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Go Ahead, Back Hillary Clinton and Forget All About Her Record


Go Ahead, Back Hillary Clinton and Forget All About Her Record

Robert Scheer

Go ahead and support Hillary Clinton, those of you for whom having the first female president is the top priority. She is by far preferable to Carly Fiorina, though of course no match for likely Green Party candidate Jill Stein (I know: You want to win). Sen. Elizabeth Warren, a principled and electable person, is not available, and political integrity be damned.


Excellent piece, Robert Scheer- Americans with amnesia need A constant refresher on this woman's Political past and more importantly her plans for our future- And those plans will most certainly NOT be in this Nations peoples best interests-
Hillary Clinton is the wrong choice for A leader that might help lead our Country out of the mess the past 5 or 6 Presidents have willfully created, and yes, her deceptive husband, "Slick Willie" was one of the worst....


If Bernie doesn't get the nomination, who can we vote for to avoid a President Trump?


Can Bernie not run as independent? He's proved he can crowd-finance so is not in need of big money. It would be very depressing if it came down to Trump or Clinton.


"compared with that of John Kerry, who achieved long-overdue normalization of relations with Iran and with Cuba..."

Not to mention Kerry's keeping us out of a ground war in Syria by totally bungling the sarin false flag.


The number one human rights issue facing this country is WOMEN's Rights! No one has done more to advance gender equality than Hillary Clinton. Out of almost 200 countries the UN ranks the US 47th in gender inequality. (see UN Gender Inequality Index) The US Maternal mortality ratio is 21, the same as Iran! The number of American girls under 15 that get pregnant every year should be enough to shame us all into action!

Hillary Clinton has spent more time and effort in making real improvement for women and children than all the men who are willing to sit around talking of the economy and war put together.

We don't need to be defending Planned Parenthood we need to be advocating for a fully funded national system for reproductive health care.

We need to stop accepting that Federal Funds, my tax dollars, can't be spent on abortion when they can be spent on war and putting military style weapons into the heart of our communities.

We need to start protecting our daughters by developing suitable methods of keeping sociopaths, rapist and serial seducers from impregnating them.

Remember "it takes a village to raise a child" well it would be good to remember it when we can't keep our children safe even in school.

The candidate that puts Women and Children First In Our Hearts, Minds and Pocketbooks and not First into Misery will be the candidate that gets my support and so far that candidate is Hillary Clinton.


Please clarify your question there SFB- (shit for brains)


And you must be VERY stupid- Who in their right mind would vote for this "thing" Hillary?
Go post your bullshit propaganda somewhere else- Nobody here is buying into it....


Is that why 1 in 5 Women and Children go to bed hungry in this Country each an every night?
Bill Clinton destroyed our 4th Estate and gave all of our televised, written, radio Main Stream Media to the Zionist Jews- That is why you probably don't really know anything about the $$$money grubbing whore Clinton Clan-

My suggestion to you would be-don't hire husband Bill the pervert to babysit them-


You are nothing more than A paid propagandist, A liar and not A very good one at that- I am not your "sweety", so go back to your shit shack duplex that the Democrats paid you for you stupid bitch-


Was that back in the good old gun running days of Mena, Arkansas? You old enough to remember Gary Webb and "Dark Alliance- Yes, helping out with Iran Contra and those plane loads of Cocaine put the Clintons right in the lap of the Bush Dynasty- And look who got into the White House-The guy you had never heard of before-Slick Willie!


I only talk that way to vulgar shills-


Flagged for telling you who you really are? You fired it up by accusing me of being A shill- So I will flag YOU for that!


YOU are flagged!


The "Cocaine" was flown all over the Country Dummie- It became A "crack" epidemic after the Cocaine was brought in and that process was refined- They were not flying crack stupid- And I learned about it from the San Jose Mercury News and from the book "Dark Alliance"- The movie came out just last year ....
And yes, Grandpa Munster Grade "B" actor Reagan happened to be President, but GHW Bush was the mastermind, just like the screw Jimmie Carter mastermind of "October Surprise" that got those two monsters into office, but that doesn't un-involve the Clintons in any way....
You make yourself look stupid by the minute!


Don't EVER post to me again lady- I Loathe people like you, almost as much as I loathe the Clintons!


First reaction - not going to go there

Second reaction - We're talking about a serious problem here. When I first became aware of the problem of pre-15 pregnancies I too thought it was men on children. Then I met a woman who told me about her 12 year old niece who was about to give birth to her first child. The father was a 12 year old classmate AND this was the third pregnancy that he had caused on girls his age - one abortion, one child, baby two on the way. The girl's father went to the law only to find there was nothing that could be done since the boy was under 16.


Bernie at Tucson, 13,000 yesterday. Huge crowd today in Boulder CO. Clinton can't buy enthusiasm. As more Americans learn who Bernie is, and what Bernie stands for, Hillary's chances wane proportionately. Without Bernie it's a wasteland out there, nothing, dry, sere, and dusty.


For those of us who care about people in other countries, she is a warmonger who voted for the Iraq War and she seems quite bellicose as she postures to act tough as president. I am not voting for her. I have had enough blood on my hands just by them giving my tax dollars to kill around a million people all over the Middle East. I am responsible for a lot more than what goes on domestically when I make a voting choice.
Brown lives matter, Muslim lives matter to me more than her "feminism". What real woman promotes wars?


That's A truly sad story and makes me both sad and angry- Poverty somehow, somewhere plays into this-
Let me ask you this- How does it make you feel when A Secretary of State knowingly bombs thousands of innocent Men Women and Children into small fragments on A trumped up lust for power war and makes homeless impoverished refugees out of the rest of A once thriving Country? On more than one occasion, in more than one Country-
What do you think of A woman that giggles when shown A film of A Leader, A Leader that wanted to create A strong currency for Africa and had huge fresh water canals planned to supply Africa fresh water and Agriculture from the Aquifer in his Nation- that was set up and framed by our CIA which instrumented A Civil War in his country, A leader that did far, far more for his people than any American President has for us, A leader that was sodomized by A gang of rebels with A bayonet, and this woman while watching the grisly video giggles, laughs and says "we came, we saw, He died? THIS is Hillary Clinton!
Hillary has A thing about blood letting and is A bona-fide War Mongerer and those two Clintons have had people dieing and falling like flies all around them since before Whitewater- I can dig up A list for you if you so desire-
She is not at all what you think her to be....