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‘Go Home America. After You Made Our Sons Die': Outraged Syrian Kurds Throw Dirt and Rotten Food at Fleeing US Troops

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/21/go-home-america-after-you-made-our-sons-die-outraged-syrian-kurds-throw-dirt-and

I have no sympathy for anyone in the US military. After all this time, if people don’t understand that joining the military is feeding the US imperial war machine, then…


Someone needs to tell the children of the Kurds that US military intervention only increases the violence and human misery of the societies where it takes place. But probably they already know this. An imperial power NEVER uses its military for humanitarian purposes. Diplomacy and moral pressure are always more effective if the goal is peace. Of course, the US empire profits from chaos and death.


More enemies for the USA. Mission accomplished.


like any other business that needs a demand for their product in order to remain solvent and prosperous, the U.S. war business is no different and their supply is bogus enemies.



In future history books, the rump’s reign will be called the Ironic Age of America. the rump brags about how he has made the US military the strongest military, the bestest military, but all the Kurds see is the US military fleeing Syria with their tails between their legs. When will his cult see him for what he is, a pathological lieing, weak conman, in it to enrich himself and gives not one crying hoop for them or this country.


That is why I am so over Tulsi. She says she is against regime change war yet she remains in the National Guard and still deploys with her company. I fear she may end up going to war for the ‘right’ reasons (as defined by the corporate masters). I also cringe every time a military ‘progressive’ challenger announces they are running. Unless they have left the military and have joined an anti-war veterans group, they too are questionable.


“Trump tweeted that the U.S. has “secured the oil” in Syria…”

That’s the only thing that those in power care about.


I have a friend who’s so brainwashed it’s pitiful. Which is why I remain friends with her, a mole within the Matrix, if you will. She’s thrilled her 18 year old grandson has enlisted into the military, to “protect our freedoms.” She’s an evangelical christian, has gone to several African countries, including Uganda, to convert the heathens and bring them the American dream. However, in her defense, she’s been taught these values from a toddler. At home, in school, in church, in bible camps. Over and over. She never travelled outside the US until middle age, never was exposed to other cultures. We’re up against powerful forces who will hang on until the bitter end…Hopefully, there will be enough of us with empathy and wisdom to rebuild something better.


Well, there you go: a bit of wisdom, and a bit of rotten food as demonstration.

What is there here that we did not previously understand?

It is fascinating to see that there remains even in this article some shadow of the notion that sincere young ladies in throngs throw flowers at invading imperial forces and that people weep for joy because it is the Americans who have bombed them.

Perhaps we are also to believe that is only for the act of leaving the crime scene that one is despised. If we imagined that our arrival had been a problem, a next cadre of near-children might not complete the scene again and again another time imagining that they are thereby good and noble and what-have-you, hoping for a place in a society, trying to form identity around shrapnel and murder and hierarchy and racism.

I suppose outraged Kurds are worth an article. Why not outraged Syrians of other ethnicity? Why not outraged Iraqis? Surely all of the Afghans are happy now, right, with the Americans there these 18 years? Is it possible that there are any outraged Yemenis or Palestinians out there? I have not heard about them for a bit. Is it not a marvel that there are no outraged Libyans, given that the nation has been reduced to something of a Mad Max scenario? Somalis? Filipinos who resent the CIA drug marketing? Mexicans who resent the gifts of arms to various narcotraficantes who go shooting up the northern streets?

Nah. No sale here.


“combat the Islamic State and block the advance of Syrian government and Russian forces into the region’s coveted oil fields.

It was never about anything else. Not “freedom”, not life. What unmitigated hubris!


I feel the same. Remember what if they gave a war and no body came. Peace.


War what is it good for? Absolutely nothing! Say it again! Bernie Sanders for President in 2020!


I have many relatives that are Trump acolytes ( one even has the Trump flag on their front porch!) and I have found that the best way to reach them is not thru criticism and vitriol but with love…nothing else works. Of course, they all still love Trump but that does not mean that we cannot have a meaningful conversation.

200 U.S. army soldiers can keep out syrian army, turkish army, syrian arab militia armed by turkey out of the eastern syria oil fields??
Only by calling in massive air power - and that does not win for very long.

The american army is repositioning very slowly. I will wager a coffee and a donut that they are still inside Syria. A few will be at the turk / syria border as observers of ground units coming south very soon.

To those above who detest and hate the american soldier, marine, sailor. Please remember that your local school children are the softest target. Our military will be killing individual terrorists in the middle east and central asia for the next 25 years.

Notice that american export oil and natural gas sales have replaced our manufactured goods sales. Our economy relies on allies and we do not need any more enemies. We already have too many.

Dearest Common Dreams editors, stop behaving like the NY Times, CNN, and the Washington Post.

The USA had no legal authority to have troops anywhere within Syria.

And the US has not turned the Kurds of northern Syria over to the Turks to be slaughtered by Sunni militias working for the Turks.

Both the Syrian army and Russia will indeed stop the Sunni militias supported by Turkey from doing anything of the sort. Nor are the Kurds a persecuted minority within Syria. So that’s unlike Turkey. Right, the Kurds won’t get an independent state within Syria.


Yes, her freedom to go to Uganda and advocate for anti-gay laws which included death. There is no defense, let your friend know her hands are soaked in blood and hopefully there is some sort of karma awaiting her. I am tired of humoring bigots and religious fanatics as if their beliefs have any validity while others suffer the worst consequences.


In Syria illegally, no AUMF from Congress, yet somehow Trump babbles about securing the oil.

Trust me, he’s talking more gibberish. He has no idea where US troops are.


Preach, yo.

What a vile vision you have of the future. That’s no future at all. That’s regression to the coarsest, basest level. What violent phrases you have summoned from your catastrophically deranged soul. Is that what you think about as you sit there daydreaming, mouth agape? Children being injured by terrorists? And YOU, with these abject nightmares writhing in what is left of your brain, squirming like a toad, YOU have the nerve to say that “we” will be killing “them” — those barbarous phantasms over there where skin is brown — for twenty-five years. Are you even the slightest bit self-aware? Or do you really not see the glaring illogic in the narrative you have crafted?