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'Go Big, and Stay Big': Economists Call for $3 Trillion Covid Relief Package to Stop Nation's Descent Into Ruin

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/11/24/go-big-and-stay-big-economists-call-3-trillion-covid-relief-package-stop-nations

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Biden will! Biden has no other choice.

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“People across the country are going hungry, Covid is set to explode, and Mitch McConnell dismissed the Senate last week. I don’t know how these people can sleep at night. I really don’t.”
—Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Love you AOC! Mitch has no conscience and I am sure that is why he sleeps well at night


A three trillion $$$$$$ Covid-19 relief package? That is really needed! Too bad it is not being requested by the MIC; otherwise, Mitch and his heartless, cronies will say: “WE CANNOT AFFORD IT”!


A proposal that makes sense for the American people. “austerity-obsessed Republicans”, this statement is utter tripe, Republicans have never cared about the Deficit one iota. Looking back at which Presidents racked up the most debt shows each time it was the Republicans who shot the moon. It is just used to fool rubes and give reasons to let people suffer. Our Federal Deficit really doesn’t matter, states, counties, and cities have budgets and fiscal limitations and by law must balance their budgets, there is only so much they can do.

The Federal Govt has far different powers and tools it can use. Modern Monetary Theory explained in the book Deficit Myths by Kelton shows a completely different type of budgeting and goes into detail how taxes, federal spending, and programs to help our people really work.


The progressives and the youth of America must push Biden hard to support Bernie Sanders, Warren and AOC proposals like the Green New Deal and distance himself from the neocons and liberal corporatist democrats. If not we must hit the streets day and night until he does.


All this will depend on what happens in Georgia in January. If the Republicans maintain control of the Senate, the House can pass a $100 trillion bill for corona relief and it would go nowhere.


The MIC doesn’t want COVID Relief. It wants to spread it onto the war zones.


Yes I know…I was being sarcastic. Thanks for your reply.

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In keeping with relief for people who are suffering-----some thoughts on the long food pantry lines.

Wondering if others are looking at this with horror for a multitude of reasons.

Some of them articulated by Raj Patel on Democracy Now today:


I watch in horror and grief as thousands upon thousands of tortured turkeys, poisoned potatoes, apples are thrown into the cars for people desperate for food.


And reading things like this:


“Northwest Arkansas and River Valley Food Banks are gearing up to ship out thousands of Thanksgiving turkeys donated by Cargill Turkey Production.”

Everyone needs a little bit of hope this year, a little bit of normalcy, so to be able to provide that traditional Thanksgiving meal for families is a blessing,” said Sabrina Thiede with the NWA Food Bank.

Cargill donated over 2,000 turkeys to each of the food banks and within the next few days will be shipping those birds to food pantries across the state.

It is normalized to eat factory farmed, tortured animals and be poisoned by big AG fruits and vegetables.

This is not to say that I’m against helping people in need. But we need to talk about the roots (pun intended) of the problems.


35 different pesticides have been found on conventional potatoes.

And out of these 35:

– 6 are known or probably carcinogens

– 12 are suspected hormone disruptors

– 7 are neurotoxins

– 6 are developmental or reproductive toxins

and h-ttps://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/24/farmland-inequality-is-rising-around-the-world-finds-report


This is the kind of crap that our allies use to gauge our compassion, and our enemies use to gauge our weakness(es). It has become far too easy to over-inflate a military response toward perceived, and real enemies, but to really do something to work for the common people in our own country is frowned upon. A real relief program would pay dividends in sales taxes, and a sense of relief for the general population. I can imagine Angela Merkel “tsk-tsking”, and Kim Jong Un snickering. Putin, too.

The rich got theirs already, so McConnell’s response to the people: “You must have mistaken me for someone who gives a dam”.


What would help a great deal in paying for that three trillion dollar relief package would be for Biden and Congress to call for massive cuts in the military budget. Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen since Biden has, like Hillary Clinton, rarely met a U.S. backed war which he did not support.


We think we are separate from each other .


I would be in favor of the fossil fuel corporations that created our climate chaos while reaping huge profits being tapped to pay for the damage that they have caused. They should also be made to convert to clean energy.


Hey what is there to complain about? The Stock Market is doing Great and the Plantation owners can afford to buy another House and another Yacht.

Let the unemployed starve to death, this is America and the Motto is everyone for themselves aboard the Good Ship USA.

Trump gleefully came out of his cave this afternoon to tell his Millionaire Donors that the Stock Market is Soaring and to remind them that he stole tax dollars from the lower and middle class to give to his Billionaire Friends.

Heartless Mitch and his Republican cohorts will only rob the treasury if it benefits their Multi-Millionaire Donors, otherwise screw the rest of America waiting on Line to get some food for their family. Remember their Motto…


It’s because they don’t care about others than their own. We, the 99% don’t count, except when they want votes.

It’s time we launched the Post-Capitalist economy/society.

We can’t afford to go backwards to Status Quo and “normal”. They have failed miserably.
$3T for the 99%, MFA, and infrastructure, not Wall Street Corporations and MIC would be a good start on that trajectory .

But who are we kidding?


I disagree with the premise of this article - that we should finance a recovery totally with debt and not taxes, because this is what big business and the MIC want since they always receive most of the funds from these “relief packages”. Basically all this debt financing is doing is propping up a failed capitalist economic system at the expense of middle class tax payers since the wealthy never end up paying their fair share of taxes. IMO the just way to finance a recovery is by taxing the wealthy and big businesses more since they have been gaming the system to benefit themselves financially by avoiding paying taxes for the last half century.

The more debt we accumulate as a country the more justification it gives the republicans to pursue their cruel austerity measures.


Just nationalize them, remove them from the DOW and abandon the sotckholders, and fire the management