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Go Home Cockroach

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/08/07/go-home-cockroach


There is nothing to say except why is that stupid piece of shite alive?


Was he there to grieve or to celebrate?

With his photo-ops and his amazing day quip it sure looks like he was celebrating.


Why is this moronic man smiling?

Because he has too many other morons enabling him to do so.

I am reminded of those Nazi pictures of the SS standing over the corpses of their victims, the US Calvary over the corpses of children, women, old men at Wounded Knee, the MiLai massacre by US soldiers…These are the moral monsters among us that poison Life.

I truly hope that people of actual goodwill with the courage of their convictions have had enough of such atrocities and disgust at the real legacy of US America as to rise up.


I very much enjoy Abby’s writing. But with all due respect, where are these types of articles when similar stories happen to babies in those other countries where we drop computer triggered bombs and the likes? I know, CD does its best, but let’s put things in context. Where is the outrage about the Yemeni’s orphan babies that predate Trump.


He was at both places for more campaign rallies, nothing more. No compassion, no remorse, no tears. He was on the scene to stir up more violence. The press was barred because Trump’s handlers knew the blowback to his remarks would be impossible to stem.


Seems like a gratuitous slam on cockroaches.


Agreed and why the US Americans need to consider not only the children but all the people who were its original victims. Without this recognition and remorse for these original crimes a rot continues to fester at the bottom of the national psyche making all other wars and atrocities possible. Can we see that?

This is happening right on “our” border and happening as we write. Many, if not most, are indigenous and mixes thereof and reflect back to us our crime ridden past which has not passed. Consciousness is something that unfolds and we might want it to unfold a hell of a lot sooner and quicker so this is what and why we fight for justice and human liberation for all.


“We’re tired of this sh*t.” But critically, Congress and the Courts are not. They are also responsible for the unending nightmare.


“Man, we’re tired of this shit.”

Yes Abby, we certainly are – and thank you for putting it so succinctly!


We seem to hit a new low every.single.day. I’m in mourning for the U.S. and the world, based in large part on the cruel actions and words of the 45th holder of U.S. Presidency status. Meanwhile, I’d prefer to see fewer photos of 45. Excellent commentary like this need not be lessened by making us see even more photos of a primary cause of cruelty. Photos of victims (we’re actually all victims), while terribly painful, are motivating for those of us trying to battle the current administration’s hate with love, compassion and empathy.


Hi lulemali:
I think that the last time many people in America were horrified was when they saw the pictures of Iraqi babies born with internal organs on the outside of their bodies. All that depleted uranium and all the other horrors that war brings and lays down into the soil, air and water. And why do so many American kids have leukemia? Maybe the military hasn’t figured out that poisons of war end up polluting the entire planet of Earth.

Sadly the cockroach insects seem to live no matter what poisons are used, as do the cockroaches in business, war and government. : (


" Why is this moronic man smiling? "…And then we have the other ‘local’ smirking phkwads in flock mode. Jesus Christ folks, phkn GROW A PAIR (ovaries or balls, whichever!!)…


Abby, I understand the sewer system of NYC is home but can’t we just take hold of all his goodies and banish him and his family? I went to NYC once during day light hours and it wasn’t 1/2 bad which means it could use some improvements. Why make it worse than it already is? Let’s clean up Dodge City.

When I realize that there is but one, once in a while two, people in public life with enough heart to stand up and be vocal about this I am disheartened. We have Bernie full time, the others it’s by will of the wisp. I hate dumping so much on Bernie’s plate, he is handling all of this very well but what will be his reward? We have but one full time leader, one. I can say no more.

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“You have done enough. Have you no sense of decency sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?”

Imagining Trump’s McCarthy moment.

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But webwalk, he’d never understand the question.

Cheeto and Melanoma are clueless, self-absorbed … everything that surrounds them is considered nothing more than props … and they are enabled by a Congress and administration that in some cases can’t, others that won’t put the trash out on the curb … and yup … I am so sick of this sh*t … guess next we’ll be looking at a photo op Devious Don smiling with the kids whose parents were arrested by ICE … the suffering he and his mobsters have caused is beyond any words I have …

Well, that photo certainly fuels my contempt for people in uniform… What a bunch of hagfish taints.

Even more heinous, here they are holding the baby of parents killed by one of their acolytes.

And what’s with Uncle D-bag, anyway??