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GMO Labeling Next Steps: Who Will Sen Stabenow Dance With Now?


GMO Labeling Next Steps: Who Will Sen Stabenow Dance With Now?

Katherine Paul

You Got to Dance with Them What Brung You – Molly Ivins

The late, great political columnist Molly Ivins, who railed relentlessly against money in politics, would be all over the GMO labeling fight. She’d be especially keen to tackle the next battle, set to take place any day now in the U.S. Senate.


“…by her logic, the only way to avoid a “messy patchwork” of state laws is to preempt them…”

Another perspective on “messy patchwork” is integrity of the will of the people, aka democracy. This applies in any given state that is struggling for the right and capacity to generate their economic security and FOOD SECURITY usurped by the heirs to the last cycle of legal and economic power blocs. Those powers having been clawed into a juggernaut (“Its the economy stupid”) against the will of the people by the practices of previous ‘cycles’ of robber barons.
Thats one heck of a long set of ‘sentences’ about impoverishment obscured by an ALEC model of “messy patchwork” - or is it to BE sentenced to impoverishment charged with … what? Revealing that the corporate model must now impoverish by forcing the nightmare scenario that it has the right to claim the future because if human well being is factored in - in other words, NOT treated as an externalized cost - the present corporate model does not, will not and cannot function as a societal good!

That process has blissfully sailed out of the country to exploit in neo-colonial fashion and flipped the bird to all subjected to the impoverishment it leaves in its wake.

Some euphemisms that might apply are:
“That dog don’t hunt”
“I’ve got a bridge you might want to buy”
“Quick, look over there (not here)”

“Mandatory, on-package labels, under standards that meet or exceed those set by Vermont”


If you want a vision of the future, imagine a spoon shoveling HFCS-laden GMO Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes into a human face - forever.


Take note that Hillary Clinton received $335,000 in 2014 for a speech given to the Biotechnology Industry Organization. This group is actively lobbying for that ridiculous “voluntary” national GMO labeling standard. (Translation: NO GMO labeling.)

I’d put money on a Clinton-appointed Secretary of Agriculture being biased toward more and more and more GMO’s.

See previous Common Dreams article which includes the above link. http://www.commondreams.org/views/2016/02/22/hillary-clintons-pay-play-speaking-fees-disqualify-her-presidential-candidate


Her campaign manager in Iowa was the chief Iowa lobbyist for Monsanto , I don’t feel she knows _how_to dance with anyone else .


These politicians think they are invisible or something. We see through the fluff they throw at us but they just go on and on like we don’t see. Many countries in Europe ban GMO’s outright but not here, oh no, we’re the testing mice. We’re supposed to eat it and it’s ok we don’t know if it is or isn’t. That’s because we have taxation but no representation. In this country we have to pay for poison water, poison food, broken down infrastructure and on and on.
Clinton worked for GMO’s while Secretary of State but you won’t hear her speak on that one. If we don’t have a revolution, like Bernie says, we are screwed and might as well move to Europe cause the U.S. is on a dying Empire slide to the bottom.


This argument is just foolishness anyway. Today because GMO crops are grown in open air and cross pollination is possible, it is impossible for anybody to know for sure that what is in that food has no GMO at all. So what if the label reads “may contain some Genetically Modified Grains”, when every food product on earth has that possibility?

Failure to include this “warning” leaves even organic producers at risk as they will have to show that not a single grain in their power bar was cross pollinated with a GMO, an impossible task.

Grain can only remain inexpensive if it can be handled in bulk, in bulk processing centers. If you showed up today with corn you claimed was GMO free at a grain elevator, will that grain wholesaler segregate it? Would there be enough to fill those rail cars that were sold by the millions of tones on the stock market? Is there a process where the claim of GMO free, can be proven cheaply if that farmer is less than totally honest?

Argue all day if GMO’s are dangerous or not, it is irrelevant, the option to avoid them while still using the mass manufactured food chain has passed.


Just remember, her name is Debbie Stab-u-now. Something she’s very good at! Don’t turn your back on her!


From the article:

“Instead, by her logic, the only way to avoid a “messy patchwork” of state laws is to preempt them—with a voluntary standard that gives Monsanto and food corporations what they have now, and what they’ve had since GMO foods were first illegally introduced into the U.S. food system—the right to continue deceiving consumers by choosing never to label the GMO ingredients in their products.”

Monsanto is guilty of war crimes in the form of its use of Agent Orange–a Cancer-causing defoliant used extensively on the jungles of Vietnam.

It now uses less, albeit still, carcinogenic exfoliants under the banner of the War on Drugs. These are sprayed on Cocoa plants throughout Columbia.

Monsanto is one of the corporations anxious to push through TPP and TIPP… that would effectively silence any public opposition to ingesting its products since these would remain unlabeled (and thus largely unknown).

Lastly, a subsidiary of Monsanto in Japan is the likely culprit for the latest gene-bending outcomes being blamed on the Zika mosquito/virus.

Here is one of the MANY links now exposing the connection. This diabolical corporation MUST be stopped. If I ran the World Court, their CEOS would be on the next docket!



If only pols were subject to truth in labeling laws


Corporations and the politicians they own apply “the messy patchwork” excuse whenever they need to contrive sway action. In 2018 when Obama’s ACA first “allows” states to apply for permission from the US Government to enact their own single-payer medical insurance, the Feds will use the messy patchwork excuse for not approving them.

In the US and abroad progressive legislation of the economic type (vs. social type) rarely starts at the Federal level. It usually starts with a messy patchwork that becomes Federal law when critical mass is achieved.


During that June 2014 speech to the GMO cartel in San Diego that tigress2 mentioned, Clinton admonished attendees to “put a new spin on them that will give young people a more favorable opinion of GMOs.” Clinton was referring to the young voters that need to give her the votes she needs to win in 2016.


Something in my inbox this morning with my knee jerk reply:

MICHIGAN: Urgent! Act by Thursday. Tell Sen. Stabenow, No DARK Act!

Dear Stuart,
Michigan-based GMO giants, including Dow Chemical and Kellogg’s, are counting on their campaign donations to Sen. Debbie Stabenow to help them mount a last ditch effort, at the federal level, to block state GMO labeling laws.
If we don’t stop Stabenow and her corporate friends by Thursday, they will block Vermont’s GMO labeling law from taking effect on July 1.
CALL TODAY! Please call Sen. Stabenow at (202) 224-4822 to ask her to reject Sen. Robert’s DARK Act. And ask her not to offer any “compromise” that would block or delay Vermont’s GMO labeling law.
When you call, please remind Stabenow that the solution to a patchwork of state laws is simple: pass a mandatory federal labeling law that meets or exceeds the standards set by Vermont.
On Thursday, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.), is holding a vote on his version of the DARK Act, the bill that the House of Representatives passed last summer. Roberts’ bill could pass the agriculture committee, but it doesn’t have the 60 votes it would need to block a filibuster, pass the full Senate and get President Obama’s signature.
This is why your voice in Michigan is so important: Michigan Senator Debbie Stabenow, Ranking Member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, is likely to help Roberts get the votes he needs to stop Vermont by offering the “compromise” (capitulation) that USDA Sec. Vilsack has been pushing. The compromise would delay Vermont’s law from taking effect while the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) rolls out its so-called SmartLabel (QR barcode) technology.
Sen. Roberts Can’t Do This Alone
Sen. Roberts admits that his bill can’t pass as is. He knows it will have to be amended. The Agriculture Committee Chairman described his bill as “a framework to find a solution” and said, “Negotiations will continue in an effort to reach committee agreement.”

Likewise, Sen. Stabenow says, “There’s still a lot of work to do to get the broad bipartisan support needed to pass the U.S. Senate.”

President Obama’s Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has offered a compromise that could draw the six Democrats Roberts needs to create the 60-vote majority necessary to prevent a filibuster: It’s called delay Vermont, implement voluntary SmartLabels.

SmartLabel: Monsanto’s “Absolute Favorite Idea”

Sec. Vilsack is pushing Congress to delay Vermont’s law from taking effect while the GMA rolls out its so-called SmartLabel system. SmartLabels can only be “read” with a smart-phone that scans a QR (Quick Response) code to access a website where answers to questions about GMOs would be buried.

At the end of last year, Sen. Stabenow expressed skepticism that QR codes could get support, saying, “My colleagues on the Democratic side, there are just many, many who are fundamentally opposed to even the use of electronics [for labeling]. I think this is very controversial so it would be a difficult thing to get done.”

But, the word on Capitol Hill is that she’s going to give it a try now.

The Smart Label scam, a project of the GMA (which has, so far unsuccessfully, sued to the State of Vermont to block its labeling law), has wide support across the food industry, including from GMA member Monsanto.

Fox Business ran the headline, “Monsanto: We Support GMO Labeling,” on a story where Monsanto’s Chief Technology Officer Dr. Robert Fraley came out in favor of voluntary labeling saying, “We support these kind of choices. My absolute favorite idea on labeling is the SmartLabel, which the food industry is working on today. It uses a Quick Response Code so you can use your smart phone to find out every single thing you ever wanted to know about where that food came from.”

Stabenow Takes Monsanto’s Money, Dow Chemical’s and Kellogg’s, Too
It’s no surprise that Stabenow would try to block Vermont’s law, given the campaign cash she has raked in from the biotech industry.
One of Stabenow’s top funders is Dow Chemical. Dow makes the infamous Agent Orange GMOs, that are engineered to survive Dow’s Enlist Duo, a custom cocktail of two deadly herbicides: Monsanto’s Roundup, a probable carcinogen, and 2,4-d, which was half the formula of the Vietnam-War-era defoliant. The combination is so dangerous that the Environmental Protection Agency has been forced to reconsider its approval.
Kellogg’s is also a big Stabenow funder. A member of the GMA, and contributor of hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-labeling campaigns, Kellogg’s is notorious for hiding GMOs in its so-called “natural” foods.

Stabenow also takes money from Monsanto.
Stabenow insists that we can’t allow Vermont’s law to take effect, because we can’t have a “patchwork” of state laws. If she is truly worried about minor differences in state labeling laws, but also is genuinely committed to representing Michigan consumers, she will propose a mandatory federal labeling scheme—not a compromise that allows food companies to label GMOs only if they feel like it.
Please remind Sen. Stabenow that she works for the people of Michigan, not these corporations.
CALL TODAY! Please call Sen. Stabenow at (202) 224-4822 to ask her to reject Sen. Robert’s DARK Act. And ask her not to offer any “compromise” that would block or delay Vermont’s GMO labeling law.
Thanks for taking action!

  • Alexis for the OCA team

Dear Alexis,
You do realize that if this bill is defeated, it will only be temporary-
When TISA “Trade?” bill comes into play these dirty, stinking rotten Corporations will have their way with any and all US Law-
It would be more crucial to spend your time and energy fighting the TPP, TISA etc. IMHO-
BUT, I will call Stabenow as I am not at all happy with her submissive acquiescence to the Trade Bills- I will become A thorn in her side every chance I get and do any and all to keep her from being re-elected-
Peace-and thank YOU for your noble efforts- I despise Monsanto, Pfizer, Dow, Syngenta and all of the other Rockefeller Eugenics programs-


“Voluntary” labeling LOL why not voluntary compliance with drug laws? It would save lots of money.


Good points all Joe-
I am of the opinion that these people who have contaminated our natural world with this shit out of their labs should all be put to death- That is how serious this has become-
Mother nature has spent eons and eons of nurturing and preening into near perfection all plants and animals on this beautiful blue/green orb, and it took one or two dynastic families of greedy idiots less than A Century to fuck it all up- May God or whatever have mercy on us all…


Monsanto et.al. have deleted the Gene HMDB25030 from all their patented food and feed seeds and their patented vegetables foods and it is missing from nearly all processed food as well because it breaks down at 210F during the preparation of processed foods. It is the compound that represents most of the Immune System of Plants and the ONLY compound in foods that our Immune System incorporates directly into our Immune and Cellular Repair Systems to protect Neutrophils internally from the compounds produced to Kill Bacteria and Process Vaccines.
It is responsible for the production, in Human and all mammalian metabolic systems, of a Single Antioxidant, Thiocyanate (HMDB01453), which is the ONLY antioxidant the Immune System can utilize inside of Neutrophils to Process Vaccines, Remove Heavy Metals (including viruses and even readioactive particles in the presence of Iodide), repair wounds, kill bacteria, rebuild muscles, repair aging host cells, kill cancer cells before they can divide out of control and much, much more.
A normal Minimum Daily Requirement of HMDB35030 in the diet would be 1 mg. per 3 pounds of body weight from vegetables and food grains (non-GM, non-GMO and non-processed foods including soy baby formulas and baby food in jars have NONE now).
This study done in the UK [ https://www.researchgate.net/p… ] clearly shows less than a few 100ths of what should be in the foods listed instead of the naturally occuring amounts which should fall between .1- 17 mg. per gram of food. Statistically, because of the wide variance of HMDB35030 content of the many foods tested, there should be a similar ratio in the processed foods but they are consistantly Completely Devoid of the Essential Nutrient across the variety spectrum.
The undeniable importance of Thiocyanate in the Human Metabolic System is clearly detailed in this well done research: http://www.pnas.org/content/10…
Where has all the HMDB35030 and the resulting Essential Metabolic Compound HMDB01453, Thiocyanate gone and why? The ‘why’ is Trillions of dollars in profit for the medical industry made in treating the symptoms of Thiocyanate Deficiency in Vaccine Induced Child Autism, Gulf War Syndrome, MS, Cystic Fibrosis, Fibromyaglia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Lou Gehrig’s, and many other diseases with ‘unknown causes’ related to the dysfunctional neutraphils which self-destruct in the presence of a Thiocyanate Deficieny.
Give us back our HMDB35030!