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Globally Uprooting a Racist Past

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/11/globally-uprooting-racist-past


Love Koehler and Common Wonders, to which I subscribe and get their emails. If we don’t confront the truth of our past, we are condemned to repeating it as we are now.

The pulling down of statues of our past sins has become a worldwide phenomenon that is more than just a statement of our current situation. By doing so, we are finally starting to confront our true history of death and destruction for the benefit of the elite of the world.

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Nikkita Oliver, activist, at the Seattle protests:. “We need to align ourselves with the global struggle that acknowledges that the US plays a role in racialized capitalism. Racialized capitalism is built upon patriarchy, white supremacy, and classism.”. The M$M has already demonized Oliver as “radical” for speaking the truth.

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