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'Glut of Overpriced Apartments' Has Made Rents Fall for Rich, Soar for Poor in Cities Nationwide


'Glut of Overpriced Apartments' Has Made Rents Fall for Rich, Soar for Poor in Cities Nationwide

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As expensive U.S. cities welcome "a boom in luxury housing construction," rents are falling for rich residents while rising for working-class people who seek affordable housing, according to the Washington Post.


Yes, I have been glutted several times in the last few years with rent increases------, but I saw a great story------ Tiny homes for 1 person------with wheels! Things fold up and away for more ways to use space. What a great idea : ) Because -----how can we tolerate a homeless and jobless America that is a replication the 1930s Depression? We’ve already done that----and the neo gilded Age needs to go too!


Perhaps, O’Reilly’s next book should be, Killing the Rich.


USA, especially California, abuses & harms own people, even exploited & neglected an honorable US Navy retiree; Russia is no threat & has done no harm compared with domestic injury & injustice.
In California, there is injury, injustice, negligence, disparity, hypocrisy, corruption, & kleptocracy …
No exposure & oversight with accountability for dubious non-profits, fraudulent foundations, & crony-ridden scams promoting & exploiting socio-economic conditions then neglect people enduring homelessness especially military veterans & retirees …
Since 2015 & before that, I was enduring injury, injustice, poverty, crime, medical treatment neglected as acute conditions became chronic disabilities, no compensation, no protection from property theft & other crime, no assistance to maintain a residence I had nearly seventeen years then neglected during most urgent need for involvement … In 2017, I was critically injured & forced into homelessness in San Diego, CA, ignored by all the organizations funded & supposed to avert the exact conditions I was enduring, while the people supposed to help move my property turned out to be con artists & thieves that actually abandoned or stole most of it. The little remaining property was diverted to a room at an auto repair shop adjacent to the NavSta, where more was picked off despite a promise to store & protect it. They also took my car title & a set of keys in an attempt to steal my car. I am enduring critical injuries & catastrophic losses. Nobody among requisite authorities & organizations, much less anybody else including media, provided any protection, support, requisite medical treatment, or had any concern about the abuses, injuries, injustice, disparity, poverty, catastrophe, & crimes that have happened to me, an honorable USN retiree.


How San Diego CA caused injury & injustice then indulged homelessness to critically injured veteran honorable USN retiree …
Injuries, Injustice, Crime & Corruption Endured by Homeless Destitute Disabled Honorable USN Retiree
Last year I was still in San Diego, CA, until evacuated in November with assistance by the Relief Society.
In November 2015 I was notified a rent increase over 20% would occur by February 2016. However, for years even before this, I was already financially strapped & experiencing physical disabilities as the Veterans Administration & other requisite authorities were made aware & had already been notified yet no levels of assistance or medical treatment were ever provided. There are other matters of injustice, harm, & crime where incidents of injuries by assault & battery, fraud, malpractice, rights violations, suppressing evidence, harassment, theft, & other issues are involved but indulged because the corruption involved in San Diego government with collusion by the regional VA & others. These should get exposed & resolved for my sake & the community.
During 2015 through 2017, I applied & requested assistance from several government entities including programs promoted the city & county, to state & federal beside various non-government organizations. Despite the timely & numerous notifications, I received no assistance to maintain a residence I maintained for nearly 17 years; despite my eligibility, deserving financial need, physical disability, & imminent homeless condition, no assistance of any form was provided from any government entity or organization funded to prevent veterans homelessness. This was another form of reprisal, injustice & corruption I had endured by people in the San Diego region.
Eventually, I sought assistance by the Legal Aid Society but that was another terrible experience without any protection as my personal identity would become further compromised by conniving people & thieves that would also take advantage of my condition to literally steal nearly all of my property.
The only arrangement made was vacating premises by July 2017, no moving or relocation assistance was provided to this destitute disabled crippled honorable Navy retiree.
During my moving arrangements in June 2017, I was critically injured during an errand when hazardous road conditions in a designated bicycle lane caused the crash that resulted in critical injuries (fractures & dislocations to clavicle & several ribs, punctured lung lining, other shoulder & hip injuries, …) which put me into a trauma unit for a week, into urgent care & other treatment for months, crippled & severely weakened with incidents where I actually fainted.
Yet despite this most urgent need for intervention, assistance, & protection, still nobody helped me even though the Veterans Administration & others were aware. In July, I was forced onto the street into homelessness while con artists & thieves took advantage of the situation. I am still injured & in an unstable homeless destitute condition.
My experience reveals a corrupt scam for cronies in the Veterans Administration, California, San Diego city & county, & numerous NGOs that profit & fill their own coffers by exploiting & neglecting veterans especially the abuse, injury & injustice endured by this destitute impoverished crippled honorable USN retiree. No exposure much less deserved assistance, advocacy, or protection … corruption extends to the local media where lack of local journalist integrity & suppression are part of the overall lack of oversight.
Then there are the other undeserved grants, subsidies, & indulgences doled especially: for overarmed volatile dangerous corrupted police; the unethical immoral injustice rife with corrupted organizations that protect agents of the kleptocracy, that promote harm, persecution, & fraud, that suppress truth, harass witness, …; beside the numerous industries subsidized & crooked bail outs that forsake fiscal responsibility for outright malfeasance & distorting the costs of living especially shelter … these serious matters & other grave issues have adversely affected my life even caused physical harm to this forsaken military retiree. For further details on the ordeal I endure 7406840034


I would like to think that the housing market will even out, that investors who misread what the market needs will lose their shirts and be replaced by those who understand what the market needs.
Living in a so-called socialist economy, I can say that this other style of government planning is subject to probably even much worse gluts of miscalculated market needs. China’s building excesses come more from the huge amount of building, sometimes a dozen highrises, that is completed before any occupancy takes place.


Such is the obscenity of vulture capitalism and rule by the 1% for their crony co-conspirators, corporations and the connected wealthy - so astonishingly well-exampled by the trump regime agenda - government by executive fiat, not the Founders notions of the Common Good!.

The poor and middle class are forced to bear the burdens of the corrupt government agenda to serve the mechanisms of the wealthy, corporate greed and exploitation, and for-profit everything - education, health “care”, services, electricity, and taxes - all the things that are essential to any egalitarian society. The consequences of this rule Of, By, and FOR the wealthy and wealth itself, include the inability of millions to live with dignity or any real ability to just live as a poor or middle-class people as was more or less the case a half century ago, especially after WWII…

Ruby: “My friends, my cousins, do you remember when we were not rich but when our poverty was different, not a thing to be ashamed of? there was a time when our children stayed home and raised their children in Milagro. Think about that, we could become a town of old men and old women. we are a family and I love you very much, but I must tell you sometimes when I wake up in Milagro I want to cry.”

This quote from Robert Redford’s great film of John Nichols novel tells the story what I am seeing all over America - wealth is forcing “just folks” into poverty and homelessness because they are not making the big-bucks. At the same time those that are have their taxes lowered putting even more burden on people of modest means…and ambitions!

With “development” and gentrification taxes skyrocket - un-affordable for those of modest means. The wealthy want services, schools for their kids, not poor kids, clean water, all those expensive things and high taxes they are able to pay, but not the poor residents. The only jobs available are low-paying menial labor, and the well-paying (or obscenely paying) jobs going to the well-qualified in the new technology high-cost paradigm. In the end the original residents will not be able to even live in that high-cost model and their lives and property and future stolen by wealth…vulture capitalism and government Of, By and For wealth over the lives of the “expendable” millions…


As a citizen of the UK, I’ve seen the same disgusting scam going on across the country, but in London in particular which has been witnessing an unprecedented boom in the construction of super-luxury apartment blocks. There are these glass towers rising up all over the city, and many of them can be seen as at least half empty. In one investigative report in the Guardian newspaper, it was discovered that in the very tallest (in Europe apparently!), 60% were owned by foreign speculators from the Gulf oil states, Russia, China - you name it. Meanwhile, this hikes up the general cost of housing, which few newly married couples can afford, and the huge housing crisis that has been mounting for years has partly fueled the Leave the EU (‘Brexit’) campaign, because incoming migrants also need housing. The irony of that is that the politicians who led Brexit are themselves the least interested in the problem, and anyway, the buyers are not necessarily from the EU. They are the same ones also uninterested in our National Health Service and would be happy to sell it off until we have a system like the one you have in the U.S. These same people have groaned endlessly about ‘our loss of sovereignty under the E.U. and its restrictive practices’, with supposed concern, yet unregulated property speculation has not worried them in the least. I despair.