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'God Have Mercy on Your Souls': GOP Pass Cruel, Destructive Trumpcare Bill


'God Have Mercy on Your Souls': GOP Pass Cruel, Destructive Trumpcare Bill

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

After weeks of edits and backroom negotiations, House Republicans voted Thursday to pass the much-maligned, "astonishingly evil" American Healthcare Act (AHCA), known as Trumpcare.

Message to House GOP after Trumpcare Vote: 'See You at the Ballot Box'

The unbelievable hardheartedness and self interest of these so-called representatives is thoroughly disgusting and now on full display. If the democrats so hate this bill, they should have not voted 100% for exempting themselves. They should have stood with the American people, willing to accept whatever monstrosity healthcare is being enacted. But they didn't.


"Lawmakers are exempt"

Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Just wow.




I'm deastated...I can only answer with music




Yet one more example of our fascist government in action.

The public be damned ... but let's recall that they serve at our pleasure and it's time we did something about that.



Not only ignoring the will of the people but spitting in their faces!

This isn't fascism?

Stop fooling yourselves.


oops didn't mean to post twice but i'm blind without glasses....and I'm crying too much to wear glasses


I don't really think this is fascist. This is some other deplorable thing, surely. But what is fascist about it, exactly? It's not militaristic, it's not nationalistic, it's not even really authoritarian. It's hyper-capitalistic and unimaginably exploitative. But fascist?


All i've got is music...


But surely fascist in the classic sense - an unholy alliance between the corporations and the government to screw the people.


It's not authoritarian to ignore the will of the people?

This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

No action has to be violent/militaristic nor nationalistic to be fascist.

This is government being run as a dictatorship by Elites.

Where is the voice of the people in this decision?

Elites have run away with our government so completely that they almost now have no
need to even pretend to conduct "business."


Haha that's a funny one. Like dems are any different then repubs.


So the task now is:
1) make TrumpCare die in the Senate and
2) elect enough progressives to the House in 2018 to pass #MedicareForAll.


Well, some of the people seem to have gotten tired of all that freedom and balance that started us out, and were apparently attracted to fascism and Nazism, so they decided to try it.
* We know the wealthy like it as there is a huge tax break for them involved in it, not to mention increasing restrictions on protest and more muzzling of the press and the internet.
* But how about you, "Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea"? Is living in the US Fourth Reich an improvement?
* Does it seem right that all of the proper government functions, such as the EPA, the Food and Drug Administration, the FCC, are run by billionaire CEOs of the companies those agencies were supposed to watchdog?
* Mrs. Minitrue says, "Why don't we have the Congress guarantee the same healthcare benefits they enjoy to We the People?" Or, alternatively, make the Congress, Senate, and all the rest of the governmental bigwigs have exactly the same medical care we have, no more, no less. I'll bet we'd see some changes for the better, then!
* Does it seem right that after two decades and more of fighting unwinnable wars, our new fuehrer is seeking out more? And finds the prospect of a nuclear war quite exciting?
* Do you feel that taking whatever little remains of our protections, health care, clean food and drinkable water, Social Security, Medical Care, and giving it to the war contractors to build even more, and more horrible, weapons for that Wehrmacht to use while reducing even more countries to refugee laden serfs is the "American Way"?
* I think We the People of the United States, along with We the People of the World are going to have to take this country back from the three or four hundred that own and control it, and rebuild our Constitutional Republic.
* If you read and study a bit of history, you will see where this is all going unless we turn it around.


You guys, I'm a vietnam era vet (WAC)...I tried to kill myself 1 1/2 years ago . I was po'd when i woke up 2 days later....our gov't has killed whats left of my soul. i cant stop crying


Vote those bastards out 2018!!


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