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GMO Labeling Will Not Increase Food Prices


GMO Labeling Will Not Increase Food Prices

Scott Faber

Tomorrow morning, the House Agriculture Committee will hold a hearing on the impact of GMO labeling on food prices.

Several witnesses will raise their hands and give sworn testimony that a simple disclosure on the back of a package that food made with genetically modified ingredients will raise food prices.

All of them will be wrong.


Thank you.
Such a nice, calmly written piece, filled with truth.


Also look at the “solution” recently offered by certain food corporations to the “problem” of labeling GMOs:

They proposed to put a bar code on the package that would allow consumers with smart phones to run an app that would tell them about the GMO content of the food product.

Gosh, wouldn’t setting up that system cost MORE than just adding another bit of text to the packages?

The corporations are LYING LIARS, and these are some of the LIES they tell.