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God Bless America Also Please Buy A Hoodie To Free Kyle Rittenhouse

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/12/21/god-bless-america-also-please-buy-hoodie-free-kyle-rittenhouse


OMG! Free a murderer? -----A teenager with a long rifle, where in Wisconsin, and with his age of 17, he was underage to own such a rifle. I guess his mother didn’t look into what he would be doing and where he would be going WITH HIS RIFLE.
Maybe the police should be arrested too as we heard protestors yelling to the police that the guy with that rifle shot people! They did nothing and let Kyle walk on by.
There is no way that Kyle is waking away from this, and it is really offensive to use a woman in a bikini to model and advertise for that crappy bikini . Oh wait, maybe having Kyle’s name on her ass tells us more about the supporters than we ever needed to know. : (


The US has a very long history of idolizing murderers and vilifying those who were innocent victims or who fought to preserve their own freedom to life and liberty.
Right around this time, back in 1890, 300 starving Lakotas with headman Big Foot were making their way to an agency to surrender. They stopped for the night at a place named Wounded Knee. Big Foot was quite ill with pneumonia and needed to rest. During the night, soldiers from the new 7th Cavalry arrived and surrounded the camp, drinking plenty of whisky to stay warm.
Come daylight, they rode into the camp and demanded all weapons and horses be surrendered to them. One young man, Black Coyote, was deaf, and wouldn’t give up his rifle. It discharged during the scuffle. That’s all it took for the revenge-filled, drunken soldiers to begin firing into the lodges, even killing Big Foot as he lay in bed. There was no mercy. After all, this was the 7th, and they had to revenge the death of Custer 13 years or so before.
A blizzard blew in at nightfall and the soldiers, carrying their own dead and wounded by friendly fire, retreated to the fort, leaving the dead and wounded to their fates.
Two days later, the bodies were carried into a local church, which had the banner “Peace on Earth, Good Will to All Men” hanging over the altar. Twenty soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor. The bodies were placed in a mass grave without rites or ceremony.
I could go on…let’s see. Back in the Mexican American War, we invaded Mexico for some more land for slaveholders. When our troops reached Mexico City, they fired on unarmed civilians without mercy. Then, back in Raygun’s day, a CIA funded and led death squad invaded a small village named El Mozote in El Salvador, again around this time of year in 1981. They killed everyone, down to the smallest baby, except for one woman who managed to hide in a patch of briars. She testified about the death squad and the US involvement. Of course, Reagan denied it. But, in 1992, forensic anthropologists went to that area and dug up the remains in a mass grave.
So…Kyle is just another red-blooded white American, eager to kill all those who aren’t like him, especially if they want justice or who have something we want. Watch Trump give him the Presidential Medal before he’s dragged from the White House and pardon Kyle to boot.


One reason the western media hated Robert Fisk so much is that he reported on all of those lies.

In Afghanistan a wedding party was bombed and all of its mebers slaughtered by a US Airstrike. The US claimed they had nothing to do with that mass murder and that the people likely all died when they fired their guns in the air and the bullets fell back to Earth.

Mr Fisk located and found the bombs that were dropped and posted the Serial numbers to the web. They were bombs used by the US airforce.

He did much the same In Iraq going to sites of mass slaughter which the US claimed done by Baathists or
Iranians . He would find bits of pieces of exploded US munitions at the site even as other “reporters” were made to look like idiots for simply writing the US version of events.

The US Government in fact hates the truth tellers more then it hates those “Muslim fundamentalists” because those truth tellers reveal that as bad as the US Government claims those “terrorists” are , it the US Government that the worlds largest source of terrorism.


No one threatened the little asshole with a rifle… it was all on video, do you think we’re blind? This nazi kid needs to spend the rest of his life in prison… maybe he can find some friends there wearing Kyle underpants… I spit on rittenhouse, he is everything despisable about America.


Young black men are going to prison for a whole lot less.

The most laughable thing about Donald Trump and his base is, if they were to invite him to live among them, even as emperor, he would dodge the bullet and decline. He would not wish to live among such “deplorables", as would support him. He knows himself that well. He would prefer, by far, to dwell among liberals and intellectuals, who despise him, and whom he and his base deem traitors. His base being, in a word,“base,” ergo beneath him, and dwell, for the most part, in some of the most vile “Shit hole communities” in the States which he violently despises. No, he’d prefer his base go to Hell in their own way and he go back to Mar Largo in style --among a preferred coterie of fools. Neil J. Smith


Again, when an “antifa” operative killed some Trumpsters up in Portland around the same time, the feds sought him out and killed him.

You’re already under siege, progressives.


The shit is in our dna. Maybe toad venum would cure it.

Shame on you for giving him coverage. Even negative coverage.

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Hi Chefo:

Hmmmm, I don’t see anything in what I wrote that conjures up what you wrote. No— I don’t think that you and whoever, “we” is are blind—although JUSTICE seems to be.

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When’s the mother going to be arrested?

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For some, MAGA hats don’t express enough abject ignorance and ill will, this hat is for them.

Greedy fuchs on the Left are not more intellectual than MAGA hat wearers. Winning at a corrupt game does not make one better, only best at being corrupt. Seeing such people as superiors rather than targets is part of the problem.

Remove this ad for them. Remove it now.

This isnt funny, its not a joke,

That fiend of a mutha needs to be arrested as well. What will she do, make male thongs with Free Wendy on the pouch?

“No one threatened the little asshole with a rifle”. <---- Wow. Your attempt to contradict actual video is hilarious. Anyway, you’re too far down stupid street to save, and I have shopping to do at the FREE KYLE merchandise site. If they have anything that seems really, really gay, I’ll send you the link so you can wear it with “pride”.