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"Go 'Head": Trump Gives Nod to Security to Eject Latino Journalist


"Go 'Head": Trump Gives Nod to Security to Eject Latino Journalist

Jon Queally, staff writer

With eye contact and a short "Go 'head" to a swift-moving member of his security team, Republican presidential candidate and billionaire media personality Donald Trump appeared to authorize the physical ejection of Univision's anchor Jorge Ramos from a press event on Tuesday evening.


A nation of Latte-sipping Hank Stampers?


This man as President would be very dangerous. I get a very bad feeling about this. No one should assume that he couldn't become President.


No fan of the Donald, but I would have thrown him out too.


It's always interesting when two "bad guys" go at it. Not the reporter specifically, but Univision, which rightfully has the reputation of social movement gravedigger all over Latin and South America as one of the most reactionary broadcasting firms in the world. They've certainly scewed the hell up out of Mexican politics.

So frankly, I'm happy the dude got punted. At the same time, once more, Trump gets something right for all the wrong reasons. He has an amazing talent for that.

For what it's worth, all this hand-wringing over The Donald is appearing to mark the beginning of the latest round of lesser evil architecture. Make no mistake: Trump's a genuine fascist, in spite of being the rodeo clown. And if he really would acquire the power of the unitary executive, he'd be an utter menace.

However, it would be a terrible error to think that a Republican Congress wouldn't revoke all that power surrendered over the years to the White House the second a rogue president-elect moved in. As Trump himself has noted: it's the rich that run this place. And the rich will never tolerate that level of dangerous uncertainty from their favorite errand boy.

So be careful about getting seduced by the Fear of Trump (TM). It's largely overblown, and it's the perfect vehicle to get you guys to throw your votes at another Clinton.


Sure. He was rude. He started shouting out questions before the Donald could even open his mouth. He refused to wait his turn.. He refused to sit down. Even after security went to ask him to sit down and stop disrupting the press conference he continued to shout his questions, so security escorted him out. When he was let back in he was called on and could then ask his question. The Donald was rude too, don't get me wrong. Could you imagine Obama giving a press conference with the same behavior and not having the same result? Personally, I would have told security to leave him alone and then just stared at him until he got tired of talking, then I would have told him to please have a seat and raise his hand like everyone else.


I totally agree. Living in Europe, that clip was the first time I had seen anything more of Trump than a still photo or the odd quote. But seeing him in action, he is to the pychological manipulation of politics what Hendrix was to guitar playing - breaks all the rules but makes the rest look clueless.
He wants power and he knows how to get it. Meanwhile pundits rattle on in confusion about why his popularity is so high. It is frighhteningly obvious that it is because he knows how to frighten anyone by simply being totally devoid of self-doubt.


A very bad feeling? PC, that's such an understatement...

When he entered the race the first word out of my mouth was demagogue.

Now I'm starting to think I can't get off the planet fast enough.


Donald Trump is an utterly ridiculous figure, but that does not mean he isn't dangerous. Trump is offering nothing but a toxic brew of racism, nationalism and belligerence. His view of the world is slanted (to put it mildly) by the fact that he claims to have 10 billion dollars to his name. They call him a "real estate mogul," but Trump came by his money the good old American way: he inherited it. Trump is basically an aristocrat. And now he is running around bleeding for the country that he and his kind have ruined with their short-sighted, obscene and greedy policies. Trump says that he will make America great again. This is childish stuff that plays only to the politically deluded. Instead of opening their eyes to reality, Trump's supporters are the happy and willing prisoners of a vapid, stupid dream. They see in Trump--a pompous buffoon who calls himself "the Donald" (ugh!)--the savior of the Republic; in reality, Trump is a typical predatory businessman, who represents the nadir of the human personality. If I had a son who grew up to be like Donald Trump, I would quickly disown him. Years ago I happened to read Trump's book, "The Art of the Deal." It must be one of the worst books ever written: crass, bombastic, vulgar, imbecilic, just like its author.

Trump is dangerous because his faux populism is a clear pathway to an American style fascism. Fascists always talk of national renewal, which is usually achieved by going back to some mythical moment in the past. I suspect Trump thinks that America was "great" circa 1950, a time when certain people knew their place and everything was just right in God's own country. Fascists also like to target scapegoats. Trump has decided that illegal Latino immigrants are the curse of the land. He has resorted to Hitleresque rhetoric, linking "Mexicans" to everything evil. Trump's racism is despicable, but entirely predictable. Big capitalists like Trump have devastated numerous countries in the Southern hemisphere, creating social chaos and mass migration. And now Trump has the audacity to criticize Mexicans and others for fleeing from a situation that the Trumps of the world created. Trump is like a feudal lord who expels the serfs from their land, and then complains of "vagrants" and "villains" troubling the peace of the realm. The sad thing is, a sizeable number of Americans--who are most often "angry white men"--have fallen for Trump's vicious narrative. They are unable to appreciate that Trump xenophobia is an ideological distraction and a moral evil.

The United States is in a very dangerous place. Millions of Americans understand, if only intuitively, that the country has become absurd. The political culture is cretinizing and demoralizing. Many Americans have retreated into private refuges of the mind and spirit--they lose themselves in religion, sports, television, the internet, anything, anything that takes you away from the mindless barbarism of daily life. It's a striking fact that so many Americans claim a belief in God when the general tendency of modern society is towards secularism. But American religiosity makes perfect sense when you consider that secularism in the United States has only managed to produce a technocratic nihilism. In the United States, intense relationships to machines often make up for the lack of real human community.

The Donald Trump phenomenon is an outcome of our vacuous technological utopianism. Most people know something of Trump because they have seen him on TV. Trump is a "reality TV star." It only makes sense that the billionaire fool is running for the Presidency. After all, Presidential elections are just another ratings war, where the star with the biggest war chest usually wins.

Some people think Trump is a breath of fresh air because he speaks what is on his mind. Of course by this measure, any bigot or xenophobe who sounds off can claim to be "honest" and "sincere." The only good thing about Trump's open racism is that it will kill his candidacy: he cannot become President when he alienates 100% of the Latino vote.


Mickey Mouse had his Musketeers and Trump, the demagogue, has his demagogueers. Trump is a lot like Hitler was in that he mesmerizes so many people with his personality.


Trump is starting to literally show his thug side, nearing fascism, like Hitler and Mussolini --- at least he does not yet have the power of a Faux-Emperor/president yet to have people (including media reporters) imprisoned without cause or shot --- as just happened to two on-air in this gun crazed construction of a virtual Empire.

Here is an example of an article providing such deeper, if deeply disturbing, aspects of what neoliberal-con propaganda --- through the media/propaganda sector of the Disguised Global Crony-Capitalist Empire --- is accomplishing to complete its capture, take-over, and "Occupation" of our former country as the violent HQ of this increasingly obvious Global Empire.

The DGCC Empire is fast becoming not just an Empire --- in the Roman, British, and Nazi model --- but a truly fascist neoliberalism-con game that converts and perverts the symbol of 'democracy' itself into a mask to hide empire.

Behind the supposed 'invisible hand' [Adam Smith] of free-market capitalism (or "democratic capitalism" as Fukuyama erroneously called it in his earlier 1992 work, "The End of History"), lurks the 'invisible claw' of Global Fascist Empire.

In looking at the spectacle of Donald Trump being lauded by the media/propaganda sector of today's six-sectored; corporate, financial, militarist, media/propaganda, extra-legal, and most dangerously dual-party Vichy-political (neocon 'R' and neoliberal-con 'D') facade, one can not but see the era, and error, of the three Roman insane tyrant Emperors; Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.

Of course, Empire itself (which is the polar inverse of government), is the seminal 'metaproblem' --- causing and beyond any of the hundreds of superficial "issues" and subordinate 'symptom problems' of our overall "ailing social order".

Likewise, Empire itself, provides the platform of tyranny upon which various types real and faux Emperors, dictators, monarchs, corporate pawns, and insane (or seemingly rational and even empathetic-sounding 'D' Vichy neoliberal-con men/women) stand astride.

But only when the masses (or the "Multitude" [Hardt and Negri]) can be exposed to and learn to differential between Empire's propaganda and popular democracy can all the issues, symptom problems, and our entire "ailing social order" be set right.

As Zygmunt Bauman hauntingly puts it, “In the case of an ailing social order, the absence of an adequate diagnosis…is a crucial, perhaps decisive, part of the disease.”13

Berman, Morris (2011-02-07). Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire (p. 22). Norton. Kindle Edition.


Isn't it strange that as the people get more dumbed down and their choices get ever more irrelevant to the extent that those choices become limited to the lesser evils, the degrees of evil gets ever greater.

And as far as "the absence of an adequate diagnosis" is concerned, the problem is that the patient, the boiling frog, feels just fine in the warming water..... never mind torture, polical prisoners, black sites, black ops, total surveilance etc and thus he/she is completely ignorant of his/her own condition. Hang out that flag and God bless America (or Britain, or France, or Israel, or Egypt, or Russia, or Japan...).

People are now trained to feel insignificant and that thinking on ones own, outside of the media framed terms, is just futile. That's why the False Flag cinema events such as the "terrorist attack" on the high speed train in France last week is accepted at face value as portayed by the media. And now three days later they, the masses, are expected to accept as reasonable all the security measures that were planned (so quickly?), and reported by the BBC.

Until there is an independent scientific investigation into 9-11, and untill transparency and privacy goes both ways, we, the people and any dreams of democracy are screwed. Tyranny is already upon us.


Yes, lucitanian, "tyranny is already upon us" as you say, and as Hannah Arendt presciently warned from her painful experience under the Nazi Empire and her life-long academic research into all Empires:

"Empire abroad entails tyranny at home" --- of which we surely have both today.


Security would have got a standing ovation if they had taken Trump out instead.


However one may evaluate the reporter's behavior, Trump's response, as bligh notes, is likely to stimulate more Latinos and sympathizers such as myself, to vote. This is unlikely to benefit any Republican Presidential nominee, whether it be Trump or any other of the current mass of candidates for the Republican nomination. Indeed, Republican responses to Trump on his attack on Latinos is hypocritical in a number of cases, my favorite being Jeb Bush's accusation of Chinese seeking to give birth to American "anchor babies". As bizarre as this accusation is, it intrinsically carries the implication of bigotry towards Asian Americans in general. Hell, if Republicans still can question Barack Obama's birth certificate, the birth certificates of every East Asian American can be questioned. As to how this relates to Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, etc., Americans, well, "They all look alike". What is occurring is a Republican Party self-designating itself as Euro descended Caucasian. Insofar as this group is quickly moving to minority status, the Republican Party is committing long term suicide for short term gain. Trouble is, is the Blue Dog Damnocraptic "leadership" in Washington and state levels (e.g,, Barack Obama's mentor, Chicago Mayor Rahm--it up your sphincter--Emmanuel) willing to pick up the opportunity and run with it?


Smug as a thug in a rug...


Seems to me your argument actually sides with this racist asshole who would expand that very Empire of which you speak.

Progressives have long recognized that the driving force behind illegal immigration has had to do with outright encouragement as happened in California during the Governorship of Pete Wilson, the changes to their economy as happened with the consequences of NAFTA, brutal foreign policy in Latin America and South America, et al.

Progressives have been for immigration reform that actually accounts in some just way the FACT that these driving forces of corporations and Empire have created the problem in the first place, and that ultimately the US economy as it relates to consumer goods like food has benefited from this near slave labor.

I don't think you will find ANY supporter of Trump making any such considerations as to the justice of his "kick the bastards out" proposal for solving immigration problems.

Thus, Trump and his supporters are quite rightly open to such judgements by Progressives who you wrongly categorically criticize for not fighting against Empire or these economic policies.


SaturnIX, LOL and spot on.

We have a governor thug in Maine, LePage (who is called LePlague) who is as much of an arrogant, self-centered, egotistical, and stupid bully as Trump --- but Trump is much more dangerous nationally (and globally, if the hard right morons are dumb enough now to elect this fascist-in-waiting)


amacd, Thought you would appreciate the following article which sums it up for me: The West Spreads Intellectual Idiocy

"The victory can only arrive accompanied with knowledge, with independent thought, with rational humanism, with compassion and solidarity, and human warmth." - Andre Vltchek


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