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'Go Forward, Not Back': Dismissing Clinton Jabs, Sanders Focused on Issues at Hand


'Go Forward, Not Back': Dismissing Clinton Jabs, Sanders Focused on Issues at Hand

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Our job is to go forward."

"I'm working overtime now to see we overturn Trump's decision on DACA, pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and next week I'll be offering a Medicare-for-all single-payer system."
—Sen. Bernie Sanders


She also said those who follow Sanders are not Democrats, basically saying go somewhere else you are not welcome here, we are not going to change…your wish granted HRC we all know your party has absolutely no interest in changing.


Clinton’s campaign memoir: Another drink from the bottomless well of political stupidity from the Clinton campaign.


I don’t understand why Hillary keeps trying to remind so many of us of why we were #NeverHillary.


And here’s more from some “progressive” Dems hard at work while Sanders puts Clinton behind him and “focuses on issues at hand”:



If only Bernie had gone forward as he told all of his supporters two weeks before the Democratic Convention and contested the corrupt nomination of Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps nothing would have changed at all but my respect for the man would have remained solid.

By endorsing the NeoLiberal Corporate candidate he went backwards, and down in my heart.




Oh Boo Hoo Hillary. You lost because you ran a lousy campaign. Here in Iowa I did not see a single campaign ad in which you proposed anything whatsoever. You were not even in your ads – they all featured Donald Trump and how bad he was. I guess that not being Donald Trump wasn’t enough. Being you, however, was surely enough to seal the deal, a corporate shill in times that called for even the tiniest bit of moral courage, which you lack, utterly. You single-handedly drove progressives away from the polls and undecideds to the populist bullshit of Trump. You even had to cheat to beat Sanders in the primaries, a candidate who WOULD now be president but for your inept posturing. And, now you seem to be on a mission to insure that the republicans retain control of the government by continuing to insist that the better candidate, Sanders, was at fault for all of your ineptness. Why don’t you just have the decency to go away, or to actually help real progressive Democrats, rare as they are, to take our country back from the hands of the insane republican party? No, that is too much to ask of you, a vainglorious self-promoter. Yup, it was everybody’s fault but your own! What Happened? You were just being you, and now we have Donald Trump as our president. That’s what happened.


Thanks for the link.


Anyone who wonders why so many supported Bernie Sanders, not the Red Queen, should wonder no longer - the Dem Party and Clinton/DLC corporate-whore wing betrayed us all, demanding and thru machine politics, foisting the “heir apparent” on us rather than the native and true challenger Bernie Sanders, with all the evil and immoral consequences we all are witnessing now under the depraved trump regime!

Sanders stands mostly tall while HRC continues to show her lack of character.

A corrupt democratic party complicit to this ongoing criminal tragedy…

We came, we saw, we lied!

The legacy of HRC’s exceptional arrogance and ambition…pathetic


That “prevent genocide” bill can start with Israeli genocide against Palestinians and the Negev Bedouin, and US puppet Saudi Arabia - both war criminals - ongoing genocide in Yemen!



From another article:

“They’re (Cory, Booker, Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren) just hoping that we are, (that stupid) or that we’re so mortified by Donald Trump that we’ll line up behind one of them or another militarist Democrat in 2020.”

This may be my biggest regret after seeing Trump elected: That the electorate will be so repulsed by him that they will surely elect a corporate war-mongering Democrat, any Democrat, so as not to have to witness another episode like this one.

Once again we will back on track to corporate-oligarchy- with-compassion-for-gay-rights, which will be re-instituted at approximately the same time as we invade two more African countries to “spread democracy.”

America the Beautiful indeed.


Are Hillary’s lips still ensconced on corporate ass? If so, maybe that’s Bernies fault as well.


Bernie always takes the high road because he is genuinely a good, compassionate, intelligent person who has courageously and consistently represented the best interests of his fellow human beings with infinite loving-kindness.

As for HRC, this memoir again symbolizes her growing hubris and reflects her apparent lack of the ability to truly dig deep and self-reflect on her flaws and weaknesses throughout the campaign while unabashedly casting blame on Bernie for her failure. Rather than embracing the humane, balanced, and highly popular message/program Senator Sanders advocated, she chose to malign it with luke-warm, half-hearted statements about incorporating some of that message into the Dem platform…to her downfall. And now, in yet another book that will have only one printing (low sales), she has chosen to castigate him.

BERNIE = Love = Grace.

GO BERNIE, GO! (His campaign sign remains displayed in my garden for all to see!


Tired of such foolishness. Clinton and Trump (along with their respective parties with a few exceptions) are two sides of the same coin. They are constantly complaining about how unfairly they are treated. We are talking about the Presidency and these two behave as if they are blameless, powerless victims. Instead of self-proclaimed whiny, blameless, powerless victims running the country we need problem solving, visionary, confident and solid leaders like Bernie Sanders.


Killery was filthy and we saw the dirt she was trying to hide. Yellow Mussolini has thought his dumb shit followers he’s out for himself and his ilk screw the Ohio Pennsylvania machinists…


Go away is plenty good for her. But she won’t.


Sums it up pretty well. Very well actually. To the detriment to everyone who is not a capitalist or capitalist functionary. So it goes…


seriously, when their “leaders” are practically telling you to leave, that should pretty much end the debate. Yet, there will still be too many that cling to the Democratic blanket for dear life.


Ain’t that the truth! Every now and then she goes into remission, only to return again and again to wreak her havoc on the body politic.