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Gobsmacked: Nazi Golf Balls For the Greatest Par Three In the World


Gobsmacked: Nazi Golf Balls For the Greatest Par Three In the World

In case you missed it: As the world reeled from the U.K.'s Brexit vote, Trump went to Scotland to tell a dazed audience that the collapse of the European economy would be great for his new golf course there, the suites at its hotel are fabulous, and the new sprinklers are "incredible," especially at holes 4, 9, 10 and 11. As he spoke, he was surrounded by swastika-themed golf balls, which, all things considered, made perfect sense.


JFC, and we're expected to VOTE for either this moron, or the other blonde with bigger [golf] balls???? Couldn't the world please just end b4 November????


If the folks expending a lot of time and energy trashing Trump spent that time promoting Green Party candidates they might actually accomplish something progressive.

Trashing a defective candidate to help another defective candidate win is a lose/lose strategy.


Great comments-----its interesting to see the spin of the media----I am not a fan of Trump-and if he were elected I think he would be manipulated by powerful interests.-----But from what I understand Trump was criticized a while back for deciding to take a few days off to visit Scotland and his new golf course----the focus was his business and not the campaign.----Trump said he liked Cameron--Trump said the devaluation of the currency could help the economy(the EU has been trying to devalue their currency to do the same thing---investors in the US are worried the dollar will rise hurting growth).

Hillary Clinton lies about TPP-----why are these globalists afraid to defend what they stand for???? The brexit vote was a vote against the corporate elite,austerity,and these so called "trade deals".

TPP is not a "trade deal", its corporations taking power from sovereign countries. This should be on all the front pages----people should understand what it is about,people should understand what is happening here.-----we have a global economy being propped up-----look at interest rates---I don't think people understand how much debt is happening------the rich are stuffing their pockets and we will all be Greece.-----And we will be told as Alan Greenspan said the other day- entitlements need to be cut-social security needs to be cut,healthcare needs to be cut.


Couldn't agree more.


Of course Trump is trying to drum up interest in his golf course. Trump's golf course has been a money pit for him and it hasn't done a thing for creating local jobs. It has caused considerable environmental damage to fragile ecosystems. Here's some info: http://ritchiesinedinburgh.blogspot.com/2016/01/falling-out-of-love-with-donald-trump.html


Maybe Trump will invite Putin to Scotland for a game of golf? That would be constructive.


It could well happen.


I don't particularly want it to end, but there are so many of us that are living day-to-day now that having it get any worse could prove truly horrendous -- the only ones that deserve that are 'that one' and its benefactors.


The main problem with this aspect of it is that the government seems to have reverted to the same types who wanted a nuclear war with the CCCP, based on the fact that, "we" would win with only about twenty million casualties in the US.
* Now, the PTB want to force a war with Russia that would probably turn nuclear in a very short time. It wants to finally get a chance to "nuke" Iran.
* As I've written before, "The inmates are running the asylum." I don't have great hopes for survival.