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Glyphosate—It's What's for Breakfast: Study Finds Cancer-Causing Weedkiller in Dozens of Cereals

Glyphosate—It's What's for Breakfast: Study Finds Cancer-Causing Weedkiller in Dozens of Cereals

Julia Conley, staff writer

A study of dozens of popular oat-based breakfast foods delivered sobering news this week when almost all of the products examined by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) were found to contain the chemical glyphosate.

"We're very concerned that consumers are eating more glyphosate than they know," said Scott Faber, vice president of government affairs at EWG, in a statement.

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How many of you saw this coming? All grains, not just Oats and all Wheat products we eat are tainted with Round up… even the Wine you drink after a Hard Days Night. This Agricultural killler is still sold everywhere for homeowners and Corporations and no one has done a damned thing about it… just like Climate Change and Fossil Fuels. The Poison is everywhere, in our Water, Food and Air that the Rich think they are invincible from. We are passed the Tipping ponit of debating and arguing about All of it. We are decades too late to fix any of it, So we kick the can down the road to the next worthless Generation that will do the same as we did… Nothing!!!


Mickey Fickey! These chemical producer/seller scum must hang! IF we had a government that gave a shite about regular people not just corporate profits w might have some freakin justice!

ONLY buy organic people!


I had heard about this decision on the radio - the Norman Goldman program on WCPT Chicago. The reason this got the decision in favor of the plaintiff is kind of sad. Because he used RoundUp at work, it was at the direction of his employer, so use of glyphosate was not part of a contract. As in software, credit cards, and cell phones, there are contracts with clause requiring arbitration(with the arbitrator selected by the respective corporation). With a regular trial, the plaintiff was able to score(until after the likely appeals) a pretty goo settlement. The sad thing is, the plaintiff only has about 6 months to live. That’s why he got the expedited trial. He likely won’t be alive when the case is settled. Watch for weed killer labels citing arbitration from now on.


Don’t these people eat the stuff they grow?


From the article:

“EWG also tested 16 organic brands of oatmeal, cereal, and snack bars, detecting the chemical in five of them.”

I wish the author had chosen to name them.


They’re feeding us Slow Death.

From childhood on.

No wonder, they don’t want to provide Medicare for All.

They want us to have shorter lifespans.


Right, figures…we are totally frelled…and that’s even when we really try to take care of ourselves! That’s why I grow all my vegies strictly organically…and know it is, cause I’m the grower and my garden soil has never been exposed to chemicals, except via rain…thanks Robert!


Just think, the milk you put on your cereal is contaminated with steroids and pesticides.
It is estimated that there is not a single person in the USA that does not have Teflon or some other chemical used in non stick cookware in their bodies.
The hippies told us 2 generations ago that, if we didn’t change our ways, we would poison the planet, and subsequently ourselves.
Mission accomplished. The earth will not miss us when we are gone. However, with the chemicals and nuclear power plants we will leave behind it will take the earth eons to recover from us. If it ever does.


Humans are the cancer of the earth. If you want to see the future go to Mars and look around.


I’m sure they do eat foods which contain things they grow.

That may be true but that isn’t the reason for using roundup unless you thrive on conspiracy theories. The use of roundup increases the growers economic bottom line as the elimination of weeds leads to higher yields which equates to more crop to sell. Americans want to pay as little as they can for the food they eat so this is what they get.

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Many cancers today are being treated with immune therapy. TB cells are introduced to the cancer site such as the bladder and this is supposed to put the immune system in high gear and destroy left over cancer cells. This is usually done after the tumor is surgically removed. Not all cancers are the same. It is an insidious disease.


It was supplanted by first have cheap food so there is plenty of disposable income left over to buy things you don’t need.

Mayo uses chemo where it is deemed to have a positive effect on controlling or eliminating disease.

Cancer is not a virus. It is cell mutation.


Good. You’re not a fucking doctor and you think cancer is a virus. Stop giving people medical advice.

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you might want to de-fang your expletive a little



This is a very interesting book.

Monsanto is the true enemy of the people.They do not care how much evidence there is to prove Roundup is a killer.They make money and many foreign countries do not want our products. A local charity was sending cotton shirts to migrant workers to wear as they worked.they were not to wash them,they were to throw them away.the product was too toxic to allow it to go ing to sewer lines.