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'God Bless Uh.....": It Once Again Looks Like Trump Doesn't Know Words to Song All Truly Great American Patriots Know By Heart


'God Bless Uh.....": It Once Again Looks Like Trump Doesn't Know Words to Song All Truly Great American Patriots Know By Heart

Jon Queally, staff writer

Having disinvited the Super Bowl-winning Philadelphia Eagles from a celebration at the White House and replacing the event with a patriotic sing-along with some of the nation's military bands, President Donald Trump on Tuesday further embarrassed himself and the office of the president by appearing unable to follow along to one of the best know numbers of the


this man loves distraction


Howard Zinn
“If patriotism were defined, not as blind obedience to government, not as submissive worship to flags and anthems, but rather as love of one’s country, one’s fellow citizens (all over the world), as loyalty to the principles of justice and democracy, then patriotism would require us to disobey our government, when it violated those principles.”

― Howard Zinn, The Zinn Reader: Writings on Disobedience and Democracy


I’m just going to say it. What an embarrassing, colossal fucking douche-nozzle our President is.

Have a coronary, Trump, and make the world a smarter, better, classier place by your absence.


He does not have a shred of good person in him, he’s another take on the soul of Charles Manson.


I could think of a myriad of nasty, vulgar things to say about this rotten to the core fascist.
Instead, I take a knee. In solidarity…


It is not just Trump - the entire system that allows such an obvious criminal idiot to remain in power and take this country down the drain is at fault. This is not an accident; there are those who want the United States to collapse and their efforts are working great.


Remember people — it’s not about the songs or anything else except Game Show Emcee Donny being at the center and able to order it to happen for his pleasure.


It’s not just that this sad excuse for a human being “remains” in power, it’s that 63 million were cajoled into actually voting for him to run our country. This says more about our citizenry than it says about Trump.


I heard a piece early this morning on Bobby Kennedy and his assassination 50 years ago. I heard his words - the words of an honest, educated, moral person who was gunned-down - murdered - like his brother Jack before him - and I just lost it. I screamed, raged, and wept for both brothers and all the losses we have suffered and perhaps mostly for the level of depravity, bigotry, mental illness, self interest and greed, and unmitigated ignorance/stupidity that has taken the place of such as the Kennedy’s and many others, now a long extinct leadership it seems, from the political firmament that once more or less was, now no longer stable.

How could such loathsome, ignorant,moral ciphers, and utterly depraved ignorance have become elevated? Yes, “What an embarrassing, shabby, low rent period of history this is.”

And how have we allowed such premeditated assassinations to take place and “investigations” and “commissions” be so obviously shoddy, tainted, and clearly manipulated, with witnesses silenced, to convict patsy’s while the real killers, conspiracy, and perpetrators of the coup remain free - unexposed - and more powerful than ever?! Our Fourth Estate has also become nearly extinct, completely in the “mass media” now a joke!


Trump would think the Sons of Liberty were anti-American.


All the commenters here are sobering me up. I watched that video and was fascinated by waiting to see if false teeth were going to fall out…ok, hoping, too.

He is such a puke, a loathsome low form of life. Dissent, along with most of us, I dare say, wishes a [fatal] coronary event on this heartless organism, but then I stop to realize that in the event of his demise, we’re left with an organism with even less heart, soul, brains, or even courage. Dump has no courage but chutzpah serves him well.


Echoes of the Nuremberg Rallies

And the response is to posture “more patriotic than thou” … ?


Addendum to my post…"the coup d’état effected on November 22, 1963 with the CIA’s assassination of JFK was signed and sealed. RFK’s murder added the period to this sentence of rule by murderous deep state forces. And despite valiant efforts of dissent from outside the system since, the systemic war machine has rolled on and the economic stranglehold of the elites has tightened over the decades. An RFK presidency was this country’s last chance from within to save itself from the tyranny that has ensued.

We now live in a country that would be unrecognizable to anyone who died prior to 1968."



Even if Mueller can’t pin anything directly on Don, he sure as shootin’ has on Manafort. Pauly and Don should be high on that much-needed list of exile-eligibles. Why should taxpayers foot the bill for their imprisonment?


Trump and his “followers”, white trash.


Like a dumb fk
only fkin dumber


JFK, RFK, MLK. A decade of death, and almost the end of this democratic republic.
9/11 was the kill shot.

It’s over.


If defending the Constitution and Republic means I am a patriot, then so be it.

As for “God Bless America” and the national anthem, I wish I didn’t know the words.


I quit standing for the pledge and the anthem 50 years ago (Vietnam War era) and even I, a life long atheist, know the words to the moronic song.