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‘Go Home America. After You Made Our Sons Die': Outraged Syrian Kurds Throw Dirt and Rotten Food at Fleeing US Troops

Here you are again, advocating for more war.
Paraphrased: We need to kill their children over there for the next 25 years so they’re too preoccupied to kill our children over here.

If one finds themselves cheering on war, for whatever reasons, that person may be the problem. You might consider a mirror at some point when rooting on the deaths of others. You might benefit from a good look at yourself.

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Who was really being naive here? Did the Syrian Kurds seriously think we’d continue to support them? When have we ever kept our word after a “rebel group” has outlived its usefulness? Fool me once… But whose fault is it when we’re on fool me 386 times? Sorry Kurds, but you made an ally with a terrible bedfellow.


Trump may not be able to build his damn wall, but he is busy making more terrorists with hatred for our country. Maybe he is hoping or planning for another 9/11 so he can cancel the 2020 elections and declare martial law.

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The Kurds never trusted us. Just used us as we used them.

And if the man on the street – American or Kurd – is outraged by our betrayal, they’re fooling themselves.

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I absolutely agree and know the Kurds were never as naive as I made them out to be. It’s the articles like these that make everyday people think this is all Trump’s fault and his doing. We were going to do this eventually no matter who was in office. I mean, it’s what we do.

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Wow! That’s quite a statement! Is there any evidence for this? Has he ever alluded to wanting to declare martial law, canceling the election, or wishing for another attack? I keep seeing these remarks posted frequently to blogs, but I can’t seem to find any evidence for such a deep fear of a complete takeover by an authoritarian. If there is no evidence, then this belief might say more about those who believe it, rather than reality. But I’m definitely willing to give the authoritarian/martial law/dictatorial takeover serious consideration if someone could direct me to some links evidencing this fear.

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We are not there murdering innocent children.
We identify peoples like the Boston bomber who are hardcore haters.

do you want to allow them to perform another 9/11?
We already have about 1,000 potential haters within the USA being closely watched. Usually by FBI and NSA. Another thousand white, KKK type, supremists also being watched and infiltrated.

You probably cheered when an american citizen from arizona was murdered on Obama’s instructions using a missle in Yemen. Then sent a second missle to murder his 16 year old son.

The alternate was to capture him and return him to the 50 states for a criminal trial. But nooo. It was aok to murder him and his son.

You are from some other planet or hiding in some closet for the past 20 years.
We have more murders each year in USA than you can count.
Mexico had over 30,000 last year.

Get off your high horse perch.
I’ll bet you do NOT even give a darn about the Chicago murders which are mostly black and Mexican (brown).
Maybe you should interview veterans to get the real skinny about the work we actually accomplish in the middle east to improve their income, provide safety and make friends. But no, you will never admit nor know.

b at MoA thinks Syrians will get control’o the zone. Graham E. Fuller thinks eventually, and good chance for it.

Your last statement important.

I usually agree with you, but IMO there are two more things to weigh. PR and walkback from regime changing. I think the latter might set the world mood to positivity, and away from fear of ISIS. There have been a lot of Muslims battling ISIS actually. Of course, the world is focused on Syria, and everyone here is focused on blue chip…Lockheed Martin and MbS. If you look to mo money mo money, you’re probably prone to go into denial about Russians coming up with a good resolving of the Syria problem. You might even want every sq acre in the US fracked (for Europe instead of their using Russian gas). But in the world’s eyes at least in Syria (not Yemen) maybe cooler heads have prevailed finally? The important thing is this may side the world with some national powers. Nations may end up credible or quasi credible, which perhaps beats the there are no nations doctrine I mentioned here Kurds Strike Deal With Syrian Government to Battle Turkey's Offensive After Trump Orders Evacuation of Remaining US Troops

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On second thought - read my post again - very slowly. Let it sink in for awhile.

The terror guys are in the middle east, central asia and about 1,000 within the 50 states.

The children I wish to protect are american school children within the 50 states PLUS any school children anywhere.

I do not have nightmares. One week ago, before breakfast and church service, I met one of my hundred heroes. An elderly army veteran from the pacific war. He was already on land inside Japan when we dropped the atom bomb onto Hiroshima. Think for a moment, how brave he was. A caucasian white american male. I will not divulge to you, an anti, how many times american soldiers are behind the enemies line. One time we evacuated 3,500 orphans and brought them to Florida.

Today, as Turkey may attack in force or extend the cease fire, we should all say a real prayer for peace. The turks are wrong to force all these peoples from their homes and businesses.

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America/ NATO should have a dandy time killing some lefties / Anarchists. Historically American Capitalists love to kill lefties. And what’s really bizzare about the ongolng massacre of lefties is that many of today’s American lefties are cheerleading their commander in cheats for bringin the troops home, so that the slaughter of Lefty/ Anarchists can continue after a peaceful 5-day “pause”.

I’m sure most of the troops enlisted with good intentions, but they are now little more than Trump’s mercenaries, moved from protecting our allies to instead protect Syrian oil fields. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, fellers. Might be time to find another job.

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Sigh. Droll, jingoistic pablum. Racist drivel. What’s next? Chants of USA USA USA? Keep telling yourself fairy tales so you can stay asleep in your Murcan dreams.


Fleeing implies a defeat of some kind, which is not the case.
They are moving on to invade, pillage and destroy yet another defenseless country because there is little left of value for their masters to steal in Syria.
They have sold a bunch weapons, stolen some natural resources and made a few more enemies for future wars. Mission accomplished, time to move on.

I can’t picture any World War ll general not stepping up and saying this is wrong leaving the Kurds unprotected. What have we become?

If she were elected President, she wouldn’t be deploying with the NG.

So what should the US do? The US was once an isolationist state-should we unilaterally disarm? It is very sad in our corporate media there is no real discussion of what our foreign policy goals should be. I believe our foreign policy should be grounded in INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM------I see a world right now that is moving very far to the right----and freedom is disappearing

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The corporate media ENABLE Trump--------If a democrat was doing these things the corporate media would be demanding a resignation . No democrat would be ALLOWED to do the things Trump has done.

We are at the beginning of picking a new leader of the US----the nation with the strongest military in the world-----YET THERE IS ZERO CONVERSATION—DISCUSSION OF WHAT OUR FOREIGN POLICY SHOULD BE.

In the last debate Sen Warren said she wanted to pull out of the Middle East–the right way—any follow up on this??? THE CORPORATE MEDIA CREATE THIS CIRCUS.

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Dearest little miss ruskie.
Betcha your IPO is from russia/
good use of thesaurus.
thank you.