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Goal of Trump's ICE Raids Threat, Warn Rights Advocates, 'Is to Terrorize Immigrant Communities'

I remembering seeing, back a few years ago before the current metastasized madness, a WWII vet shouting at a Republican rightwinger in Florida, “we fought you in Europe and beat you and we’ll fight you again!”

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That is because there are none.

The US has experienced the longest economic growth period, well, since forever. The Weimar Republic was economically circling the drain.

Unemployment is at the lowest level also, since forever. Unemployment in the Weimar republic was sky high.

The US military is allegedly the strongest in the world. Germany was only allowed to have minimal armed forces.

The ‘concentration camps’ only exist in the imagination of Bronx bartenders. In Germany concentration camps were used to house ethnic minorities, political prisoners, homosexuals etc. that the government deemed to be Untermenschen. People were put in there to be exterminated. Either thru labor or directly by being gassed, shot or experimented on. I really hope you are not equating that with refugee camps.

In the US we have illegal inbound border crossing at a rate of 100,000 per month. The US also allows about 1 million legal immigrants in every year. With the rise of Nazism people were leaving Germany.

There really are no parallels.

Dear Mr. Expert, I don’t know why I’d bother to respond to you. Maybe someone else will read my post and decide to take you with a huge grain of salt.

My post said parallels with the RISE of the Third Reich, not the established regime in its full horror.
Look up The 14 Characteristics of Fascism. If you can’t see parallels with what’s going on here, it’s because you don’t want to see it.

Concentration camps were not originally extermination or death camps. They were “concentrated” camps to remove dissidents, enemies of the state, undesirables, etc. from the general population for twisted nefarious reasons. Our euphemistically-named internment camps, refugee camps, or detention facilities are the first germ of camps used cruelly…just as bad as the Nazis’ original ones and maybe more so because Dump, Miller, and DHS are separating families, babies and children from parents, holding them in unlivable conditions for illegal & inhumane amounts of time, and being unspeakably cruel.

It’s tragic that you and people like you think and say, taking the stand you do, the hateful (dressed up like logic) things you do. I’m ashamed of you all.

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Yeah, well. So which ones of those 14 do you think apply to the US. I don’t see any of them.

Yeah, some guy at CNN was also saying, that Auschwitz was also a work camp. I guess that made it OK and somehow similar to the US “concentration camps”.

Do you have a solution to stop or deal with the constant flow illegal immigrants. Say they they let them go. Where are they gonna go? Who gonna feed them clothe them? Mark my words, someone with an agenda is behind all this “asylum seeker” movement.

Please some of you people have gone off the deep end comparing the US with Nazi Germany. It’s either total ignorance of history or some weird agenda. Given the state of public education in the US my bet is on the former.

Steve Sack, Cagle cartoonist, has a great cartoon on this. I wonder if I can find it and post it.


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That is such a great cartoon.


Glad you liked it!

They used the Jews, but targeted them for extermination, not forced labor. The plans killed Romani too across Europe, and Polish Catholics, Gays etc.

Trump is proceding down a path though, that very, very, very often, leads to worse atrocities. He is carrying out Persecutions, he is unlawfully confining people under international law, forcibly transferring people we ALLOWED to live here and make lives. If your going to arrest people, focus on individuals who came recently and are not contributing in anyway to society etc. not families, long time residents, and give at least a proper method of appeal.