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GMO Seed Theft Equals National Security Threat, Argues Government


GMO Seed Theft Equals National Security Threat, Argues Government

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In what defense attorneys are calling a "breathtaking and unprecedented" abuse of power, a top secret government court has authorized the surveillance of two Chinese nationals accused of stealing genetically modified (GM) seed technology from biotech giants DuPont Pioneer and Monsanto, according to court documents and reported by the Des Moines Register on Monday.


The true seed “theft” is permitting Big Ag to patent seeds at all. This is a theft from nature.


The National Security Threat to Humanity is Monsanto and DuPont.


Bringing those poisoned seeds into China is a crime against the Chinese people.The chemical companies have no right to unleash upon us or anyone else these genetically altered plants. Once they are planted they can’t be contained. They cross pollinate with natural plants and cause them to mutate like a cancer. Monsanto has already destroyed the US corn and soy crops. The chemical companies are buying politicians to get laws passed to prevent food companies from having to tell people that GMO crap is in their product. It will some day be realized just how unhealthy GMO food is. The politicians who have helped this in being pushed on the American People should be sent to prison.


very true. and the contaminating of the DNA of a organism with that from a different species is a crime against nature.


Who is running the government?


psychopaths… pure and simple



It’s clear Uncle Sam is going to protect FrankenFood sold by Wall Street even if they have to force everyone to eat it from a ship that they loaded. Secret Courts. Secret evidence. Secret Rulings. The USSR was an open society by comparison. So I submit that Wall Street is the Government. There is no difference, in reality.

China counterfeits everything. They cut baby formula with chalk and other dangerous fillers. They just don’t care if poison winds up in the air, water and food. They just don’t care. Stealing GMOs and poisoning their own people for short-term profit sounds like something China would do. The question I raise is who is China? They are so infiltrated with Wall Street and Wall Street money, I sometimes wonder if modern China isn’t really just a Wall Street Colony. Robber Barons sparing with Other Robber Barons, while the world slowly dies…


If you own an organic cornfield and someone grows national security threat GMO corn next to your field, you’re going to get quite a bit of national security threat pollen falling on your organic corn for free. Then Monsanto can sue you for the privilege of growing their national security threat corn that you didn’t want.


If those breeding GMO seeds, especially open pollinated crops, would use a male sterile gene as part of the GMO genome, it would greatly reduce everyone else’ annoyance at that GMO pollen contaminating their conventional crops. People who want to grow conventional crops do NOT want GMO pollen contaminating their crops. Many of them have been growing open- pollinated heirloom varieties of whatever crop they grow since way before anyone started growing patented GMO anything in open-fields. Since they got there first, these heirloom variety growers have more right to stay and be unmolested by the GMO growers than the GMO growers have any right to come in there, molest the heirloom growers, and accuse them of stealing GMO genes.


So, how is “stealing” corporate secrets a national security threat and why should my tax dollars be spent protecting some random corporation’s business secrets? Oh, in that case, I have this business plan that got robbed, I need to call in the secret service. I got a score to settle… If anyone has any doubts as to whether or not the US has fully become a fascist state, this certainly leaves absolutely no doubt regarding the fact of the matter!!! When you have a government that is using its secret service to protect corporate business info, you’ve got fascism! Straight up Fascism y’all!


True theft is the chemical contamination of water. And using law enforcement for private industrial benefit. Let the corporations do their own policing. Free hand of the market,and all that sh!t.


GMO products are a weapon. This is why the USA uses its military might to promote GMO’s. Control the food supply and you control the public.

Assange reveled in the cables the US military involvement in promoting Monsanto etc… Monsanto get tax dollars to screw over the consumers.


That crooks stealing GMO products were caught is good. We don’t need that stuff going where we don’t know about… but… this is still inappropriate use of the NSA. This is showing us more clearly that the NSA is controlled by zionist corporations. Funny how they can track this down yet hundreds of thousands of pedophiles use the net and email daily and are never caught.


The intelligent services have combined with Monsanto to bring you “Seeds of Security”. These new seeds are bioengineered to seek out wild, untamed (not with the program) seeds, track them down and eliminate them (or at least dilute their influence to negligible levels) for fouling up their plans for world domination, er I mean, to bring food security to the masses. These organic (Communistic) seeds must be STOPPED NOW!!! I heard they use these non-GMO crops in places like North Korea, Cuba, and Red China. Isn’t it obvious what’s going on? My fellow Americans, we MUST fight and eventually eliminate the infiltration of our food supply with organic seeds! :angry: