "American way of life"....meaning, total exploitation of natural resources and resultant destruction of our human environment.
It will take a "tsunami" of people in resistance to change this direction.


Obama's TPP and TTIP are the great leap forward global corporations need to create global neofeudal economies that will reverse all that was accomplished during two centuries of decolonization and demonarchization.


This brilliant paragraph is being repeated for the benefit of the "We" squadron along with those (hello, "andrew boston") who make preposterous generic claims about "human nature":

"It seems clear that what is often called ‘American culture’ is no longer a product of the American people: it is instead an artificial consumer culture created and projected by corporate advertising and media. This consumer culture is fundamentally different from the diverse cultures that for millennia were shaped by climate, topography, and the local biota – by a dialogue between humans and the natural world. This is a new phenomenon, something that has never happened before: a culture determined by technological and economic forces, rather than human and ecological needs."

And how about only 10% of kids having contact with nature?

Just this morning I was thinking how prophetic the film trilogy--The Matrix--has become.

How many people are so adapted to the world of machines, technology, and electronic media as to have lost all contact with Source and therefore the source of what makes them a genuine Original!


Terrific article!

On the State of the World's Children, I would like to add the following since it suggests that those crafting Globalism (a/k/a their New World Order) seriously HATE children or wish to see them sacrificed:

  1. The treatment of the children who endure the dangers en route to America in order to escape the drug gangs and depravity that's taken over many parts of Central America since a variety of U.S. corporate interventions (NAFTA related) have ruined those nations' agrarian lifestyles (and related infrastructure).

  2. The Catholic Church's history of pedophilia and the THOUSANDS of children impacted by this predation.

  3. The U.S. anti-poverty programs that have been eviscerated along with cutbacks to Head Start. Add both to the draconian standardized test regimen that replaces the JOY of learning with the heavy gravity of B.S. one-size-fits-all testing.

  4. The global trafficking in women and children to satisfy the depraved sexual tastes of sociopaths. (It's estimated that thousands of children are lost or abducted within the U.S. each year.)

  5. The fate of the children under the canopy of Drone warfare

  6. The fate of the children trying to survive war torn: Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Palestine

  7. The fate of the refugee children... so many already claimed by the deep dark seas

  8. The long-term handicaps posed by Autism and other neurological disorders that seem related to the onset (and overload) of far too many vaccines.

  9. The long-term handicaps being blamed on the Zika mosquito that more likely are the results of another genetic testing experiment run amok

  10. The long-term handicaps to the children in Michigan told to drink the filthy waters laced with lead... under the directive that these newly directed public waters were safe to drink.

This is what comes to mind and therefore represents a partial list.

And to the clone "John Ellis," for the 10th time... this is being re-posted for YOU:

"According to a recent report by Oxfam, the world’s richest 62 people now have more wealth than the poorest half of the global population combined. Their assets have risen by more than $500 million since 2010, while the bottom 3.5 billion people have become poorer by $1 trillion.[11] This is globalization at work."


Seems that D'Souza's statement might better be edited as, "America is a new kind of society that produces a new kind of human being. That human being - brash, empty-headed, narcissistic, intolerant, money-sucking, power mongering, hedonistic -is a vast deterioration of human possibility making Americans amongst the most wretched, servile, fatalistic and intolerant human beings societies have ever produced.'
Kidding aside, it is a very good thing that our minds' potentials are not totally delimited by national identity.


Don't worry, sierra. The plan is to reduce the standard of living of the American people. It was first described by G. H. W. Bush as A New World Order.


A dream from which we desperately need to awaken


The article deals with how societies are operating without taking into account the operation of the infrastructure that produces the goods and services they are so dependent. This infrastucture is irrevocably aging as it uses up irreplaceable natural resources and produces irrevocablt wastes including those causing climate disruption and ocean acidification and warming. Society will inevitably have to power down as this reality hits hard. The trends in society soundly detailed in the article only tend to exacerbate how society will respond in the future.


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The elephant in the room is that what ails us is not "mere" psychology. We are environmentally ill. I know there's a lot of resistance to recognizing that our brains are being effected, and many of us want to claim it's just over-diagnosis in the interests of pharma profits. While that may be true to some extent, it is also true that we are facing epidemic obesity, diabetes, even breast cancer in 10 year old girls! The brain is not unaffected by the toxic soup we're living in. On the contrary, it's more sensitive.


Brilliant synopsis of the neoliberalism, imperialism and the sorry state of US culture and the damage it is doing globally aside from the death and destruction dealt out by the pentagon.

I think there is an error perhaps, 500 Million should be $500 BILLION.


Yes, even the weather announcers rely on doppler radar rather than looking outside. While radar might be technically advanced , it still represents how removed some people are from their own home which is Earth. Also , why would people drive while talking or texting on a cell phone?


Remember not everything is bad, and only we can be the change we want to be. The "we " is that we let this happen , and many became passive. For instance, did you ever hear a rich person gloat about how he or she can buy cheaper goods at Wal Mart? No regard for anything else, just themselves.


Being intellectually "into" an economist ( Dr. Richard Woolf has similar views) just not cause change. It's acting the change you wish to see with similarly minded people such as funding for causes, ( like cancer), planting gardens, and cleaning the environment. Politicians ( with exceptions like Bernie) are just handmaidens to their corporate donors.


It's not a dream- it's been here for over forty years. Also, remember our ancestors( like parents and grandparents) lived through much worse . They didn't have luxury electronic devices. They lived through World War, a long depression, no social security or anti depressants, etc. In fact how about no unions, how about being Holocaust survivors? How about being survivors of 911 or the Boston bombing and more? Many of those people keep on keeping on? Also, are all of you "suffering" or are you just making comments? My guess is that the many people suffering do not have time to intellectualize on a computor.


The authors state that the purpose of globalization is to prosper, a better standard of living. People usually think of this as emulation of the West, and of America. The authors then spend the rest of the article bullet-pointing why there is nothing about America that is worth emulating, and they believe that is sufficient to delegitimize the concept of globalization.
For a moment, let's set aside the global of globalization. Instead, notice that most nations of Europe have wanted to join the European Union. Which includes becoming electoral democracies, abolishing the death penalty, respecting human rights and several other things. Nations around the EU want to be able to sell their products to the EU. Closer to home, many nations want to be able to sell their goods in the United States. Looking in the grocery store I see displays of many Central American products, cream and cheese and tamales and more, that weren't there 20 years ago.
Reading this article, the authors are pretty deep against globalization. I presume that they, and the readers of Common Dreams, are against the free trade that is part of globalization. Against, I presume, that cream, cheese, tamales etc. from Central America I saw in the store just yesterday... I also earlier today glanced at Jill Stein's Green Party platform, emphasizing local economics.
-- So let me toss out an idea to carry that thought further. Back in 1785 the States of the United States began meeting to discuss the trade barriers that states had erected against other states. Out of those meetings We the People formed a more perfect union (but not perfect enough, by a long shot, in the opinion of #SJW), and mandated free trade between the states of the union. The idea: According to the ideas of these authors, should we toss out that union, and that free trade area? Should people in the states organize Independent Socialist States here, independent of Washington and Wall Street, and set their own economy to serve their community's needs, and demand that any trade with other states has to serve their community, first?


The quote from D'Souza is amazing in its arrogant, pretentious right-wing stupidity. By his thinking everybody who can possibly do so would be spending their last bit of money to get to our exceptional country because we would just outshine all the others.
Hmmm, I don't see that happening at all. Most of the people who are trying to get here are the people whom our trade pacts like NAFTA have destroyed their local economies and so they are coming here and end up doing the kinds of work that we wouldn't do anyway. Still our right-wingers vilify them and their idiot polical fave, Donald Trump, wants to build a ridiculous wall to keep them out. Well no need, Orange Foolius, because the numbers of workers coming North is declining. Why? Because those jobs that they have been working at are also disappearing. Looks like "globalization" screws everybody, except the 1%.
By the way, I detest D'Souza and I just have to pass along a little tidbit about this POS. He went to college at Dartmouth and had future right-wing talk show host Laura Ingraham (who I call "Ann Coulter Lite") as a fellow classmate. Their idea of self-righteous fun was to write notes to the families of closeted gay students and "out" them. Cute, eh?