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Go Vote Yourself a Raise, Georgia—You've Long Earned It

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/12/go-vote-yourself-raise-georgia-youve-long-earned-it

Many of the white voters who Nader correctly asserts need to be won over by dimcritters have bought the trickle down deception launched by Raygun 40 years ago and perpetuated by the oligarchs and their politicians.

Dimcritters need to remind voters that trickle down is available in only one color…yellow.


Sort of long on the words, but an excellent exposé of the tangled $$#it $#ow of parasitic devolution of late stage predatory capitalism.

Thank you once again Ralph Nader.

May we all live long and prosper.

I hereby nominate Ralph Nader, once again, for status as Living National Treasure.


term suggestion: tinkle down

This article is bordering on hilarious.

The idea that more democrats equals greater egalitarian progress is like calling

a bottomless pit a mountain. Elect as many as you want and all you are really doing

is guaranteeing the same agenda as the republican crap - but with nicer sounding lies.

Wall Street wins again.


If the democrats actually get control of the senate, are they going to treat the republicans they way they were treated? Are they going to berate, accuse, excoriate, undermine, block, and reject the fascists, and call the fascists fascists to their faces again and again, the same way repugnants are are always shouting “socialist!”?

Oh, they will “reach across the aisle” for “defense” appropriations and upgrading nuclear missile systems.

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Maybe both.
So I guess the poor whites in Georgia are the new slaves, to be treated as slaves are treated.
Nobody had enough spine for the past four years to call out trump every day for his every day lies. Pathetic and cowardly. And that’s just the media and the democrats. The republican party has gotten worse and worse since 2010.
And we thought that the stonewalling in the trump impeachment trial was as bad as it could get. Not even close.

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That statement may be amended to read NO one in mainstream media on a daily basis but many other sources were and are available if someone was looking for information.

In 1,331 days, President Trump has
made 23,035 false or misleading claims


May 5, 2020,07:00am EDT|317,197 views

Trump Is Lying More Than Ever: Just Look At The Data


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“The Democrats must instead appeal to the white, blue-collar voters, whom for years, the Party has left behind for Republican Party deceivers to win over.” This party won with their Identity politics. Blaming poor whites for every thing from Slavery to Poverty the Dems have their man and a black “Holy Cow!” woman as VP. What could be better? Giving up the Unions was and is the death of the current Dems. Time for a third Party. Remember Ralph?


“We thought stonewalling in Trump’s impeachment trial was as bad as it could get. Not even close.”

Stonewalling degraded into ___________________
(defamatory disgraceful debacle of injustice crime of the decade)

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Joe Biden’s strategy after the election nationally has been to stay cool and stay above the gutter fight Trump wants. But, after the electors vote ( Dec. 15th ) Trump will be down to starting an armed insurrection to stay in office. We know from his own ( recorded ) words Trump is quite at home in that type of mud, blood and beer setting, too.
So soon to be POTUS Joe and/or his surrogates need to go to Georgia and lay out his working man/union building platform. And then, lower the boom on the 23,000 lies and the misleading propaganda of Trump’s phony worker platforms. Call the whole bunch of them out, and especially in McConnell’s case, point to the 200,000 unnecessary pandemic deaths he and Trump have caused, by stalling and blocking life-saving legislation in Congress. Call them out on creating a deep recession, unnecessarily. What does the Biden Adm.have to lose, really?
The McConnell-Trump coalition ( rump gov’t ) has decided to play and fight in the gutter after January. Bidenistas have one last shot in Georgia of stopping that from happening. Reaching across the aisle, while diplomatic, shouldn’t be a signal for these two to shit in your hand when you do. After this last month we pretty much know that’s what the Biden Adm. can look forward to.


trickle down leaves a nation of peons


Anybody who believes in trickle down deserves to be a peon who is pe’ed on.

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Thank you Ralph Nader, let’s hope that your thoughts will be applied with success.
What a shame to still pay only 7.25USD/h and billionnaires’ vote against any increases.
Still a Repub country of slavery, hunger, evictions.

No, I do not agree