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GMOs As A Corporate Control Tactic




In addition to the issues Fisher addresses, note that in addition to buying elected politicians:

1) Obama has appointed many GMO cartel operatives (from Monsanto and other corporations) to key posts in his administration, and

2) University agriculture departments and research are increasingly funded by the GMO cartel, and

3) Mergers of drug companies, insurance companies and GMO companies are creating too-big-to-fail companies that, just like the too-big-to-fail banks will result in Congress putting taxpayers on the hook for tens of trillions of dollars to fund various bailout schemes when the next economic downturn occurs, and

4) Mergers will ultimately recreate the monopolies that the reformers of the early twentieth century spent getting rid of.


"Right now, a bill in the Senate would outlaw state GMO labeling laws.
It’s up to us to make sure our elected officials don’t support this
Monsanto giveaway."

This will be a moot issue if TPP, TTIP and TISA pass. Dolphin-safe tuna labels are already history, thanks to a $5 billion NAFTA judgment against the USA. Once these others pass they will not only require a law prohibiting states from labeling GMOs, and whatever else is poisoning us, it would probably require laws prohibiting consumers from demanding that stores not carry such items. In fact, I would wonder if whether all current labeling laws and other practices would have to fall because some corporation is, or will again be, making and not being able to sell any number of carcinogenic products, such as certain banned food colorings, lead-lined cans and mercury laden fish.


I've thought that the anti-GMO emphasis on their potential negative health effects has drown out the at least as important argument about corporate control of people's food. GMOs are the lynchpin of the industrial food system.


"By creating a suite of products designed to work together – seeds for crops engineered to withstand Roundup, a probably human carcinogen, for example – they’re able to control the entire farming cycle and block out competition. Not only that, but the explosion of herbicide-resistant seeds has given way to herbicide-resistant weeds, fueling the growth of “superweeds” and ensuring that farmers must continue to buy increasingly harsh chemicals, often from the same company, to compensate."

Astute readers will notice the parallel between the War on Terror and the War on Nature. In both instances, the protocol is to create a problem--to set up a reaction--to produce a "solution." But the solution works against truth and nature and therefore results in a far greater problem.

Nor is it an accident that Monsanto, which made its initial profits on WAR (producing Agent Orange for Vietnam) pushes the War Model onto the natural world.

When a company is as powerful as Monsanto (or Dow, or Syngenta) they command a huge amount of political clout and related influence. This company works to demonize any scientists who work to discredit their safety claims. Their ultimate goal is CONTROL and their products are anything BUT healthy.

With companies that carry amoral resumes now playing around with the genetic codes of animals and fish, the future blow-back is going to be unreal.

Just as those who have pushed wars on fixed causes argue that "mistakes were made," and these happen to be mistakes like millions made homeless and another million plus killed; the actions being set into motion by the gen tech black arts magicians are those that can never bring back what these entities ruin, steal, or poison.

NEVER should a business model be allowed to go forward that makes false safety claims and inverts the "First do no harm" ethos.

Monsanto is a War Crimes entity that is yet to be held to account. When a predator profits from predatory acts, they will continue on the same course until a strong enough entity can stop them.

Millions of people around the world are trying to stop Monsanto (and Dow and their partners in crimes against nature); but thus far, those with wealth are calling the shots and either breaking the law with impunity, or writing it (as in the TPP and TIPP). These "trade treaties" will render any challenges to Monsanto moot!

Notice how the congressional bill to thwart labeling is entitled the Dark Act. Indeed!


And that pesky problem down in that 3rd world country, Brazil, with some GMO mosquito and the Zika Virus & that human micro-encaphaly outcome.
I guess those babies are now GMO Babies....modified at birth by the GMO mosquito transmitting the zika virus, modifying the baby's genetics....Direct or indirect, there are laws of un-intended consequences.


i'll see your Donald Rumsfeld, and raise you a Clarence Thomas.


I'll send you my dry cleaning bill.


5) Attorneys who once worked for the Agricultural Cabal have been appointed as judges by the Obama administration and are now ruling (guess which way) on the cases brought against the cabal.
6) "Scientific advances" patented by these companies are being deemed safe to be administered to humans and animals.
The RBST hormone, deemed safe by the FDA, is used by Tilamook Cheese here in Oregon, who are otherwise a conscientious manufacturer, using non meat proteins in their processes.


During a speech she gave at a GMO cartel convention in San Diego in June 2014 Clinton admonished attendees to "put a different spin on GMOs so that young Americans will embrace them",

If she wan't getting so much blood money from the cartel she would blame them for her lack of support from young voters. Wait a minute. She doesn't need to blame the cartel, she has Bernie to be the all around fall guy.


"When biotech companies like Monsanto, Dow, Dupont and Syngenta create GMO seeds, they’re also creating entire systems of food production."
An important sentence with ramifications that often get overlooked. What's perhaps not fully appreciated in these discussions is the degree of overlap that these 'systems of food production' now have with the conventional non-GMO technologies. It is now regular practice to incorporate glyphosate as a 'finishing' treatment on a startling variety of heretofore non-GMO crops. Point being, GMO labeling alone may no longer be enough, consumers deserve to also have some warning that their flour or oat meal, or even their non-GMO corn flakes or whatever had been bombarded by RoundUp or any one of its generic glyphosate equivalents. Glyphosate translocates through entire plant systems, and careless application of same can nearly guarantee it ends up in your food---GMO or not.


For decades (even before GMOs) glycophosphate or other herbicides have been used for "finishing treatment" for the purpose of speeding up the harvesting process. I have seen it happen to potatoes and wheat. Unless its labeled organic there is a good chance that "finishing treatment" was applied.


I'll bet that was discounted and they settled for fifteen or twenty pieces.


You need to try making a living solely off your farm enterprise. It is not your backyard garden.
You will see that as a farmer, you have many choices for what seed to buy, how to try to grow it.
Farmers are not "controlled" by big corporations.
Farmers control what big corporations produce - farmers only use products that work.
Farmers don't like to use "chemicals", but they have to.
The only alternative is to continually mechanically cultivate - very expensive, uses lots of diesel.
At least with Bt crops the farmer does not have to spray insecticides.
And with glyphosate-resistant crops, the farmer does not have to tear up the soil to keep weeds down.
If you quit using glyphosate, what else is there? Just other chemicals that are not as safe as glyphosate.
Glyphosate resistant crops are really helping reduce soil erosion.
If more farmers would adopt the technology, we could reduce soil erosion even more.
Also, we would be able to grow food using a lot less diesel.
Some of the chemicals used in "organic" farm systems are quite toxic.
You are fooling yourself if you think that "organic" is safer, or that it does not have residues on it.
Some does, some does not. Its not tested, you don't really have any idea what's been done to it.
Modern crop varieties are produced using a lot of science and technology.
Crop development is very expensive.
As growing conditions change, the seed needs to change.
That is a job that only large corporations can do year after year after year.
The only reason we have plenty of food in the U.S. is through technology.
The hostile political climate in the U.S. is pushing biotech companies off shore.
If we don't keep biotech companies in the U.S., farmers will have to buy all of their seed from China.
Is that what you want?


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O.K., "there are myriad techniques to achieve weed control and suppression" - just what do you have in mind? If your ideas are practical, why are they not used?

Your claim "the array of neonics now implicated in the massive kill-off of pollinators." is widely disputed. Bee colony collapse appears to be due to many factors.

I agree, billions of people live with food insecurity - but not in the U.S., and not in the other few countries with modern agricultural systems.

Whether or not we grow corn to make gasoline has nothing to do with food - that is an energy policy issue. Which is worse: (1) nuclear power plants, (2) covering the globe with windmills, (3) covering the globe with solar power collectors (4) growing corn (5) drilling for oil (6) using horse power fueled by grain (7) wood-fired steam engines (8) other more stupid ways. ????


I want to create an entire system of equipment and building destruction, specifically Monsanto's equipment and buildings! Raze 'em to the ground. I'm waiting to dance on their grave!


The large, corporate style farming is the problem.. Most of the crops from large, corporate farms are for bio-fuels, animal feed,etc.
What is needed is a radical downsizing---of large corporate farms to much smaller ones. What is needed is a conversion to small-scale, organic, permaculture based farming system...Farms that are actually used to produce food for human consumption,,, not for the consumption for our vehicles (Bio-Fuels) or for GMO Corn for our livestock....

Let's also create jobs in the process..... Factories Farms eliminate jobs.


Good Point. Maybe your recommendation is what is needed to transform this country. That would certainly address our un-employment problem. And it would go a long way to making us more self-sufficient and self-reliant.