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Goal of Trump's ICE Raids Threat, Warn Rights Advocates, 'Is to Terrorize Immigrant Communities'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/11/goal-trumps-ice-raids-threat-warn-rights-advocates-terrorize-immigrant-communities

Do we not send resources around the world to help support refugees? How about, at least the countries of the western hemisphere, join in to support the refugees at the northern borders. This is not rocket science folks. Place people, feed people, clothing and bedding can be donated.
We do it for soldiers, dogs, and disasters. Why not other humans?


Trump is pushing for a fight. Using ICE, CBP they are terrorizing human beings pushing them to fight back so that they can use that aggression as justification for increased violence and hate against immigrants.

Is there no one out there who’s aim might save a nation?


The trump policies already in place since he began dealing with this migration lend to the theory that child trafficking might be taking place.
This is my paranoid opinion having heard about child abuses among those we pay to do otherwise.

The walls are closing on the Conman. His vengeful hate for everyone but those who enable him to persist, is all he is capable of.

Pray for the storm to keep coming his way.

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trump has ruined my thought that he could be the antichrist. The antichrist would come and have us believe it would solve our problems and make the world a better place.
Well the proof is in the pudding. Trump isn’t helping anyone but the rich. And he is not even pretending, except in his daily deceptions

Trump isn’t anything but a bully with a title.

Here’s to seeing the bully beaten badly by anybody and everybody.

Him burning in Hell is a foregone conclusion.

I know that I am not alone in preferring to see him burn right in front of us.

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Not just immigrants. This repression will be turned against anyone who protests not just about the sadistic treatment of immigrants, but about anything from the climate crisis to gun control to abortion rights. What we are watching is the assemblage of an American gestapo.


Trust POTUS-t’s friends about child abuse or any other moral obligation? They are, as a group, far more dangerous than the rest of us.

Start from the beginning:

The purpose of immigrants, or of cheap throwaway labor, is profits. Immigrants spray dangerous herbicides for farmers. Immigrants lose fingers on dangerous machinery. Desperately hungry people are more likely to scab.

So, the owners can then go over to the racists and say semi-truthfully, “These people are taking your jobs. Vote the right way and we’ll go after those evil <owners, er> immigrants.”

And now the owning class must fulfill their racist promise to do terrible things to children who were threatened with death in their home country, so they came legally seeking asylum from the country that overthrew their democracy and installed the death squads. At the same time the owning class must assure themselves that the stream of immigrants shall never dry up for them. Remember, the Nazis took all the Jews (and others) and turned them into war industry workers at slave wages.


We will soon have the American version of the Diary Of Ann Frank.

It will be called the Diary Of Anna Francisca.

It is the story of a Young Mexican girl and her family who took refuge in the Attic of their Neighbor when ICE can to their neighborhood going door to door rounding up undocumented humans.

The Racial Bigotry of Nazi Germany has come to America in the form cruel Corporate Fascists led by a bleach Blonde sadistic maniac determined to tear up our Constitution and Make America An Aryan Nation of Whites Only.

Sieg Heil Mein Fuhrer, get those Black, Brown and Muslim people out of the country as quickly as possible, as you promised when you rode down the golden escalator at Trump Tower.


Prophetic, SequoiaBison.

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Yup, looks like child trafficking is taking place.

Seriously, some of you people gotta get grip.

Brings back a memory. A cover band was doing this song at a local dancing and drinking establishment.The patrons were up close to the stage. The lead singer was whipping his mic around with about 4-5 five feet of cord. Bopped this teenage girl right on the forehead. Knocked her out briefly. The good ole days.

The "Big Bopper."

Paul, you might wanna revise your point of view. I know plenty of legal immigrants that do none of that. There are about 45 million of us in the US (about 14% of the population) that were born in a different country and came here legally, under 10% are from Europe. None of us have to hide in churches, attics or cornfields.

Your problem is with the illegal ones that depress wages and pay no taxes. So please do not lump all immigrants together.

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I don’t understand what you’re trying to say.

But you don’t see one single journalist explaining the dreadful parallels between the rise of the Third Reich and what’s happening here. Not even the term ‘concentration camps’ being used clues people in. Hellloooo? Anyone in there? Knock, knock. Hellooo?

This is how we thank the thousands of troops who died or remained ‘alive’ after WWII?


I posted a comment before I read all the way thru. Thanks for your post.

You nailed it!