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Glyphosate, Favored Chemical of Monsanto & Dow, Declared 'Probable' Source of Cancer for Humans


Glyphosate, Favored Chemical of Monsanto & Dow, Declared 'Probable' Source of Cancer for Humans

Jon Queally, staff writer

In a determination that could have far-reaching implications for the agro-chemical giants like Dow Chemical and Monsanto, the research arm of the World Health Organization has declared that glyphosate—the key ingredient of widely-used herbicides such as Roundup—should now be categorized as a "probable carcinogen" for humans.


Without RoundUp®, Life itself would be impossible.


Looks like our only hope is for Monsanto to genetically engineer humans to be resistant to glyphosate. Roundup Ready Babies?


Actually, this article is wrong on one small point. (very small) Round -Up and all herbicides are pesticides. A pesticide is any chemical that kills an unwanted pest. This includes weeds, insects, fungus, mites, ticks etc. etc. Pesticides are then further broken down into categories depending on the pest involved (herbicide for plants, insecticide for insects, fungicide for fungus, miticide for mites, etc.) The author makes the common mistake of thinking pesticide only refers to insects. Other than that, he is spot on. I am a licensed applicator and I only use these things sparingly, when no one is around and I am protected by a haz-mat suit and resperator. Overuse of any pesticide upsets the natural balance of the eco-system and causes a cascading effect where more and more must be used to get the same results. It also messes with the bacteria growing on plant roots which is their first line of defense against attack, thus making them weaker and more susceptable to insects and disease.

The main misuser of pesticides is the homeowner who is not trained and sprays chemicals willy-nilly without regard as to their actual function. (I love the Round-Up commercial where the guy is spraying weeds in his driveway wearing shorts, sandals and a short-sleeve shirt.) They do not read the label and think if a little is good…a lot will be better. Come a good rain and all this washes into the storm drains and on into the water supply. (storm drains are not connected to the sewer system and usually empty directly into streams, rivers and lakes.)

Add Monsanto’s creation of crops which can withstand greater and greater pesticide use and it is no wonder Bill Moyers had his blood tested and found it to contain 88 industrial chemicals and pesticides.


Whose life? Certainly not mine.


Allowable glyphosate residue in human food has recently been raised to 32 ounces per year, in the USA.


But their lawns are weed-free and oh so very green…envy of their neighbors. Ignorance is bliss. Monsanto and Dow are evil incarnate and the bane to our planet’s environment including soil, air, and water as well to all life. Anything to make money.


Monsatan objects and nations cave? These folks are killing us and all the life around us http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-world-according-to-monsanto/


Years ago I was told that herbicides were safe and of no danger to animals. I didn’t believe that and was as careful as possible since the only protection we were given was saftey glasses.


Just walk around or near any aisle in WalMart or Lowe’s or Home Depot, etc and you can smell the toxic chemicals emanating from the packaging. The odors are antithetical to the rich smell of organic mulch, worm casings, or other organic fertilizers. I use ladybugs every year to eliminate aphids and other destructive pests and apply organic fertilizers to my small yard after I have manually core-aerated it…no weeds except for the errant dandelion that I pull out before it blooms. Also use a manual push-mower to cut my grass. I have birds year-round, butterflies and bees in spring summer fall because I plant perennials with flowers, pollen, and nectar that they relish.

The labels on the Monsanto and Dow manufactured chemicals are warning enough to NOT USE THEM.


A recent study done in the Southeast US of air and rain samples found that Glysophates were present in 75 percent of all samples taken. This in addition to a toxic stew of some 27 other chemicals.

It was determined that the concentration of these glysophates in those samples has increased 15 times over in a dozen years. There is no getting away from this poison. If it in the air you breath and the very rain that falls from the sky and eating organic is not going to help a lot.

Monsanto is one of the vilest corporations on this planet.


War against terror? War with Monsanto! Sickening. The US FDA should be protecting American citizens health! FDA NOT doing its job of protective health regulation- with GMO’s and rBST and all those shitty medical devices that are killing people.


The FDA is totally industry captive. I’d like to capture all the Monsanto execs and their board members. And spray them with glyphosate every day for six months. We are being assaulted every day by the chemical and energy robber barons. Assault is a crime.


Google the list of at least 50 foods that Monsanto owns- including Coke, then we must boycott their use if we want it stopped! You will be shocked at the enormity of our mission to protect public health.


Most readers here probably do not recall the original PR television advertisement slogan of the US chemical industry following the first Earth Day in 1970:

“Without chemicals, life itself would be impossible.”

Which of course is a technically true statement, since life is a chemical process among other complexities. But also a statement that technically has nothing to do with the ecological and human crimes of the chemical industry, or the need for society to STRONGLY REGULATE the chemical industry in the interests of the ecology and the people.


“Though sometimes such chemicals are lumped together as pesticides, glyphosate is technically a herbicide, which targets other plants, not pests.”

Actually pesticide is the all-encompassing term, including pesticides that kill not only animal “pests” but plants as well.

Insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides etc. are all “pesticides.”


haha!!! I can just see the head lines now… Glysophate problem solved… !!! We can give you glysophate proof kids!!! They will survive!!!


There is also statistical evidence that Glyphosate is responsible for CKDu (Chronic Kidney Disease unknown) for Sugar Cane workers in Central America. This disease is related to not drinking enough water and/or water that is very hard.

Glyphosate is a chelator which means it binds to certain minerals making them unavailable to the plants that need them or (in the case of CKDu) allowing those minerals into the kidney where they coat the tubules making it impossible for the kidney to function.

Additionally there is a correlation between the use of Glyphosate and the increase in Autism. NOTE: this is only a correlation which does not mean that Glyphosate is the cause so this requires more research.

Finally, Glyphosate is linked to “leaky gut syndrome”. Although it is suppose to be safe for humans because it is not suppose to react with “animals”, the human gut is full of “plant bacteria” and glyphosate kills that stuff.

I stopped using Glyphosate (never used much of it) after Don Huber (worked for the Army as a high-level advisor on food and has a PhD.) and Robert Streit (owns Central Iowa Co-op) came to Kauai and gave a presentation on GMOs. They scared the hell out of me.

One of the stories they told was how repeated applications of glyphosate will “lock up” all the minerals in the soil resulting in a decrease in crop yields. They were able to show side-by-side comparisons of fields treated with glyphosate and those without. The glyphosate fields were obviously stressed. They also have reports of some fields that completely failed.

OH, I forgot about Celiac disease or gluten intolerance which is on the increase in the US. Farmers have found that they can plant their winter wheat and then spray glyphosate on it. While it certainly makes it much easier to grow the wheat, the bread made from it will cause “stomach troubles”.


Gobbled up by glyphosate resistent weeds …


Glyphosate has now been included in the IARC group 2a. This group includes other possible carcinogens such as emissions from high temperature frying and from indoor emissions from household wood burning. Yes, it is of concern, but we need not get too hysterical over this.